Best 20 Apps to Buy and Sell your Gift Cards Online

Best Sites to Buy & Sell GiftCards in Nigeria

Looking for the best sites to buy & sell gift cards in Nigeria? this review will help discover gift card trading apps to download. Some of the top cards you can trade are Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Store, Walmart, Victoria Secrets, Star Bucks, Netflix, Target Gift Cards

The gift cards also known as gift vouchers are the credits that are earned from a retailer or a bank that can be used to buy goods or transfer money abroad rather than use credit cards or money.

No one does not like gift cards, so, it is always a great thing when you make a purchase for household items and know that you are not exposed to credit card scammers because your help you pay online. For users that would like to send money abroad, gift card has always been the preferred method of getting urgent cash across as its instantly delivered.

So, these platforms have apps that can be used to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria on the go, making it very useful than even their original websites.

Check out these apps for the trading of your gift cards having many retailers to select from. The apps are user-friendly making the management of your gift cards easy.

  1. Easy Rewards

This app makes earning easy, fun-filled, and simple. Also, the Easy Rewards makes you earn a gift card and some extra cash by carrying out simple assignments. Some of these assignments include playing games, carrying out surveys, installing free apps, and watching videos. You get rewarded with in-app coins for every offer completed. The in-app coins can be received for PayPal Cash and other gift cards

  1. eGifter Trading App

Through the eGifter app, one could access favourite eGift cards on the go, send eGift to family and friends or buy one for yourself. Users can choose from over 300 regional and national brands. The features of this app include; access to eGifter Wallet, earn points on purchases that can be saved to earn a discount for future purchases or gift cards, and choosing your favourite option of payment for secure and fast checkout.

  1. AppNana

This app ranks among the most popular gift card trading app with over $10 million worth of gift card credits. Its features involve making use of the app to invite family and friends to earn points, access to about 400 daily points earned through daily patronage, and earning Nana points which is redeemable for gift cards.

  1. appKarma
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The appKarma app help users to earn a gift card and free cash for just engaging with apps. It is designed to have the highest paying offers and other great rewarding opportunities. Also, 5% of your points are earned back every time, so, there are always points in your accounts. The app allows for users to create their referral codes for their invite rewards. It can be used to redeem PayPal,, Starbucks, Walmart

  1. Redeem any Gift card

The Redeem any Gift card app provides a secure trading platform with high-quality service to make the transaction easy for you. The app help users to deal with digital coin (bitcoin) and millions of dollars gift cards. The app promotes quick cash withdrawal and a great trading platform.

  1. Cardtonic

The Cardtonic app is among the pioneers of the gift card platforms, where it commenced operation in 2016. It helps sell the gift cards within 5 minutes in Naira (N). Its features include; ease of selling gift cards, selling and buying of bitcoins, in-app rate calculator makes it easy to track real-time rates of gift cards and transaction updates notifications.

  1. Giftme

The giftme app is a platform for buying and selling gift cards. Users have the opportunity of choosing from several retailers like Apple Store, Starbucks, Target, and many others. So, you earn money by selling that unwanted gift cards. Also, they fix the price and get paid when the gift card is sold. The app makes it possible to upload your plastic gift cards to redeem them directly and also back up saved cards automatically.

  1. AfrBTCcom

The app is a platform where digital coin and idle gift cards are exchanged. It provides a safe and quality environment for trading gift cards. It is a reliable and trusted platform. With this app, you can trade digital currency and gift cards anytime, anywhere, and any day. Besides, you are guaranteed fast cash withdrawal and smooth trading process

  1. Zeek App

The Zeek app makes buying and selling gift cards seamless. Using this app, you could acquire discounted gift cards for malls, stores, etc and save some bucks when you go shopping. It is secure and reliable. Besides, you could snap the gift card, fix your price and put it up for sale. The app guarantees the sale of 9 out of 10 vouchers within 24 hours.

  1. GiftsWall
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If you desire to earn some gift cards by doing some assignments on smartphones, download the GiftsWall app and earn some money. After the download, sign up using a Facebook account or Google account. Choose from among the following apps; services, videos, and surveys. Earn instant points by selecting any of these apps.

  1. Gift Card Balance

The Gift Card Balance app helps users to keep a tab on their gift card balance. It is made to deliver the correct card balances since 2012. Buying discounted gift cards is a way to save when these gift cards are purchased, they could be stored on this app. Ensure the card balance is exhausted before expiration or simply sell the gift cards in exchange for cash.

  1. Trade Redeem Buy Sell Any Gift Card

This app is ideal for exchanging digital coins or any idle gift cards. It provides a secure and safe trading platform. Here, select the gift cards of choice, provide the details of the gift card, and there you have it, your cash.

  1. Wallet Gift Card

The Wallet Gift Card app allows you to earn rewards and gift cards by downloading apps. The app gives the opportunity of selecting apps that will make you earn. Here is how it works, download the app, select your offer of choice from watching videos, carrying out tasks, and many more. Return to the app and it will amaze you your number of points, you could redeem the points for awesome gift cards

  1. Chiji14xchange

The Chiji14xchange app enables users to carry out transactions and exchange gift cards. Besides, users can also exchange bitcoin, it is designed with a good security mechanism to ensure the safety of users at all times. Also, the app is built with a chatting platform that connects users directly to the agents 24/7

  1. Lowda Trading App

The Lowda app is among the latest gift card trading app available on iPhones and Android devices. With this app, gift card trading can be done anytime and anywhere without any challenges. The following gift cards can be sold on Lowda trading app; Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Apple Store Gift Cards, Steam Wallet Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, eBay Gift Cards, Play Station Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, and many others

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The Lowda trading app is designed with a responsive customer service team; it has many payment options like Naira, bitcoin, Cedis, and many others. Besides, it boasts of attractive rate and instant withdrawal is guaranteed.

  1. Paxnaira

The Paxnaira app allows you to exchange your digital coin and idle gift cards. It provides a secure trading platform for your transaction. This app is reliable having several users handle their millions of dollars gift cards and bitcoin. It is specially designed to reward VIPs with additional Cash Award, fast cash withdrawal, and efficient trading systems. Also, you earn N500 whenever a participant is invited. Users can engage in trading on the go without any form of restrictions.

  1. Gift Card Wallet App (PocketZee)

The PocketZee app assists users connect to a marketplace where they can buy gift cards from over 500 merchants at a discounted rate. The app is user-friendly, just download, install, and start trading.

  1. Coincola Trading App

The Coincola app is a platform that allows the buying and selling of Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, and many more. Download the Coincola app, choose the ‘Gift Card Trade Market’, select the currency, the label, and type of your gift card, place an order and continue trading.

  1. Patricia

This is one of the industry leaders in the Gift card and bitcoin exchange marketplace. With this amazing app, transacting with your Patricia account to buy and sell gift cards is very easy and fast. The app is user-friendly and with a secured, safe, and reliable standard online security. It is designed with a multi-stage authentication mechanism and encryption.

  1. GCPanda

The GCPanda trading app helps users buy gift cards from over 1,000 popular brands. Also, it could be used for the sale of unused gift cards at the best prices. However, users can earn up to 90% cashback from the sale of these unused gift cards. So, with the GCPanda gift card trading app, you could also re-gift gift cards in your possession that you would not always use. Download this app today, and enjoy your trading.

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