Secure your Bank Accounts and Report Fraud on ANZ goMoney App

ANZ goMoney Australia app

Find everything you need to know before you download ANZ goMoney Australia app to your smartphone for including features, and functionalities of the internet banking app.

With the ANZ goMoney New Zealand app on your mobile, the management of your finances and cash flow is made seamless; you can access your funds and monitor your recent cash balances on the go anywhere, be it on the bus, at home, at work or the beach.

Bank With Comfort

The app makes it possible for its users to access account balance on the go. The Quick Balance enables customers to check account balance without necessarily logging on to the ANZ goMoney app.

The Pay to Mobile icon makes it easy to make payments via a mobile number. So, friends, family, and workers can easily get money from you by just making use of their mobile number.

Besides, PINs can easily be set up and modified from time to time. This takes off the stress of having to visit the branch of the bank. The ANZ goMoney app makes this achievable.

Safe Banking

Here, the ANZ Secure guarantees the safety of customers’ accounts by protecting their account through multi-layer security checks, 24/7 monitoring of the account to identify potential threats, and it acts if the need arises.

Other ways by which the app assists in keeping their customers safe include;

Fraud protection – If you promptly report any form of fraud on your internet banking, ANZ goMoney, or your card without your authorization, the bank will swing into action by blocking these transactions and reimburse your account once discovered that it was not as a result of your negligence, a deliberate attempt to fraud the bank, and you have taken steps to protect your account and that you are in full compliance with the bank Electronic Banking Conditions.

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Your details are kept safe – This is a feature that makes your details, card information, or account details not stored on your mobile device or SIM card as soon as the ANZ goMoney banking app is closed on your device

Code and PIN – Another layer of protection is offered when you register or add a new device. Choose a goMoney PIN at first registration, and remember this will be required whenever you log on to the app.

However, bank customers are guaranteed the best security technology to keep their banking details safe and secure.

Tips to keep you safe;

  • Keep your PIN safe and difficult to guess, modify it from time to time
  • Devices should be locked when not in use, you should log off the ANZ app when not in use. Ensure to always update the ANZ app and the operating system. Delete the app from your device when it is put for sale or giving away. Call 0800269847 to report stolen or loss device
  • Desist from the use of public WiFi during online banking transactions. Ignore texts and emails requesting for banking details.

How to get the ANZ goMoney app to your Smartphone

The app will work on Android phones or tablets with Android OS version 4.1 or above, iPod Touch with iOS 9.3 or above, iPad, or Apple iPhone.

  • Installation – Look for the ANZ goMoney NZ on the Google Play Store or App Store, and install
  • Registration – Are you a first user? Complete the registration for internet banking and goMoney. You will get a number needed to complete registration when you call the bank. Once completed, you will log on using your customer number and password to create a PIN
  • Set-up – Visit the settings to personalize accounts. You could make use of nicknames, photos, and some frequently used widgets.
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Other features to enjoy using the ANZ app;

  • Access to up to 7 years statement of account via a PDF format
  • It helps you set up credit card statement alerts while turning off the paper statement
  • Money can easily be sent overseas via the app
  • The Service Menu on the app makes it possible to locate the closest ANZ branch or contact the bank directly.
  • It can be used to set up ANZ Visa and Debit credit cards via Google Pay
  • It can be used for making transfers between accounts, this includes foreign currency accounts, and to any of the three KiwiSaver accounts
  • The app also allows users to apply for a savings account, apply for credit cards, individual loans, and home loans.

The ANZ goMoney app is available for free download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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