Aella Credit Loan App Lets Employees Access Quick Cash in 2 Minutes

Download Aella Credit Loan App

Do you need a personal loan provider who doesn’t look at your credit histories but approve your loan request because you are an employee of a reputable company, then this 2-minutes instant loan and credit app are all you need right now. Aella Credit App, a provider of financial benefit to employees, is here for you.

This is one of the few trusted mobile lending apps that saves you the stress of going through any lengthy or complex procedures or inquiries or documentation, and rather use your verification as an employee of a company to make cash available to you.

All you have to do is to tell them your name, employee ID number, where you work and the money will be transferred to your account within less than a minute or two. Whatever you need are; rent, emergency expenses, family expenses, just go straight to mobile banking app or ATM to withdraw your cash.

Download Aella Credit Loan App

Features of Aella Credit Loan App

This app provides you with a number of features that you will find nowhere else. Let’s look at those features which distinguish it from other loan providing apps.

  • The best and most distinguishing feature of Aella Credit App is that you can take a loan by using this app within just 2 minutes or less than it. Isn’t this an amazing feature of this app? Can anyone else provide you with huge cash loans within 2 minutes after your request for it? Absolutely not!
  • Another amazing and distinguishing feature of this app is that it provides you with an instant loan by only asking your name and employee ID number. It will not ask you to fill any lengthy form or go through lengthy and complicated terms and conditions. In this way, it makes this process easier, comfortable and quicker for you.
  • Furthermore, through using Aella Credit App, you can get the loan straight into your bank account that you can instantly withdraw from the ATM. Suppose you went to ATM for withdrawing money but while reaching there, the ATM tells you that your account balance is lower than the amount you requested to withdraw, it is common for you to call a friend and ask for a loan with 50/50 chance of even getting it. In that situation, you can immediately apply for a loan on Aella Credit loan app. Your cash will be added into your account within a minute or two.
  • Companies on Aella Credit enjoys high loan size at a competitive interest rate. What if my company isn’t available on Aella Credit? just talk to your human resource department to get you onboard. It’s that easy!
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How Aella Credit Works for New Employer

Aella Credit eliminates the hassle of standard loan application. The company believes that HR knows more about an employee than they do.

Here are steps to onboard the loan app:

  • Update your profile: Fill in your company’s name and relevant details including primary place of business, utility bill, corporate account statement, certification of incorporation from CAC, board resolutions and verified tax documents. No! you don’t have to send it physically but upload these documents from your dashboard.
  • Add your employees: Add all the employees that are qualified to take a loan.
  • Set loan limit: You have more control beyond the names you add to Aella Credit, the loan app gives you the flexibility to set loan criteria for each of your employees, the minimum and maximum loan amount they can apply including specified tenor allowed.
  • Your account is verified.

Aella Credit Interest Rates and Fees

You can apply for a loan for up N720,000 as an employee with tenor ranging from 4 – 68 weeks. The monthly interest rate payable on the loan secured hovers around 1% – 14%.

How to Download Aella Credit Loan App

  • To get started on the loan app, search “Aella Credit Loan” on the app or play store and tap on install to get Aella Credit app available on your smartphone.
  • Click on the app icon. On loading, you will see two options, i.e. login, or sign up. Click on the second option that signs up and complete the process. Once you complete the sign-up process, a 6-digit code will be sent to your mobile phone number. Check the code from there and enter it into the app. After that, your account will be activated and you can start using it.
  • Make sure to remember your password and don’t tell it to anyone else for security and privacy concerns. However, if you forget the password or want to change it, you can easily do it from the settings within just a few seconds.
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How to Contact Aella Credit Customer Care

For inquiries on how you can onboard your company on the loan platform so that employees can borrow at lower interest rates or have suggestions on how the app can be improved, here are contact centres you can reach:

    • Contact: +234 (0) 908 029 6333, +234 (0) 908 029 6444
    • Email:
    • US Office: 1067 Market Street, Suite 3005,  San Francisco, CA 94103
    • Nigeria Office: Pentagon Plaza, 23 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

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