Macquarie Mobile Banking App Lets You Track Cash Deposit Real-time

Download Macquarie Retail Banking App

Before you download Macquarie retail banking app to your smartphone, here are reviews, features and functionalities of the internet banking app in Australia.

The Macquarie mobile banking app will make the management of your fund convenient and simple. The app can be used to search for a cash or credit card transaction, set budget, upload receipt, and many other things right on the palm of your hands.

The Macquarie bank app is coming with a refreshed look with colour palettes and icons. Also, you can have a great user experience on the app in light and dark mode. How? Navigate the device setting page, and set your theme at the display and brightness.

Surprisingly, the app has been designed to give customers the power to customize the look on the app. Choose a theme that changes images with the time of day or select an image from the app’s library.

The app grants access to your Macquarie Home Loans, Macquarie Transaction and saving accounts, Cash Management Accounts, and Macquarie Credit Cards

The Macquarie bank app, which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, can be used to achieve the following tasks;

For easy management of your funds

  • Daily banking transactions such as making payment, access to account statement, and money transfer can be completed making use of the app
  • The Quick View on the Macquarie app will show the account balance without logging into the app
  • Like some other banking apps, the Macquarie banking app will help set an instant budget and monitor its growth at a glance
  • Through the app, Macquarie cards can be activated and PINS easily set
  • History of the daily transaction can be tracked. This can be achieved by asking a question such as “How much did I spend at The Palms this year”
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Stay alert, be notified, and stay in charge

  • You get a real-time alert about the activities on the account
  • Customers can also customize the type of notifications they receive that are important to them
  • Do you wish to travel overseas or shop from an international retailer? The notification you get will display the amount spent on both the Australian dollars and the local currency. This will give some level of certainty of how that has been spent.
  • The Macquarie Applicator gives some level of greater control for setting up approval or denies an online transaction and other activities before taking action.

Transaction history

  • Going through the app makes you categorize your transactions into groups such as travel, leisure, groceries, or technology for a better understanding of your spending.
  • Your receipts and warranties can be captured using a phone and then uploaded against the transaction history on the app for future reference.


  • The Macquarie Applicator is an added security feature on the mobile banking app that enables you to carry out authentication of transactions.
  • When the banking app is used overseas, the Travel Mode will instantly show your location, the exchange rate of where you are, and ways of either reporting it if your card is stolen or you want to lock the card

Save while you do your shopping

  • The bank customers have access to eGift cards for over 60 top Australian retailers using the Macquarie Marketplace
  • Also, the Macquarie Reward Points from eGift cards can be redeemed from the Macquarie Marketplace
  • Making use of saving account or the Macquarie transaction via the app will guarantee a discount of up to 10% when you buy an eGift card on Marketplace
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Other unique features of the app include;

  • Logging in with a four-digit code for easy access to your accounts
  • Account information like credit card rewards and interest earned can be easily accessed
  • Records of transactions and account balances for the Macquarie accounts can be done via the app
  • Besides, the app will enable you to locate the nearest rediATMs, but for a fee. Can access the Macquarie Transaction account for free.
  • Payment using the Android Pay
  • BPAY Billers can be easily settled and funds transferred to friends, family members, or workers using the Macquarie online, or add new beneficiaries.
  • Instant notifications each time there is an activity on your Debit Card or your Macquarie Credit Card
  • The banking app will also help you temporarily block your credit card in the case of theft. Also, you could change the PIN or activate the PIN for your credit or debit cards using the app. The app can help to temporarily block customer’s credit card (this is not available to all customers)

What do you think about this app?

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