BOQ Mobile Banking App Lets You Manage Multiple Accounts Online

download Bank of Queensland mobile app

Before you download Bank of Queensland mobile app to your smartphone, take your time and go through the reviews and features below for proper guidance.

The Bank of Queensland has just introduced an upgraded version of its mobile banking app and is now available for download via the App Store and the Google Play Store.

With the BOQ banking app, banking is done conveniently from your mobile device. Existing customers who have subscribed for the online banking service in Australia can just simply sign in using their current Personal Access Code (PAC) and Customer Access Number (CAN) to access all their accounts, billers, and their beneficiaries that would normally be seen using the internet bank.

On the other hand, customers can view their payment, fund transfer, BPAY transactions, and pending authorizations.

The Bank of Queensland app has introduced some new features to make customers have a pleasurable banking system right on their palms.

In the banking app, clients who have access to different accounts over different entities are now able to view all their different and switch from one entity to another entity making use of a tool called the Entity Management Tool.

Another notable upgrade is the introduction of Apple Pay for the users of credit cards. Apple Pay is a seamless, rapid, and secured mode of payment using Apple devices. It can be used in apps, online, and store. However, you stand the chance of enjoying the same rewards you enjoy from the use of the physical credit card.

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Besides, with this new introduction, clients can set up new Pay Anyone or BPAY beneficiaries within the app. IOS user with Touch ID fingerprint enabled device can make use of this to access the app.

download Bank of Queensland mobile app

Other newest additions to the BOQ app are;

  • Ability to set up balance peek and also view your account without logging in
  • The latest account statement can be easily viewed and downloaded
  • It is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Easy transfer of funds in, out or between your different accounts
  • Also, future transfers can be set up
  • Surprisingly, you could check balances for three accounts in an entity without having to log-in on the Balance Peek feature.
  • Easy access to the accounts by using a simple touch log-in or four-digit PIN
  • Your details on the BOQ Specialist online banking details can also be used to complete the registration for the BOQ app
  • The clients have a firm grip on existing accounts by having details concerning pending transactions and other transaction histories.

The new BOQ app gives the customer the power of setting how the app can be viewed from your device. It makes mobile banking fun-filled. Choose your desired look, use your image as a background, and set your colour scheme. Also, you could access the BOQ Social media Platforms and connection to the bank’s product pages and the BOQ Property App.

Another amazing feature is the ability of customers to access the latest bank offers, interest rates, and other relevant information

Complete access to mobile banking is guaranteed

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The clients were put in mind while designing this app, this they did by opening a channel of communication where clients can call to seek help and other inquiries

From the app, you can easily locate the closest ATM and local BOQ branch details

On the Bank of Queensland mobile app, clients can have access to calculators, including savings and income tax, and lending calculators.

Before settling for the BOQ app, there is a need for the client to view and accept the electronic banking terms and conditions. So, log on to internet banking to accept the terms and conditions before using the banking app.

Security of the app

  • It employs two-factor authentications for the clients with a daily payment limit of $10,000 or more. An authentication code that changes from time to time is generated by the BOQ Security Token to guarantee maximum protection
  • Your access code and all other sensitive details are protected by the 128 bit SSL encryption mechanism.
  • It also uses the automatic time out feature to protect the details of clients
  • Not also forgetting the multiple firewall types. They are maintained regularly, audited, and investigated to prevent unauthorized access from the internet.

Final thought

Do not divulge your password to anyone, beware of malware, avoid using shared devices, beware of internet scams and phishing emails, and regularly update your browser and OS in other to protect yourself

What do you think about this app?

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