Branch Personal Finance Loan App Lets You Access Fast Loan 24/7

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Find everything you need to know about the Branch personal finance loan app for borrowers seeking cash and how to get started on the app.

If you are looking for an international loan app that covers more customers or borrowers in different countries than any other with flexible interest rates and repayment plan, branch loan app is here to help you access quick cash. As of this review, the personal finance loan app is available to users in a  number of countries such as India, Nigeria, Mexico, and Tanzania, etc.

Branch loan app is specially designed for mobile phones so that you can apply for instant loans at any time and from any place. As a fast-growing app, it has been featured on top media platforms like TechCrunch, Forbes, Bloomberg TV, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNBC Africa, K24, KTN, KBC, Business Daily, Daily Nation and The Standard.

Here are some of the features of Branch personal finance loan app you should know:

  • Just like other loan apps you already know, the app allows you to access instant loans in any currencies of the countries you apply from. An interesting part is that you only need to download this app into your mobile phone and sign-up. It doesn’t require to visit your bank for any type of verification purposes neither does it require complex documentation for background checks. Thus, it is one of the best apps that you need for financial finance.
  • The second best feature of this app is that you will find it responsive 24/7. It doesn’t matter, at which time you are applying for the loan. You will never find them unavailable even on weekends. However, the loans may be delayed due to some other reasons. For example, any suspicious activity from your account or inability to connect with your bank account.
  • Branch international offers you bigger loans that no one else will provide you. Furthermore, you will also get the chances to pay the lowest fee for your loans. In contrast, there are many other loan apps that provide you loans but charge a high fee against it. In this aspect, the branch loan app is more reliable and tension-free to use as the cost of loan servicing is among the cheapest.
  • The app does not charge you extra for late repayments. Suppose that you have taken a loan but failed to return it within the fixed time period. The branch loan app will not ask you to pay late payment charges for this.
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Is Branch Personal Finance Loan App Safe and Secure?

Branch doesn’t only make access to personal loan easier but is designed to use the data on your smartphone including the histories of SMS received to verify your identity and build an initial credit score for you, so you might want to know if the data stored on the app is safe? Yes! The developers encrypt the data you share thereby protecting your privacy with no third-party interference.

Branch Loan App Rates and Fees

The rates charged on the loan app various from country to country. You would be wrong to assume that the interest charged on loan advanced to users in Nigeria is the same as that of Tanzania.
While this may vary from time to time, here are what you should know Branch rates:

Kenya: You can apply for loan range from  250 Ksh to 70,000 Ksh over a 4 – 68 weeks period with interest rates hovering around 10% to 27% which is 1% – 14% monthly.

Tanzania: Users in this country can get from 5,000 Tsh – 1,000,000 Tsh over a 4 – 64weeks period and interest rates payable range from 16% to 31% which is equivalent to 1% to 21% on a monthly basis.

Nigeria: For borrowers in the most populous country, they can access personal loan from ₦1,500 to ₦150,000 with repayment period ranging from 4 – 64 weeks while the charges on the money borrowed prints at 14% to 28% which is equivalent to a monthly interest of 1% to 21%.

Mexico: You can get a loan of up to 20,000 pesos but not below 300 which is payable within 4 – 52 weeks. The interest on loan range from 16% to 32% which when pro-rated gives you a monthly interest on 1% to 21%.

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India: When you apply for the loan on the branch app from this region, you can access quick cash of up to 50,000 rupees with terms from 4 – 52 weeks. The interest repayment calculation is between 9% to 24% which is equivalent to a monthly charge of 1% to 10%.

Before you apply for a loan on this app, ensure that what you are using the money for isn’t a longterm project or you already have a sure source of payback; anytime to default on borrowed funds could affect your ratings with consumer credit rating agency and hinder you from applying for more loan.

How to download Branch Loan App for Android & iPhone

  • If you want to download this amazing loan app into your mobile phone, you can do it from the app store. Download it from play store if you have an android phone.

download branch loan app

  • Once it is installed, you can select your preferred language: English, Kiswahili or Espanol, then click on “Continue” and create your account with a “Phone Number” or “Facebook Profile” on the app as a new user by fulfilling a general information form. If you already have an account in this app in any other mobile phone, then you can use the same login details in this new phone.

branch personal finance loan app

  • You need to give the app access to your phone data like SMS, and location.

branch personal loan

  • You can proceed to fill in your full name, BVN, and date of birth. After that, you can easily sign-in apply for a loan. Make sure to double check the loan amount as well as terms and conditions.
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branch personal loan in nigeria, kenya

  • On successful, the loan will be immediately transferred to your bank account that you can easily withdraw through ATM.

How to Contact Branch Personal Loan Customer Care

If you need help on how to register, quality and access loan or you would like to share your feedback, questions, or concerns, you can reach the customer care centre via these media:

  • e-mail:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

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