Discovery Bank App Lets You Pay Safely With Cell Phone Number

Discovery Bank Mobile App Download

This review covers everything you should know about the Discovery Bank Mobile app download for Android & iPhone – and how to pay safely with your cell phone number.

Discovery bank boasts itself as the world’s first behavioural bank that gets behind you, as.  With the new Discovery bank South Africa App, Signing up for a seamless and convenient mobile banking app is now done in minutes with a selfie. The app puts you in control of how you view your personal savings accounts and other transactions. Besides, you could also add new accounts and payment cards at your fingertip.

The Discovery South Africa App enables you to pay safely, quickly, and easily. This can be done using just a cellphone number. Besides, you can also to link your account to the discovery health plan to settle medical co-payment as quickly as possible at Dis-Chem or clicks; and tap-and-go payment with Germin, Samsung, and Fitbit pay.

Using the App brings your branch to the palm of your hand. The perfect fit for your behavioural account. The discovery card has a built-in transactional feature or makes you chose the full banking suite for the best comprehensive benefits and best value. Also, there is a range of transaction account for your daily banking and savings accounts to assist you to reach your goal.

Once you are part of the discovery family, your bank account through the app will help you enjoy the following; enhanced return on investment, discounted life insurance, instant 48-hour short-term insurance cover, easy medical co-payments, and boosted vitality rewards.

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Discovery Bank Mobile App Download

How do I join the discovery bank?

  • Download the Discovery South Africa app via Google Playstore or Apple store and click the “join the bank” icon.
  • Confirm your cellphone number and use your selfie to register.
  • Confirm your account details, build your account and accept your offer.
  • End your registration, chose where to pick your debit/credit card, and get your account setup instantly.
  • You could also customize your banking, add an account, secondary cards and members of your family.

What you should also know about the Discovery Bank App: 

The App has employed a market-leading technology in ensuring security while also giving customers the option of downgrading their account colour (colour change functionality)/

There is also the inclusion of an added flow to permit BIN migration through a colour upgrade and registration.

Through the app, you could also enable the flow to allow for foreign numbers to be used when onboarding a secondary cardholder

The primary cardholder could also be enabled to include an additional card for the minor secondary cardholder.

The app also uses a multifactor authentification. This identifies you using your biometrics (facial recognition, fingerprint). It will request for a one-time PIN when transacting to be sure your account has not been hacked. The app gives you a digital ID that allows you one secured log on for other discovery platforms. The app also allows for security self-service, that is, all safety nets that previously existed on your device (antivirus, password, and backups) can be used with the app.

Besides, you need to also be aware that there is in-app secure messaging, which implies that every conversation between you and the bank is 100% secured.

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In conclusion, the discovery bank aims to build a branchless and app-only bank in South Africa.

2 thoughts on “Discovery Bank App Lets You Pay Safely With Cell Phone Number

  1. Anthony

    The banking App works on WiFi but on prepaid mobile data it fails with an “internet connection” msg. Is there an app permission that needs to be set?

    1. admin

      You might need to contact Discovery support centre for help

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