Trade Foreign Currencies from Anywhere on FXTM Trading App

Download FXTM MT4 App for Android

If you are trading forex in Nigeria but don’t know how to take your trading experience to the next level, this article will share ideas on how FXTM app helps you buy and sell currencies from your smartphone.

Forex trading isn’t a business you can do on your laptop, some brokers have made it so easier for you to quickly open up your mobile app, sport emerging opportunities and profit from trends.

While we try to share reasons you should trade with FXTM, note that forex isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have the emotion to absorb a loss, it might be better to save your money and earn up to 15% annually.

FXTM Trader App

FXTM MT4 app for Android is offered by Forextime IP Holdings Ltd. There is a long list of marvellous reasons to explore the forex trading app. Let’s explore this list of its amazing features!

Features of FXTM Trader App for Android

  • When you download the FXTM Trader App, you can experience the power of the world’s leading global financial markets. The interesting thing about this financial market app is that you don’t have to walk into your brokers’ office to get help, it’s flexible and easy to use on the first launch. You can simply do this by even sitting on a cosy couch in your home or from your bed.
  • This app also allows you to choose from a large number of trading instruments, i.e. more than 250 market instruments are available for trading, stocks, index, all major or minor pairs of currencies.
  • On FXTM currencies and stock market App, you are now able to easily place a trade as well as monitor your live trades continuously for 24/7. This app will keep you updated on the global market events and market-moving breaking news without going offline even for a single second.
  • This app will work effectively on cross devices, means that it would allow you to work effectively on cross devices. It means that you can easily start an activity through it on your desktop and close this on your mobile through using this app. There will be no issue due to operating multiple devices.
  • It also allows you to access a dashboard with the simplest interface for viewing your balance, profits, and details about everything.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to start trading through just one click. In this way, it makes trading a more reliable, faster, quick, and enjoyable experience for you.
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Download FXTM MT4 App for Android

Why you should trade with the FXTM financial market app:

If you still have doubt or are comparing FXTM with other brokers, here are some of the reasons you should trade with FXTM:

  • You trade are executed almost immediately.
  • Trade with more account balance by taking advantage of leverage.
  • You can start trading with low minimum deposits.
  • You aren’t limited by foreign currency deposit, use the localised payment method to fund your account.
  • Explore market-leading education resources to help you get better at trading, including webinars and seminars.
  • FXTM recent won an award as 2018 Most Innovative Broker, 2018 Best Trading Conditions, 2018 Best FX Broker Asia, and 2017 Best Customer Service Global.

How to Download the FXTM Trader App on your mobile phone

  • If you want to download FXTM Trader App into your mobile phone, just follow the simplest process.
  • Pick up your mobile, click on play store in android phone. Type “FXTM MT4 App” in the search bar, download and wait for it to install. This app is compatible with almost all types of devices.
  • Once the installation is complete, register with your personal information and choose between a live or demo account. The demo account on FXTM lets you navigate and understand the app in order to get a better idea on how to operate it and trade profitably.
  • Even if you had no trading experience, this app will teach you more through its simplest interface and abundant information. In this way, it will enable you to make huge profits through trading.
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How to Contact the FXTM Customer Care or Help Centre:

FXTM is an international online broker offering financial services in trading currency pairs, and Contracts for Difference in gold and silver, and Commodity Futures, Indices and Shares.

If you need help on how to get started, fund, withdraw or connect with the customer service desk, use these media:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

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