Top 20 Savings and Investment Apps in Nigeria You Should Know

Best Savings and Investment Apps in Nigeria

This review focuses on the best savings and investment apps in Nigeria offering high returns on your money.

Savings and investment are an important financial discipline that must be imbibed to achieve certain financial security. As of this write-up, the World is going a tough time as it battles the global spread of Coronavirus, a pandemic that has spread to almost all the nations of the world. This had led to worldwide lockdown as businesses are closed down with many losing their jobs.

How do you ensure you stay afloat in the midst of this crisis? it is by comparing personal loan apps, requesting for a cheap loan but falling back to your savings or investment portfolio. However, many lack the financial intelligence on how to strike a balance between setting aside funds for rainy days and their necessary expenditure.

It is based on these that I the best savings and investment apps in Nigeria are been compiled to help those who find it challenging to save and invest. It will surely change your mentality and help you fulfil your long-standing goal.

best savings and investment apps in nigeria

Best Saving and Investment Apps In Nigeria – Top 20 Apps to Earn High Return on Your Cash:

  1. KoloPay

The KoloPay saving app is a mobile piggy bank that assists users to save bit by bit to help them achieve their goals. It is purely cashless as the app is linked to your active bank account via your debit card information. Note that your details are safe and secured. You could choose between the ‘auto-save’ or ‘easy-save’ options on the app. If you struggle with saving, the ‘auto-save’ is recommended.

  1. Esusu

The Esusu app is a digital platform that employs the features of the good old ‘Esusu or ‘Ajo’ system. It involves group savings among families or friends and withdrawal is made in turn. The app makes available first-hand information via SMS or emails stating details of any transaction made.

  1. PiggyVest

The PiggyVest app is among the most popular savings apps in Nigeria at the moment. It has over N1,000,000,000 securely saved every month which guarantees its safety. The savings could be daily, weekly, monthly, or for direct goals like rent, a car, new gadgets, and many others. The interest rate on the savings is between 10% – 13% and no monthly or deposit charges.

  1. CowrryWise

Also, the CowryWise saving app has been around for a while which has helped in building its credibility among its users. The savings could be fixed, periodic, or a one time savings with good interest rate and free of charge. The savings are fixed for three months (minimum), but it could be fixed for longer and this boosts your interest rate. Interest rate is between 10% – 15%

  1. Pettysave
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The app helps you to automate your savings either daily, weekly, or monthly basis to make you earn up to 10% interest. Besides, your savings could be targeted towards buying a car, payment of school fees, rent and so much more to earn 10% interest. It does not require an initial deposit, no monthly charges, and no bank charges.

  1. SumoTrust

The SumoTrust is among the most trusted and secured platform in the savings app marketplace. The app allows you to save bit by bit until arrival at your goal. All bonuses and commissions are paid into your ‘Kick account’ after earning 10% interest on savings account and 15% on fixed deposit (per annum)

  1. F & K Savings

This is relatively new in the industry in Nigeria, but the F & K savings app is gradually gaining prominence in the marketplace. Through the app, one could easily set up a daily, weekly or monthly plan in agreement with what you hope to achieve. It offers investment opportunity which can only be accessed when you save up to N50,000. After the app download on Google Play Store, use the referral code 344582 as the referral ID

  1. KoloMoni

The KoloMoni app is a mobile application targeted at savings and investment. With this savings and investment arrangement, you could earn an interest of up to 15% annually. Here, users can set how they save, whether daily, weekly or monthly. The system is built to assist users to meet up with goals through savings and access to loans. KoloMoni is recommended because it helps users lock away funds that you would not necessarily want to spend.

  1. Corpreneur

The Corpreneur app will help users to be disciplined to save. Registration is free once the app is downloaded. Here, savings could be from as low as N100 to as high as N10,000,000. The savings can be fixed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with the option of automatic or manual saving mechanism. The interest rate is set at 10% annually on savings and between 10% – 121.5% when the money is fixed for a minimum period of 6 months. You can only fix between N25,000 – N10,000,000.

  1. CashBoxNG
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With the CashBoxNG app, savings can be done from your mobile devices or computer. Here, any amount can be saved at any time of the day and you are sure of a good interest rate. The savings could be daily, weekly, or monthly. Savings can also be instant, that is, saving any amount at any time. Also, it could be locked for a minimum period of 90 days or more and earn interest upfront. With this app, your safety is guaranteed.

We have separated the list above to help you identify the apps that are focused on savings, here are core investing apps you should give a try right now:

  1. I-Invest

This is an investment app that allows users to invest in treasury bills and some other fixed income products, convert your returns into your cash wallet at any time, and track the growth of your investment per time.

Also, it allows both experts and non-experts to match their investment prowess with their needs. It covers the West African market with risk-free treasury bills. Interest rate is between 8% – 11%

  1. Bamboo

The Bamboo app gives access to users of any income class and age bracket to begin to invest. All that is needed are your details and BVN. It does not require any paperwork, everything is electronically done. With a market capitalization of over $21 trillion, it grants access to over 3,000 stocks. So, with N 15,000, you can begin to invest and expect a greater return.

  1. FBN Edge

FBN Edge app is a product of FBNQuest Asset Management; it is easy to sign-up and comes with a user-friendly environment.

The FBN Edge app allows for independent portfolios, liquidity management, and mutual funds investment. Users have the opportunity of opening a mutual funds account and closely monitor the investment flows. The interest varies from investment to investment.


The app is an investment app that permits users to invest in real estate, stocks, mutual funds, and treasury bills. Also, the app makes it possible to track the portfolios in real-time. This ranks among the fastest-growing investment platforms in Nigeria that allows cashing out any time. originates from WealthTech Limited an affiliate of Sankore investment Limited. They are a registered member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The interest rate is between 10% – 14%

  1. PayDay Investor

The PayDay investor app is from ARM Investment Managers, an affiliate of the Asset & Resource Management Holding Company. The app helps you to invest your funds to achieve your goals. The interest rate is between 10.9% – 12%. So, if you wish to achieve that financial goal, download the app now

  1. Afrinvestor
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The Afrinvestor app makes it possible for users to trade in bonds, trade stock, and treasury bills. It targets West African markets with real-time data on traded stock at the Nigerian Stock Exchange. It is designed with a user-friendly interface with easy icons to make trading easy. Here also, the interest rate varies depending on the investment.

  1. Trove

The Trove investment app makes users invest in bonds and stocks, and the necessary information needed to thrive even as a non-expert. The app gives the opportunity for trading, investment, research, and so many others. There is access to charts and quotes from over 4,000 financial instruments across several global exchanges. The interest rate is dependent on the type of investment.

  1. Thrive Agric

With this app, you are guaranteed of being called a farmer without stepping your feet into the farm. Thrive Agric supplies finance to farmers, they provide advisory, and the market for farmers to sell their produce. All these are made possible by an enthusiast who invests their funds and at the same time gets competitive returns.

  1. Chaka

The Chaka app allows users to access global stocks with as low as N1,000. These stocks are listed on the US and Nigerian Stock Exchange having companies from over 40 countries around the globe. You could start trading with as low as $10 or N1,000 and access many trades with low charges on both local and global stocks. You are charged N100 for local stocks and $2 for global stocks.

  1. Alpha Morgan Invest

The Alpha Morgan App is a platform that supports online investment. The app was built to help improve the investment and saving attitude in Nigeria. With this app, you are guaranteed up to a 13% annual return on investment. Also, investors have access to track their investment in real-time and convert their investment at maturity into the Alpha Morgan Lite.


Having reviewed the best 20 savings and investment apps in Nigeria, it now time for you to go ahead and choose the one that works for you.

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