NAB Banking App Lets You Send Money via PayID with SMS Security

Download Nab Internet Banking App

Find everything thing you need before you download NAB internet banking app to your smartphone – You can also register & activate follow the guide to send cash via PayID, and secure your personal or business with SMS Security.

The NAB app enables bank customers in Australia to manage their funds securely wherever they are. The app allows you to carry out the following transactions on your mobile.

Card control features

  • Is your card lost, stolen, or damaged? The NAB app helps you to replace a card that is damaged, or order a new card, and unblock and permanently block your cards
  • Access to details of the benefits of your cards, this includes insurance and rewards
  • Details for debit and credit card transactions can be viewed via the app
  • Full control of the kinds of payment that can be done using your debit or Visa credit cards
  • Instant access to how much is due transfer is made to National Australian Bank app
  • In the case of travelling, report to NAB and your funds are secured

Easy transfer and payment

  • The use of NPP payment makes fund transfer rapid with eligible accounts making use of PayID or BSB and account numbers.
  • PayID can be generated using your email address or business number (ABN), and your mobile number. The payment can be sent and received within 60 seconds after creating a PayID and makes use of it instead of account number and BSB
  • Bills can be settled using the BPAY
  • A recurring payment can be modified either by deleting old payees or adding new ones
  • International payment can be done to over 40 countries around the world
  • Receipts for payments are easily shared through email, SMS, or saved to your device
  • Be guaranteed that the NAB security and anti-fraud system protects every transaction done
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Seamless engagement with the app

  • Interestingly, the fingerprint could be used to access the NAB app
  • The quick balance on the app enables you to access account balance without having to log-in to the app
  • Using the app makes the rolling over of your NAB term deposit easily and quickly
  • The app can also allow you to see your interest info on Reward Saver, Classic Banking Account, Home Loans, and iSaver.
  • Easy copying and sharing of your BSB and account number via the app
  • Good enough, the app permits the setting up of individual profiles that make it easy for you to share your device with another person, so, separating your business life from your personal life.
  • New customers can easily open a saving account using the app
  • Another thing the app can do is to allow you to register for SMS Security because it will give you more functionality and features.

Other key tools

  • Locating the nearest NAB branch or ATM is easy via the app
  • The app allows you to plan your loan repayment, forecast savings, and be abreast of foreign exchange
  • When you are oversea, the foreign calculator will help you manage and monitor your spending
  • Are you on the NAB Home Loan? You can reorder your offset account, find out about your equity, and also get an estimated value of your property.

The NAB app can be used on your Android phones to make payment after setting up the NAB Pay

  • Using your Smartphone while shopping with the Visa payWave makes the payment contactless
  • Overseas and local shopping can be done where the Visa payWave is enabled
  • The system is 100% protected against fraud
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To make payment;

  • Simply unlock your device
  • Swipe your device against the payment terminal
  • Supply the password for your mode of payment on the NAB app, and that’s it, payment confirmed.

Using the NAB Visa card along with Apple Pay is secured and fast

The eligible cards are the NAB debit card or Visa credit and the Business NAB debit card or Visa card and it is compatible on iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or the later versions, apple watch series 1, and iPad that has Face ID or Touch ID, Mac models with Touch ID

The following might also interest you;

The app makes it easier to scan, save, and share the digital receipt

Depositing mobile cheque by making use of the camera on your device and the NAB app by scanning and making a deposit of up to $1,500 in cheques in 7days

The Virtual Assistant can also be employed via the NAB app making use of the Amazon Alexa and the Google Home to check account balance and make payments

Wearable devices can be used to make payment:

  • Fitbit Pay: To use contactless payment using your NAB Visa card
  • Garmin Pay makes payment seamless and secured.
  • The NAB Apple Watch will make you view your funds at a glance or locate the nearest ATM or NAB branch.

FOr new users looking to download the NAB internet banking app, go to the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for IOS devices.

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