You Can Now Send Money Across Africa on Chipper Cash App

download Chipper cash app apk

Before you download Chipper cash app apk for easy money transfer across Africa,  here is everything you need to know about the mobile app,

The Chipper Cash App is a cross-border mobile money app that is used in sending and receiving money from person to person. The app is designed in such a way that it guarantees the safety of your funds. It is a user-friendly mobile money app, which means anyone can operate and navigate through and it can also be used to earn money on the go.

download Chipper cash app apk

The Chipper Cash app can be used on Android devices by downloading it from the Google Play Store and on iOS devices via the App Store.

Countries Of Operation

The Chipper mobile money app is available in the following countries;

  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Uganda
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa

What this means is that money can be sent between one person to another person within these countries in a twinkle of an eye and for free!

However, users from South Africa should be aware that the app has been connected to the primary banks in South Africa (Investec Bank, First National Bank, Absa, Nedbank Limited, Standard Bank, and Capitec.

How It Works

The app can be used to receive and send within its countries of operation without charges. Also, there is no minimum amount that can be sent, which means users can send any amount at any time, and any day.

Therefore, the app can be said to be useful for; financial activities, VTU transactions, and an Affiliate platform.

The financial activities include; request for funds, sending and receiving of money. The VTU transactions involve; payment for Television subscription and others, airtime and data purchase for self and others, then other bill payments. This means signing up affords you the opportunity of taking part in their Affiliate program. This means when you invite family and friends to sign-up, you earn when they sign-up via the referral code you sent and get verified.

How To Fund Your Chipper Wallet

To fund your Chipper account, ‘Cash In’ by transferring money from your Mobile Money Account to the Chipper Wallet. When this transaction is initiated, a prompt message is sent to your mobile device for approval and once approved; the money will be moved from your Mobile Money Account into your Chipper Account.

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So, once the fund is your Chipper Wallet, it can be transferred to anyone at no cost. This process can also be reversed, that is, by transferring money from your Chipper Account into your Mobile Money Account. Here, supply the amount to want to ‘Cash Out’ and click the ‘Cash Out’ icon in the app, and there you have it, the money in your Mobile Money Account.

To Create a Chipper Cash Account

The following are the necessary steps in creating a Chipper Cash Account

  • Download the Chipper Cash App from Google Play Store, and install the app
  • Launch the app, supply your correct names in the ID provided, click on next
  • Choose your country, next
  • Create a 4-digit PIN, ensure it is something that can be easily remembered
  • There you have it, the Chipper Account is created
  • Make sure you verify your account by supplying the following information, Driver’s license, Voter ID Card or NIN. There you have it, the Chipper Cash Account

Making Money From The Chipper Cash App

After creating the account and verified, it’s now time to start raking in some cash via the app. When you invite family and friends to join the app, you earn N250 on anyone that registers and the account verified making use of the referral link that was sent. It is quite easy, isn’t it?

This can be used as a side income because it is free requiring no start-up. Besides, it can also receive and send money across the countries where it is in operation. Note that it is free, unlike most bank apps that require certain fees when money is sent to another bank denomination

The amount that can be withdrawn from the Chipper Cash

#50 is the least amount of money that can be withdrawn from the Chipper Cash in Nigeria. This amount varies from country to country. So, if you have up to that amount and you wished to withdraw, follow the step below.

On the other hand, there is no money to the amount that can be sent in one transaction on the Chipper app.

  • Go to the dashboard, identify the ‘profile section’
  • Click on the ‘Cash out’ section
  • Select the name of your bank
  • Provide your account number, ‘Next’
  • Confirm the account number, ‘Yes’
  • What is the amount of money you wish to withdraw
  • Click on ‘Cash out’
  • You get a notification stating that your transaction is successful
  • The credit alert should be received within 10 minutes
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Send and receive money

The app helps to prevent the humongous charges and the stress of visiting an agent to receive or send money. So, these transactions can be done from your mobile device, transferring money from account to account and also getting paid with no charges or whatsoever.

Earn cashback from the purchase of airtime

The airtime you buy via the app is at a discounted rate. This guarantees 2% cashback instantly. This airtime can be for yourself, for family and friends or sent internationally.

Free money transfer

Money can be moved from Chipper Cash Account to other bank accounts, and mobile money account and vice versa. It is done for free

Payment of bills

The Chipper app can be used to pay bills at no additional cost. Also, it can be used to pay bills for friends and family. It is easy, simple, and free to use the Chipper app

Earning via Chipper

Money can be earned when families and friends are introduced to the system. These people also earn when they introduce to others. There are no limits.

Why settle for Chipper Cash App

It is convenient – The app allows users to receive electronic payment from both Users of the app and non-users making use of the Chipper ‘Checkout’. The ‘Checkout’ makes it possible for any user with a Mobile Money Account to transfer money to your Chipper Account anywhere within the countries of operation.

Works with all networks – It is compatible with all mobile network, it means the Wallet can connect with all mobile money from MTN, to Airtel, to MPesa, Vodacom, and many others. However, this makes it possible to send money from Chipper Wallet to other Mobile Money Account irrespective of the country or network

Simple, easy, and fun-filled – The app is designed to have feeds that display older transactions. You could view a friend’s picture to view transactions between you and your friend. Receive and send money to anyone. Also, you could add or withdraw money from the Chipper Wallet through a Mobile Money Account linked to the app.

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Larger Coverage – The Chipper Wallet can be linked to the Mobile Money Account to receive or send money to friends, families, or anyone in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, and Nigeria. More countries will be added soon.

Is Chipper Cash Legit?

It has been proven to be 100% legitimate having processed over 3 million transactions (about 1,000 daily transactions) with a customer base of over 600,000 that is growing by the day. So, without any iota of doubt, you could try to earn additional income by subscribing to the affiliate program of the Chipper Cash since it is free and does not require anything from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Chipper Cash App be used to send money to another person who is yet to download the app?

Yes, it’s possible, it can be used to send money to any phone number, and so, it is the same as transferring money to someone who is yet to have the Chipper Wallet.

So, here is the trick, when the money is sent to someone yet to download the app, a payment invitation is sent to them via an SMS informing them of the payment. The SMS will include the amount, note of payment, and a link to get the Chipper app. Therefore, once the app is downloaded by the recipient, signs up with the same phone number the message was sent to, and gets verified, the payment automatically drops into the Chipper Wallet.

How do I resolve payment to a wrong person?

Ok, what you will do is to send them a charge request of the same amount having a note stating that they pay you back for the money you transferred by mistake. If you don’t get any feedback, you could contact the Chipper App customer service via


There is much online money-making channel, but you must be willing and ready to explore these opportunities. The Chipper Cash is free and could be used as an additional stream of income.

Go through this Chipper Cash App review, apply all the principles and follow the guides and begin to send, receive, and start earning money through the Chipper Cash App.

What do you think about this app?

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