Bank Linth Online Banking App Lets You Log in and Access Customer Support

bank linth online banking

Bank Linth Online Banking App Lets You Log in, See Your Mobile Transactions From Android or iPhone, Manage Documents & Access Customer Support

Bank Linth like most financial banks in Switzerland offers bank services that may include; investments, savings, payment of bills, finance, online and private banking facilities, mortgage lending, and retail banking. It provides financial services to both corporate and private customers anywhere in Switzerland.

It offers account products which include foreign currency accounts, sparkuntoPLUS, fixed savings accounts, privatekonto ausbildung, Geschenksparkunto, and Kapitaleinzahlungskonto.

 It also offers investment products such as; investment trust and medium-term and trust-saving bonds and shares. The bank also offers pension plan products based on the three pillars Swiss concept, which is corporate, state, and private pensions.

In addition to these, Bank Linth also offers quite a number of loans to its customers that run businesses and proffers solutions for real estate financing.

Before we proceed, let’s go a little into the history of Bank Linth.

About Bank Linth

Bank Linth was founded in the year 1848 in Uznach under the name Leih and Spar- kassa des see destrict.

It was formerly known as Bank Vom Linthgebiet. It is majorly owned by Liechtensteinische LandesBank AG.

It adopted the Swiss Franc system after issuing its banknote worth 10 guilders, it adapted the Swiss Franc system. It had accumulated a total asset of 8.3 billion francs as of half of 2020.

The bank experienced its first expansion between 1905 and 1926 after it opened various branches across the region.

Its second growth phase took place in the year 1967 after Spar- Und Leihkasse Schmerikon took over. Some other branches were also opened during this time, that is between the 1970s and 80s.

A merger with the Sarganserlandische took place in the year 1988, which was later followed by the merger with Sparkasse Stafa in 1993, the same year the takeover of Sparkasse Uetikon happened.

It acquired the name Bank Linth in the year 1994 after various changes.

The bank acquired the loan and savings cash register in the year 2002 in Kaltbrunn.

In October 2016, payments using apple pay in cooperation with Corner bank were introduced.

Some members of the board include:

The chairman of the management board of the bank Linth, Dr. David B Sarasin from 2002 till 2012.

Martin Kaindl as the Chief Financial officer dating from 2020 till present.

Luc Schuurmans member of the management board from 2011 till present.

The bank currently has its headquarters in Zuercherstrasse 3 Uznach, 8730 Switzerland.

Bank Linth currently operates over twenty locations within Switzerland with about 184.6 employees.

With constant and consistent improvement over the years, Bank Linth doesn’t just engage in physical banking but it is now available online, which makes it easy to access and control your finances from anywhere in the world using your mobile device.

You could visit the bank’s website at

bank linth online banking

Bank Linth Online Banking

With Bank Linth’s online banking, you have access to your account and its details anytime and anywhere, all you have to do is to make available internet connections and you are ready to go.

Let us run a quick review of the features of the online banking dashboard

● Customer service contact details. You do not have to go all the way to the bank to lay your complaints or make inquiries, you can easily contact customer service and get answers to your questions.

● Overview of your assets.

● Digital documents.

● Important information from the bank.

● An overview of your account and custody account.

Easy And Swift Transactions

 With the bank Linth’s online banking, you can make payments and other transactions. There are payment options that you can pick from to suit the kind of transaction you wish to carry out.

Using online banking also attracts lesser fees for transactions.

You can also capture your payment slip with the slip reader.

Note that if your payment order must be executed on the same day,  it must reach the bank before 4:30 pm.

Corporate Customer Interfaces of Bank Linth

Online banking provides interfaces that make it easy for Corporate customers to import programs easily from accounting programs offline.

It also transmits e-payments order in DTA format, retrieve LSV and ISR credit data and download MT940 and MT571.

Easy Access To The Stock Market

Bank Linth’s online banking allows you to trade directly on the stock exchange market. You also receive information from the financial markets to assist your stock trade.


To use the bank Linth’s online banking effectively, it is better to use the latest version of your browser.

Your online banking is effectively protected by three levels of security against any unauthorized access. These security levels are;

● PhotoTAN app

● User

● Password (note that this password is very personal and shouldn’t be disclosed to anyone.

Access To Asset Information

 The bank Linth’s online banking platform offers you up-to-date information on your account details including your asset information.

You get quick and easy access to your asset and account balances and booking details.

Bank Linth’s online banking was introduced to ease the stress that comes with physical banking. It is swift, reliable, secure, and easy to use.

Bank Linth Mobile App for Android and iPhone

Bank Linth mobile App was created on November 30th, 2013. Its latest version 36.11.3 was updated on the 11th of June 2022.

With the mobile app on your mobile device, you can access your account and carry out transactions from any part of the world with ease.

The mobile App features include:

● Easy and quick access via face ID or touch ID.

● Dashboard displaying account details.

● Payment assistant that makes payment easy and fast.

● Secure communication between customer and customer advisor.

● Swift scanning of IBANs, payment slips, and QR-bills.

● Individual customized push messages for payments, debits, credits, and whatever transaction you have to make.

● Electronic bill mailbox.

● Account self-service. With this, you can always update your profile and information.

Requirements For The Use Of Bank Linth’s Mobile App

● You need to access the bank Linth’s online banking to go through with your registration on the mobile banking app.

● Using the mobile banking app requires the same conditions as that of the online banking app.

The major difference between Bank Linth’s online banking and Bank Linth’s mobile banking app is that to use online banking, you need to visit the Bank’s website while the mobile app requires you to access the mobile banking app which should already be downloaded on your mobile phone.

How To Download The Bank Linth’s Mobile App

If you do not have Bank Linth’s mobile banking app on your phone, here are steps to download it on your phone.

● Open your Android or iPhone store, search for bank Linth mobile app

● Click on install.

● After installation, launch the app on your phone

● Follow the prompts and input your details correctly

With a connection to the internet, you can now carry out transactions with the mobile app after a successful download without having to visit the bank and stand in queues.

Bank Linth’s mobile banking app is just as safe as online banking.

However, you should ensure to play your part to keep your account safe.

Here are some safety measures to engage while using the mobile banking app.

● Use a very strong password known to only you and do not disclose it to any other person.

● Activate a device lock on your mobile phone.

● Never leave your mobile device carelessly

● Use your details for only your Bank Linth’s mobile app

● Always use the latest version of Bank Linth’s mobile banking app and iOS.

Note that by downloading the bank Linth’s mobile app on your mobile phone, you agree to the terms and conditions of the mobile app.

Bank Linth Online Banking Customer Service

Bank Linth is always available to answer whatever question you may have and render whatever assistance you may need.

You do not have to visit the bank to gain access to the bank Linth’s customer service.

You can easily reach the advice center on this line: +41 844 11 44 11 from Monday to Friday (08:00 am – 06:00 pm).

For E-banking help, contact +41 848 000 143 Mondays to fridays (08:00am – 06:00pm).

To reach the bank  Linth by post, use the address: Bank Linth LLB AG, zurcherstrasse 3, PO Box 8730 Uznach.

To block your credit card in case of loss or theft, contact the Cornercard helpline at +41 844 00 41 41

From Monday to Sunday at any time.

You can also contact the Travel cash helpline at +41 31 710 12 15 from Monday to Sunday (08:00 am- 10:00 pm).

To block your Bank Linth debut or account card in case of loss or theft, contact +41 55 285 71 20 from Monday to Sunday at any time.

With these customer service contacts, you can always have easy and secure banking with Bank Linth from anywhere in the world.

Bank Linth is your sure access to the future banking where you can have access to your account from anywhere across the world and enjoy the full benefits of being a customer with one of the world’s leading banks.

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