Enjoy Secured Online Banking in Australia with Bankwest App

Bankwest Australia Secured Mobile App

If you looking for a reliable review of the Bankwest Australia secured mobile app for personal & business banking, here is everything you need to know before you download the app.

The Bankwest Australia app has made banking easier and fun for over 500, 000 + customers, especially when downloaded on your smartphone. It has been designed to require less tapping, scrolling, and waiting while offering secured access to private transactions.

Just like the Westpac online banking, you can do your cashless withdrawal; if you have missed carrying your wallet or private bag with you, don’t worry, you can still access your cash from the nearest ATM.

Features of the Bankwest Australian app

  • When imputing the card details into the app, you do not need to begin to punch in the card details as just copy and paste will transfer all the card details
  • Through the app, customers can share payment receipt with existing or new beneficiaries. All you do is send them an SMS receipt when the transaction is completed
  • The app also permits customized alerts like payment into account or credit card payment due dates and international transactions
  • Also, the app makes it possible for customers to be able to create a goal and track their progress. The goal might be that long-awaited family vacation, a new home, or saving a rainy day.

The safety of the app

  • The safety of the app is secure because of the use of the same data encryption and protection
  • Don’t worry whenever your phone gets stolen or missing, login to the online banking platform and stop the app from the registered device.
  • From the app, alert notifications can be set and monitored for several transactions like PayPass transactions, international transactions, low balance, and fund receipt.
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What the Bankwest Australia app can be used for

  • Customers can choose how they want to log in based on their device. Options available are the use of Face recognition, Fingerprint, or setting up a four-digit PIN.
  • The app can be used for making payment using Google Pay with your eligible device
  • The app can also be used to instantly lock your card. Customers can lock and unlock making use of the app
  • Through the app, your alerts can be customized. The alert can range from monthly fees, scheduled payments, and so many others
  • The account can be nicknamed and reordered. Visit the ‘manage’ tab of the account, choose the account, hold it down, drag it, and drop it where you want it to be.

Mode of payment

This could be via a digital wallet or a payment ring for receiving and sending funds. So, payment can be made making use of your compatible device or the first Australia payment ring

Google Pay: The details of your card should be added Google Pay to make payment in stores and online using your eligible Android Smartphone

Apple Pay: Also, the details of your Bankwest Mastercard should be added to your eligible device to begin to make payment online, in-store, or via the app itself.

Bankwest Halo: This is quite simple because it involves just the linking of your credit card or bank account to the payment ring. It is easy to carry, extremely secured, and no need to charge or connected to an app. Each ring goes for $39

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Through the app, customers can now locate the closest Bankwest-branded ATM or Commonwealth ATM, and the nearest Bankwest store using the portable locator tool

Planning your next trip oversea has now been made easy because the app provides the latest foreign exchange rate at the tip of your finger. Before going on the journey, you need to notify the bank so that they can help you plan your spending.

Also, the app is designed with a portable calculator that will assist you to plan your budget, home loan repayment, compare home loans, and many more services

To get you started, download the Bankwest bank app, Personal Access Number, and the password

Do you have difficulty logging in to the App? Visit the Bankwest website, your local store or simply call 1300 440 749

Note that as a customer, you must be registered for SMS authentication to generate PIN for login or payments to a new recipient of Pay Anybody or new BPAY recipient.

In terms of seeking help from the bank, you could send a message and be replied in no distant time.

The Bankwest app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and the App Store. You need to confirm with your mobile network provider as normal data charges apply.

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