ANZ Banking App Lets You Save towards your Goal

Download ANZ Australia Banking App

This guide shows you show to download ANZ Australia banking app with relevant features you need to know.

The newest version of the ANZ app is the 4.22.0 version that allows you to enjoy seamless internet banking in Australia; access to apply for an ANZ Access Advantage account and also makes it possible for you to choose your ANZ Access Visa Debit card just in a twinkle of an eye. Also, under the latest version, the goal summary screen has been updated to show how much needs to be saved monthly in meeting up with your savings goal.

Here are the things the ANZ bank app will help you achieve:

Access to your spending at a glance, the ANZ bank app will help you to easily recognize and understand your transactions. Information about your purchase is made available and you could contact the business if need be.

The app has been designed to help you zero-in on specific transactions. The search icon in the account can be used find what you are searching for. What you are looking for could include, keywords, categories, incoming or outgoing transactions, and many others

Sending and receiving money has been made easy by making use of PayID. Payment to friends, family members, and other workers can be done just in a minute. Get their PayID, a valid account, and the newest version of the ANZ app. Select the pay icon and click the + sign to choose your mode of payment.

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On the other hand, you could also get paid in as little as one minute. Use your email or mobile number to create a PayID in the ANZ app and share it with whoever wishes to send you cash.

Rapid card and PIN activation, the app allows you to activate eligible ANZ cards by tapping on the screen and activating the card. As soon as the card is activated, the PIN can be set right away. You do not need to wait for the card PIN via mail again

The app introduces new ways of payment. The new card can be added to your Apple Wallet, tap on the account and begin to enjoy a seamless payment. Besides, you could get cash without your card by tapping on the digital wallet that has an eligible ANZ Visa credit or debit card.

The ANZ bank app makes it easy to set a savings goal. Through the app, you could save for that new house and that much anticipated holiday. Know what you are saving for as this will make you easily achieve the goal. Let an amount and target date be attached. This breaks it down to your weekly or monthly savings. The image of the goal can also be added so that your eyes can be on the prize.

How do I set a goal? Go to the ANZ app, choose your savings account, follow the steps to set your goal, and continue to check your progress on the app at any time, anywhere, and any day.

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Interestingly, you could also access support via the app. Any question about your day-to-day banking can be directed to a specialist and be rest assured that your identity will be confirmed.

Another amazing feature of the ANZ bank app is that it is designed for everyone. You could decrease or increase the font size in a way that suits you. Also, account balance, money transfer or payment can all be done using voiceover and talkback.

A special feature on the app called the ANZ Spendi will allow you to set a daily budget on your account. The ANZ Spendi will capture your daily spending and how you are faring.

Using the app will enable you to have access to your account statement anytime and anywhere. The ANZ bank app has been designed to capture the account statement from up to 7-years. The app also allows you to save the statement to your device or send them via the email service.

The ANZ App is available on Google Play for Android devices and it is available on the App Store for iPhone devices.

The app will only be efficient if both the sending and the receiving accounts can process faster payments. However, it is not available on the following ANZ accounts; ANZ Home Loans, ANZ One, and ANZ Personal Loans. It might bring about technical issues if used.

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