9Credit Loan App Download for Android & iPhone

9credit loan app download

Whether you are looking for the best instant loan apps to download or want a quick cash loan platform in Nigeria, this review on the latest version of the 9Credit loan app download for Android and iPhone shows how to access personal cash before your salary is paid or next payday as well as the interest rates per month.

Wait! Have you ever been in a situation where you need to do a lot of things with money but you cannot because you are short of funds or you don’t just have what it takes to sort it? But you know that most times that money is needed, it’s not only because the person is broke or poor. No, It’s probably because you have money but you don’t just have what is needed to sort the emergency expenses. And the pain it causes and how dejected you feel to be in need of money and you don’t just know how to get it can be very devastating too.

Let me share a little story.

I had a project to sort out which would give me a lot more than I want to spend on it. The project was costing about 3.5m and all I had with me is 3.4m, You can imagine!

I tried my best trying to raise the money, calling some of my friends and family but couldn’t get it. It was so saddening yet I couldn’t get it from a single person. While thinking of how it is so glaring that I’m going to lose everything all because of 100k, I discovered the 9Credit loan app on download stores, and guess what? this simple loan platform saved me from all the trouble by giving me exactly what I needed.

Can you imagine what could have happened if I was unable to borrow 100,000 Naira?

This platform has come to save many in sorting urgent and Immediate needs but just like the way I do advise, make sure you only take a loan that you will be able to pay back. There are lots of platforms you can access loans from, it depends on what you want, how much you want, the interest rate you are looking at, and how convenient it will be for you to pay back.

This particular loan app is legit even though not verified under the CBN Policy and Laws but except for its high interest. And they have their own reasons too for introducing a high-interest rate on first-timers.

Who Are 9Credit?

9Credit Loan App is one of Nigeria’s leading quick cash loan platforms where you can access loans within 5 minutes without any paperwork or collateral. The aim of the platform is to ensure that people find a way out of their financial crisis by providing a temporary solution. Yeah, I said temporary solution because You are still going to pay up so I don’t advise taking a loan to sort things you won’t get money from because failure to pay back on time, you might not have the strength to bear the pain and consequences. Besides, your BVN may be blacklisted which makes it exremely difficult to access fast cash from another loan app.

9credit loan app download

How Do I Apply for a 9Credit Loan?

To apply for a 9credit loan there are a few things to consider as criteria, Get these things ready and be on your way to getting the loan you want right now:

  • Your full name
  • Personal Information ( Phone Number, Email, ID card, State, Address)
  • BVN number (please note that your full name must correspond with your BVN)
  • Job and Income Information
  • Date of Birth
  • Bank Account Information
  • Also, your contact information will be accessible and saved on their server.
  • Access to your Text messages is also needed to enable them to know who you are and how much data you have regarding your credit score. They also need this data to get the information confirmed from a credit bureau.
  • Location too is needed so as to be sure of how genuine you are. They want to be sure that there is no risk in giving you a loan.
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9Credit Loan App Interest Rate

9credit loan its customer from ₦3000 to ₦100,000 and charge up to 0.07% daily on every loan amount you get and it also depends on the loan terms. So what you calculate as interest largely depends on what you get but trust me no matter what the interest may be, it’s nothing compared to the pain you feel when you couldn’t handle a project, a business, pay school fees or pay some medical bills.  There are also processing fees that will be charged based on the amount you are getting.


If you get a loan of ₦100,000 on a 90 days loan term with an interest of 25.55% per year

Interest = ₦100,000 × 25.55% ÷ 365 × 90 = ₦6,300

That is just the main interest rate, there are still some side fees including the Processing Fee which ranges from #90 to #2000 depending on the amount you are offered.

Also, there is a fee called GST charge, This charge is always 18% of whatever processing fee that was charged.

In this case, the repayment money will be

The Loan you borrowed + The Interest + The Processing fee and also the Gst Charge.

It’s as simple as that

This is just an example of how the platform interest rate is, but they won’t give you such a long term to pay back on your first time taking a loan, and the interest rate on the first loan is always very high Because they are not sure of who you are until you prove yourself. And also the faster you are able to pay back, the higher the next loan amount will be.

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How to Repay Your 9Credit Loan.

Being consistent as 9Credit loan repayment is a sure way to get access to high loan amount at lower interest charge.

To repay your loan, there are a few steps to take:

  • Open the 9Credit loan app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Go to loan history
  • Click on “Repay Loan”: You will see a total amount of money being calculated which consists of the loan amount, interest, Processing fee, and the GST, They will all be calculated and added to the ‘TOTAL INTEREST RATE’
  • Choose where you will repay from, There are four gateways to repay from which are:

👉 Bank card Payment

👉 Bank Transfer

👉 USSD transfer

👉 Flutterwave


This gateway will take you to a page where you will add your new card for repayment or choose the default card you added while registering and click submit which will make them deduct the money automatically and immediately.


This gateway will lead to a page where you will be given a specific account number for the repayment. Please note that subsequent repayment is not to be made into this given account, For every repayment, there will always be a new account that will be given. And your account will be different from another person’s account. This account given is specifically for you to make the payment and submit.


This particular page is the one I found most interesting, it will take you to a page where you sign the amount you want to repay back first, and then it will take you to another page where you will see a list of all banks and their USSD code.

Choose your bank and dial the code, it will dial and ask for your pin to repay the loan. Without your pin, they won’t be able to deduct the money from your account so it is safe.


This option will redirect you to a page where you are asked to bind a payment card at a charge of #10 and from there you will be asked to provide the details of the card which will take you to the Flutterwave page where an OTP will be sent to your bank registered sim and input. This OTP is also known as One Time Password is meant to be used once and it has a time limit. After inputting the OTP, the money will be deducted and it will write ‘PAYMENT SUCCESSFUL’.

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So knowing all these gateways, you can choose the one you are comfortable with and that is easier for you.

9Credit Repayment or Due Date

Just like any Loan platform, 9credit doesn’t appreciate its members to allow the loan to be due before repayment or after its due. It will shorten your loan limit and you might not even be able to get a loan from them again.

Once your grace or packback period exceeds the loan due date, your repayment fee starts to get increase by 2% per day till you are able to pay up. Aside from the spike in an increase in interest, you might start to get texts from them, constant text if you know what I mean.

They might even be forced to reach out to your saved contact to tell them of your act of fraudulence. Please it’s best you avoid all that by ensuring that you pay up on time. They are business people too and they help you in a time of need, there will always be that time but your first action determines if you will be able to get an extra loan.

Having known all these I believe that you are aware of things to do and things to avoid on the 9credit Loan App, Once you are able to pay up on time, you get an increase on your next loan and also get a good credit score which will also boost your score on Credit Bureau.

9Credit Loan App Download Guide – Step by Step to Get APK App:

Now, where can you see this app to download,

There are so many places where you can get this loan App use but I have these two links that make it easier without stress and that is :

  • 9Credit
  • This link will take you to a page where you will be given further instructions on how to download it.

I’m sure at this stage you know already what 9credit loan is all about, how safe it is and 9Credit loan app download.

But as I said stick to what you can afford to pay back and take enough time and also you don’t have to wait till you have everything to pay back, you can pay gradually even before the due date.

Also, they are reachable to contact if you have any complaints or issues that need to be resolved. Kindly reach out to them in any of the means below

Email: customer@9credit.com

Address: Lawal street Oregun, Ikeja Nigeria.

Following the instructions from this site, you shouldn’t have any issues with any online banking loan app.

You are also free to ask any questions that you need answers to.

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