Chase Mobile App Not Compatible With Device (Best Solution)

Download Chase Mobile Banking App for Android

Have you tried to download the Chase mobile banking application to your device but are currently having issues or seeing an error saying “Chase mobile app not compatible with device” when you initiate the app installation process?

I will try to share some of the reasons you are not able to install the Chase mobile banking app in this guide and tell you what to do to remove the “Chase mobile app not working” or “app not compatible error.

About Chase Mobile Banking App

The improved version of the Chase Mobile App lets you bank securely from your device, manage your investment portfolio with J.P Morgan as well as keep track of how much you spend, send and receive on a monthly basis.

Some of the core features of the app are:

  • Review the historical records of your checking, savings, loan and banking activities.
  • Swiftly deposit checks in your personal or business account.
  • Enjoy zero-fee trades on your stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.
  • Send and receive funds from your friends, family or business partners.
  • Track your credit card transactions
  • Get notified of unusual fraudulent activities.

How to Download Chase Mobile App to Your Device

  • On your device, go to the Android or iPhone app store.
  • Initiate installation on your device and wait for the process to complete.
  • If this process doesn’t complete and you see error messages like Chase mobile app not working or compatible with your device, then you might have to read further to find out;
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Chase Mobile App Not Compatible With Device Error, Here’s Why:

There are many reasons the Chase mobile banking app installation isn’t compatible or working on your smartphone; the most common of these is that your device operating system might be outdated and requires you to run a fresh update.

Again, the developer of the app may limit the Chase app to certain devices in which yours isn’t up to the minimum specifications or internal configurations.

Best Solutions to Chase Mobile App Not Compatible or Working With Device

Here are the best tips to resolve this type of issue:

  • Initiate an update on your Android or iOS device
  • Remove Google Play Store updates
  • Clear all Google Play Store Cache from your device
  • Clear all Google Service Play Store Framework data
  • Install Chase Bank APK App and run it outside Google Play Store
  • Contact Chase Bank customer support for help

Initiate an update on your Android device

If you are an existing user of Android or Apple phones, you should be aware of OS updates designed to push new or improved features to your device. Some may actually come in to fix some issues or system bugs.

To help fix the Chase mobile app not compatible with the device error, try to check your phone for new updates by following these steps:

  • Go to your phone home screen and click on the Settings app
  • Scroll down and select System.
  • Tap on System Updates to initiate the new OS update.
  • Allow your device to confirm the new version and if there is any, it will automatically run.
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Remove Google Play Store Cache

Sometimes, the previous cache of your Play Store may affect the installation of new applications, so you may try removing or clearing the cache will remove potential bugs or issues that may stop the Chase mobile banking app from not working.

You should note that doing this will log you out from your Google accounts but won’t affect your device or already installed applications.

To remove the Google Play store cache from your smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app of your device
  • Tap on App & Notifications on the next screen
  • Locate the Google Play Store app and tap on Storage and cache
  • Clear the storage and Clear cache to remove previous logs and see if the download of the Chase mobile app not compatible with the device error is now working.

Try to Download Your Google Play Store App

Sometimes, the Chase mobile app not compatible error might be caused by the updates from your Play Store if you have tried the first two recommendations yets it’s not working.

You can downgrade to the earlier version that comes with your device;

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Tap Settings on your device screen
  • Select Apps & notifications
  • Choose Google Play Store from the list displayed
  • Locate the 3 dots at the top-right section of the Google Play Store displayed on your screen
  • Uninstall updates and select OK to initiate the process.

Once this process is completed, Google Play Store will downgrade the current version on your smartphone.

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Get Chase Bank to Recognize My Device

This might be the final step to fix the Chase app download issues on your device.

  • Sign in for the first time on your device browser; you’d be asked to provide your username, password and a one-time password (sent to your email, or phone as a text message.)
  • Enter the code received and try to download the app from Play Store.

Contact Chase Mobile

The final step to resolve this issue is to contact the support team at Chase bank US if you have tried everything and followed the guide shared above.

They’d defintely be the best option to resolve the app compatibility error on your device.

Here are the various help desk available to you online.

Final Words

While this type of error is unusual, it’s also important to note that no bank is devoid of its challenge at some point; some might be connected to an app not compatible error while others are logging or transaction-related issues.

Whichever yours is, make sure you reach out to the bank’s customer care support centre for help.

On a final note, don’t download Chase mobile app for Android or iOS to your device by sidelining the Google Play store and going through untrusted sources; it’s the easiest way to expose your private credentials to unauthorized third-party access to your banking transactions or credit card details.

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