Download Cowrywise Savings App & Earn Up to 15% Per Annum

Download Cowrywise App

Have you been trying to save money from your monthly pay/salary for so long but not getting successful at it due to inconsistency in your saving habits? Do you want to save money for your next car, house rent or property or accomplish some other goal but everyday expenses are not allowing you to do so? Don’t worry because Cowrywise savings app is here to help you out on savings problems with its features designed to inculcate the best-disciplined savings habit. Without proper savings habit, you may run out of cash and start looking for places to get a quick loan during emergencies.

This review explores simple ways to download Cowrywise app and automate your monthly saving immediately without wasting your money on useless or unnecessary things while earning higher interest compared to what your bank pays.

Features of Cowrywise app download

Here are the following features of Cowrywise app.

  • The app lets you decide on the saving plans as well as how much you want to save (starting from as little as N100) and for which purpose.
  • You can also set different targets for saving, such as saving money for education, for wedding, for buying a car, home, or for retirement. You can set any target and immediately start saving your money for that target. You would be able to take out your money when it is enough to meet that target.
  • Outside the normal pre-set automated savings, you can also top up your account with extra cash.
  • You can earn a daily competitive return above the rates offered by the bank. Besides, the longer your keep your locked in Cowrywise savings platform, the higher the interest you earn.
  • Is my money safe? Yes! it is. The company behind the app choose Meristem Trustees Limited, registered with the Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) as the official custodian of funds saved.
  • A typical Nigeria or Africa investor isn’t only interested in the return you give him or her but how flexible the process of withdrawal is. Cowrywise, on this side, locks your money down for a minimum of 3 months before you can request for withdrawal and if you wish to extend the maturity period for a better return, you can as well do that. You can withdraw your savings to your personal account or roll over to enjoy compound interest.
  •  Your savings alone may not be enough to get you to your financial goal which is why the app has been expanded to give you access to a diversified safe portfolio of financial instruments like FGN bonds and treasury bills.
  • Just like the mobile banking app, you can always follow and track whatever you have saved or invested so far with on Cowrywise. The app gives you full details up to the Naira and Kobo.
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Download Cowrywise App

How to Download Cowrywise Savings App for Android & iPhone

  • If you want to download this app, the first and foremost important thing is to check whether there is enough space in your mobile or not. This is important because this app is a bit heavier than others, i.e. approximately 8.1MB. Ensure the free space is available in your app.
  • On your play store or app store and click on install button. Once done, launch and sign-up as a new user. You will have to complete the verification process before getting access to the features of this app.
  • When you will sign-in to your app, it will allow you to access all of its functions. There, you can set your saving targets, make investments in a secure way, start saving, make saving plans, and many such tasks. Just give it a try and enjoy its amazing benefits today.
  • Before you start saving on the Cowrywise app, you will be required to link your data and debit card information. You don’t have to fret, the platform is a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor that can securely handle all customers’ card details.

How to Contact Cowrywise Customer Care for Support

If you need help or experience issues on savings, and investment with the app, feel free to connect 24×7 Support services or chat with the CowryWise support team or send an email via

  • Phone: +234 903 0000 857
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

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