Absa Mobile App Lets You Bank Online in South Africa

Absa Mobile Banking App

Find everything you need to know about Absa mobile app in South Africa and how to get started:

The Absa mobile App offers a banking experience that is not only simple but also presents a perfect fit for your everyday life experience. The mobile banking app ranks among the most downloaded and used internet banking service application in its host country.

It is a free software application that can be downloaded from the Google play store. In 2018, the Absa mobile banking App undertook a brand overhaul which led to the release of a new banking App with the introduction of mobile banking functionalities like WhatsApp banking and the app account.

Interestingly, the Absa mobile banking app boasts of new features introduced from time to time which is an improvement on the level of functionalities of its old mobile banking app.

The Absa mobile banking app recently upgraded its services by allowing access to more functionalities like the funeral cover, applying for an overdraft and ability to allow more engagement while travelling abroad.

The following are some other unique features which the Absa mobile App offers;

  • Easy accessibility to your savings or business account balances anytime, anywhere.
  • The app makes fund transfer between your Absa accounts seamless.
  • Besides, you could also carry out a credit or debit card suspension and replacement when it gets lost on the banking app.
  • Also, one can buy data, buy electricity units or prepaid airtime for self or a third party.
  • Stamp statements could also be accessed without visiting the bank via the mobile App.
  • The Absa App also allows you to easily increase or decrease your banking limit.
  • Surprisingly, you could have access to cash through CashSend on all Absa ATM when your card is not readily available. The fund receiver need not own an account to collect the money.
  • Card services could be temporarily fixed to only online usage or other points as the case may be.
  • The Absa mobile banking App also allows you to share your banking information with people who want to pay you.
  • The funeral of loved ones, self or spouse is now made easy with the Absa internet banking App permitting the easy purchase of funeral cover.
  • Besides, the App allows you to approve transactions initiated by you or reject any transactions that look suspicious.
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There is no registration or subscription fee required to use the Absa mobile banking App. The App does not consume your data, that is, it can be used either with or without data. In terms of security, the mobile banking App has enhanced security and a free digital fraud warranty.

The App is safe and secured using the latest technology like (2FA) Two Factor Authentification coupled with the high-level encryption. Therefore, if even your SIM card is cloned by criminals, they still cannot have access to your funds.

To get the Absa mobile banking App (version) downloaded to your smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Playstore on your smartphone
  • Search Absa mobile banking and click on install – this will initiate the installation process which normally takes 2-3 minutes.
  • Register your personal information on the app and get started.

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