Do More than Online Banking & Apply for Loan on Nedbank App

Download Nedbank Money App

Find everything you should know when you download Nedbank money app to your smartphone and how to register for internet banking.

The Nedbank Money app lets you do more than your usual banking, the app offers you the convenience of purchasing value-added services on your mobile, anywhere, anytime.

In addition to these basic banking functionalities, the bank recently upgraded their app to give you the cross-border payment and scan to pay functionality, as well as making it easy for bank customers to apply for a personal and business loan.

Nedbank joins the likes of FNB and Standard Bank in offering extensive share trading capabilities – providing a platform for clients to access their share trading portfolios and investing activities.

Joining FNB, the Nedbank money app is one of the two banks that grant customers access to play LOTTO and allowing for the payment of SARS filing through the suite and eBills.

Download Nedbank Money App

Top value-added features of Nedbank money app for Android and iPhone:

  • Customers can have access to their order book and current prices.
  • Easy activation and reactivation of your credit cards in real-time.
  • You can unfreeze and freeze your cards.
  • Log into your account with Touch ID and view all the balances on your account in one place.
  • Quick and easy transfer of funds between your accounts.
  • Instant make payments and transfer money to customers, friends and family.
  • Buying SMS bundles, data, and even airtime recharging is done easily.
  • You can also buy a prepaid electricity unit.
  • As a sports enthusiast, you can play PowerBall or LOTTO and at the same time get draw results.
  • The scan to pay feature exists on the Nedbank Money app using either of the following. SnapScan, Masterpass or Zapper QR codes.
  • You can have access to all your scheduled transactions and debit orders all in one place.
  • Third parties’ debit order requests can be easily authorized using the Nedbank Money app.
  • Debit orders can be disputed when needed and get access to all your accounts on the go.
  • Interestingly, your ATM withdrawal limit can be adjusted using the money app.
  • The credit can be blocked and reordered on the Nedbank Money app.
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Another unique feature of the NedBnk money app is that it can allow clients to make instant payments to anyone on their contact list irrespective of whether the third party is a Nedbank or not. On the app, click the “pay” option and enter the recipient number in your contact list to send an instant payment. The recipient gets an SMS notification with an authorization code which allows them to withdraw the fund from an ATM or branch.

The app also provides customers with an overview of their finances by monitoring spending, debit orders and other transaction across accounts.

It also does beneficiary payments, card cancellations, debit orders, and other functions that can be done through the Nedbank Money app.

To download the money app, customers will be required to register with either their credit card or online banking details. The next step is to activate the touch ID or PIN logins.

The Nedbank Money app is available for IOS and Android devices.

If you bank with Nedbank and don’t have the money app, you are missing out on all the great features. So, download it today and have wonderful banking experience

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