Borrowell App Lets You See Your Credit Score & Report in Canada

Download Borrowell App Credit Score Report

Find everything you need to know when you download Borrowell app for Free credit score and report reviews in Canada so you can access quick credit cards, personal & mortgage loan. The app is available for Android and iPhone users.

If you are an individual or small business owner looking for the best tips and recommendations on which credit cards loan personal loan or mortgage loan mix is right for you, then you need Borrowell. The platform,  with the help of Molly, Canada’s foremost artificial intelligence powered credit advise coach, is built to help you get the right credit score from Equifax for your loan needs so you can make great decisions.

Borrowell’s Molly assigns you a credit score that is in three-digit number; typically ranges from 300-900. This is what lenders and bank use to measure your financial health.

Get Free Credit Monitoring Tool

Borrowell has helped millions of Canadians who need to know their credit score, free access to the right credit information on a monthly basis. With this, individuals and SMEs are able to get the best loan products. When you install the Borrowell credit score mobile app to your smartphone, your score is instantly refreshed every 30 days with a progress report on your dashboard.

Download Borrowell App Credit Score Report

Personalized Loan Recommendations

The whole essence of your credit score is to provide the best recommendations on which financial products fit you. Borrowell comes with additional benefits like quick access to loans and credit cards. You can also compare the best mortgage rates from different providers.

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Borrowell’s Molly Credit Advisor

This unique financial tool, dubbed Canada’s first AI-powered credit rating tool, lets you understand how your credit scores are determined including ideas on how to improve it so you can access higher credit sizes. The score assigned to you is a result of a number of factors which the Borrowell Credit Coach advisor is trained to do perfectly.

Borrowell’s Mobile App

The new Borrowell mobile applications let you get the full visuals of your financial power and the maximum loan size you can apply based on your credit score.  The progressive credit scores, credit report and personalized financial products tips are readily available on your app user interface; at a go, you can see where you are currently and the how you can scale to a higher rating.

While the app keeps you informed anytime, anywhere, the web version, which syncs with the mobile data, also lets you log in to your Borrowell credit score account for up-to-date-information.

Security of Borrowell

The app puts the privacy of a member’s information at the centre of its operation. This is evident in its use of the highest level 256 bit AES encryption which lets providers to actively secure all information on its server safe and secure from authorized access.

The popularity and growth of Borrowell credit score system among individuals and small business owners in Canada isn’t unconnected to the following headlines on top media platforms:

  • Competitive and transparent rates on loans – The Globe And Mail
  • Fintech company wants to save consumers a lot of money on credit cards – The Financial Post
  • Before you go to bed tonight, you have to find out your credit score – Breakfast Television
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As a testament to the acceptance of the credit score app, there are numerous awards won the platform recently among which are:

  • FinTech Startup Of the Year – FinTech & AI Awards, 2018
  • Fintech 100, KPMG, 2017
  • PWC Vision To Reality Finalist, 2017
  • Innovative Lender of The Year – Canadian Lenders Association, 2017
  • Best Places to Work™ for Women, Millennials, and Financial Services and Insurance
  • CIX Top 20 – Canada’s Most Innovative Companies, 2018
  • Company-to-Watch”, Deloitte Technology Fast50 program, 2017
  • Disrupt Together, Elevate AI, 2017

Compare Mortage Offers and Find the Best Rates

Borrowell has partnered with several highly rated mortgage firms to make the process of accessing loan flexible while removing the complex procedures or hurdles users encounter as an individual applicant. This loan offer isn’t limited to the acquisition of a house but extends to renovation and refinancing of existing loans. The app aggregates the best mortgages from more than 60 options, including the best rates obtainable in Canadia, in one place.

How to Apply for Loan

The emergence of credit score reviews by Borrowell isn’t about accessing one’s financial status but to help the process of accessing personal or business loan faster. Banks and lenders rely on the information generated by the AI-powered tool so they can estimate loan limits. But you really don’t have to take the score to your financial institutions, Borrowell shows you all the best loan options based on your profile and if you are pre-qualified for any, you also have the option to request for a loan quote or an alternative loan provider.

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After due diligence and screening, your approved will be considered for direct money transfer into your bank account.

Is Borrowell App FREE?

  • Borrowell credit score reviews mobile app is free to download; launch the Google Play Store and iPhone iOS app on your smartphone, search “Borrowell” and tap on install to initiate.
  • After downloading the app, log in to your app and set up your account in 2 minutes after which your credit score and report will be available for FREE.
  • Search available loan, credit cards and mortgage options on your app.
  • Borrowell makes money via affiliate model; they recommend financial products that are right for your score.
  • Ensure you read terms and condition of services.

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