Download Carbon’s Paylater Loan App and Access Up to ₦1m

Download Paylater (Carbon) Loan App for Android

Do you want an instant loan but your bank, with its complex credit check procedures, is not making it easy for you? Are your friends and relatives giving countless excuses on why they may not meet your loan needs even when it is urgent? You don’t have to worry during emergencies as the latest Carbon (former Paylater) loan facilities are here to make quick cash available to you when you download Carbon (Paylater) loan app for Android & iPhone

This loan app is specially designed to make users with low cash avoid talking to many friends, and access loan to solve immediate personal or family needs.

In this article, you will learn about the features of Paylater app as well as a guide to install the app to your phones.

Update on Carbon’s Paylater App:

Pay later has rebranded to Carbon, a name that reflects the company’s vision to be everywhere digital financial services can add value to its millions of users. Since inception, the fast-growing lending company has deployed $60 million across 750,000 loans, approving over 1,500 loans a day with an average of N24,000 per loan.

Early 2018, the company started to expand her mobile app beyond loan lending to enable its growing customers to not only apply for a personal loan but also carry out mobile banking transactions like transfer money, save and invest in credit facilities.

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As a new company, Carbon will now focus on providing a wider portfolio of services for its users as it introduces in-app credit reports and credit offering via QR codes, thanks to a secured backing from Visa.

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Features of Paylater App Download

  • It is available at any time. Whenever you need it, you will find it working 24/7. There is no server failure or issues relating to downtime with this app. It works 24/7 to assist you in applying for a loan, getting approval and receiving instant credit to your bank account.
  • You can use the updated version of the app to save and invest in credit and at every transaction, you will earn the rewards and bonus points.
  • When you are in a difficult situation, it is quite rare to get a quick loan of up to ₦1million from a credit finance company without signing documents or tending collateral. Carbon’s Paylater app makes it easier to access up to ₦1million within just a few minutes.
  • You will find a number of instant loans lending apps, but you know what’s special in Carbon? It enables you to transfer money to anyone, buy airtimes, and also pay bills. In this way, you can use this single app to manage everything related to your money just like you do on your internet banking platform.
  • Through using this app, you wouldn’t need to go to any bank or anywhere to complete any loan application as all you need to enjoy cash cover are all available anytime, anywhere. What you need is to download this app into your mobile, sign up, log in, and do anything you want within minutes. In this way, this app makes your life easy and quick when it comes to managing finances.
  • After you have been approved and credited, the app has stringent measures to cut defaulters off their platform. If you fail to pay off outstanding obligation, a notice will be triggered to the appropriate credit rating agency which may affect your reputation and credit score. Besides, late repayment of loan due can also hinder you can accessing more loan in the future, so ensure you have a repayment plan before applying.
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Carbon (Paylater) Loan Interest and Fees

As of this review, loan approved on the app attracts a rate starting from 5% monthly on the first loan. It is clearly stated on the app that these loans are intended to meet short term needs, so users with longterm projects aren’t advised to apply. You can access ₦1,500 to ₦1m with terms from 4 – 64 weeks. Normal interest on subsequent loans ranges from 2% – 30% which is equivalent to a monthly interest rate of 1 – 21%.

How to Download Carbon ( Paylater) App

  • Simply search this app in play store or app store by typing “Carbon Paylater app” and it will appear in the search results list. From there, click on it and complete the download and install process.
  • Then launch this app into your smartphone and complete the sign-up process. During the sign-up process, make sure to set a password that is stronger and not easily predictable. This helps in strengthening the security of your app because all of your money is within it. Once your identity is verified, you can start using this app for performing any function as discussed above in features.

Here are screenshots of the loan app:

Download Paylater (Carbon) Loan App for Android

Download Paylater (Carbon) Loan App for Android

Download Paylater (Carbon) Loan App for Android

Download Paylater (Carbon) Loan App for Android

How to Contact Carbon’s Paylater Customer Service

Carbon is a regulated and fully-licensed loan lending company in Nigeria and Ghana. For more inquiries on how you can get your personal loan approved faster, you can reach out via the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

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