Members Equity Bank App Lets You Snap & Deposit Cheque Online

Download Members Equity Banking App

Before you download Members Equity banking app to your smartphone (Android or iPhone), read through this guide to learn how the ME mobile banking app in Australia works – features.

In setting up to use the Equity Bank app on your device, you must have completed your registration for the online banking at your nearest bank’s branch – talk to your account officer.

Customers downloading the app on the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store must ensure it is the latest version of the app they are downloading. After this, you can access your funds from anywhere you go with your phone.

With the new version of the ME bank app, deposits can now be made easily. The mobile deposit feature allows you to snap your cheques with your Smartphone and upload it on the ME app. You can customize the type of alert you want to receive on your mobile phone.

Interestingly, the app has a reduced lag time and the full capacity of making banking transactions easy.

Also, the app helps to track your spending, manage your cards, and several other things like bill payment, transfer of funds to loved ones and friends can all be done on the ME bank app.

Download Members Equity Banking App

The following features make the Equity Bank app irresistible;

  • Customers have access to their account balance without necessarily having to log in
  • Logging in to the with a four-digit PIN
  • The app is also compatible with the use of BPAY for bill payment
  • Transaction history can be seen using the app
  • Easy transfer of money between accounts
  • Also, money can be transferred to other bank users
  • New billers and beneficiaries can be added using the app
  • Access to account numbers and your BSB
  • The app gives info on the closest ATM point to you
  • Your mobile app PIN can be changed from time to time using the ME app
  • The app can allow customers to log in using a PIN, Touch ID, or the Face ID
  • The apps also help clients to block, replace and activate cards
  • Account statement can be easily accessed and viewed from the ME app
  • The app also affords customers the opportunity of having access to online banking terms and conditions
  • You can stop or pause a card if stolen or lost
  • Reactivation of a paused card can be done using the app
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How do I get the ME app?

  • After downloading the app from the various Store of your device – Playstore app and Apple App.
  • Select ‘register’ on the app
  • Tap ‘OK’ which automatically means you’ve accepted the terms and conditions
  • Log in using your password and customer ID. The password can be the temporary code sent by the bank via SMS.
  • The bank sent an authentication code to confirm that it is you and not another person
  • Create a four-digit PIN, the system will request you to enter it two times
  • Once the ME app is enabled on your gadget, Apple device users will be given the option of enabling the Touch ID while the Android users are given the option of activating the Fingerprint Login option.
  • It’s now time to start banking right from wherever you are.

The Balance Peek feature on the app makes customers check their balances of up to three of their accounts without having to log in. This can be activated by tapping the “$” sign at the top right-hand corner of the login page. It can also be modified or turned-off by visiting the menu page and scrolling to the ‘Balance Peek’ icon

The ME app makes it possible for you to rename your accounts from time to time. Names such as groceries, rent, bills, or trips can be used. Log on to the ME app, tap on the settings (the symbol at the top right corner on the menu page), choose the ‘customize’ option and tap on the ‘rename’ button. Type the name you want and tap on the ‘done’ icon

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Note the following;

  • Interest and cash advance fee will be charged for making transfer out of the credit card
  • Funds can only be transferred into your accounts using the app
  • In the case of a joint account, only the one nominated will get notifications of eStatement and other written materials.

What do you think about this app?

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