PEPMoney App Lets You Shop and Pay with your PEPMoney Card Account.

Download PEPMoney Card Account App

Before you download PEPMoney card account app to your device, here is a detailed review of the mobile app, and how to open PEPmoney account, send money and collect via ABSA or shoprite.

The app is available in English Language and it was last updated 30th April 2019. The PEP Money app enables you to do fund transfer in South Africa and cross-border at any PEPcell, PEPhome, and PEP.

The PEP Money app gives direct access to your PEPMoney card via your cellphone.

It is only available to anyone that has PEP account, the PEPMoney card and a Smartphone. You can visit any nearest PEP store and open a PEPMoney account if you desire to make use of the PEP Money App. The basic requirement is your South Africa ID book. No documentation or paperwork is required.

Are you tired of standing in the queue to transfer funds? If your answer is yes, then download the PEP Money mobile app and begin to shop, save, and send money from the comfort of your house. Money can be sent to another PEP account for R1.25 and also to anyone via a cellphone and collect at any ABSA ATM.

Download PEPMoney Card Account App

When shopping, you can pay for goods and services conveniently. Besides, there is free cellphone banking by dialling *130*737# to check account balance, buy electricity units, buy airtime and pay accounts/bills.

How does PEP money savings account work – What to do with your PEPmoney card:

  • The app makes it possible for you to buy prepaid electricity units at no extra cost
  • You can easily have access to your transaction history and mini account statement.
  • Sending money to anyone is made possible by using the app (the money can be cashed out on any ABSA ATM, Shoprite, Checkers, and USave). This can be done by taking your SA ID and cellphone to any PEP store. You will be required to enter 4-digit PIN and given a cash slip containing the withdrawal.
  • Send the receiver the 4-digits PIN and the 10-digits withdrawal number and notify them of the amount you have sent. The money can now be cashed at designated points.
  • To withdraw from the ABSA ATM, select “Cash send withdrawal” on the ABSA ATM, chose your preferred language and enter the money transfer, 10-digits withdrawal number and the 4-digits PIN, input the transferred amount sent and you have your funds.
  • You can initiate a transfer of up to R1000 per transaction and with multiple transactions, R3000 can be done daily while R25000 can be achieved monthly. Have it in mind that a fixed fee of R9.99 is charged per transaction.
  • In terms of purchase, data bundles and airtime recharge can be done at no extra cost.
  • Bills such as municipal bills, DSTV, loans, and other payments can be done using the app at no extra cost.
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What are the conditions to open a PEP money savings account?

  • You must be 18-years and above to open a PEP money account.
  • Visit the nearest PEP store and provide the following; your cellphone, a minimum of R20.00 is needed for your first deposit so as to activate the account, a smart card ID or a green barcode ID.
  • You’d also be required to present your identity verification card or proof of income. Your proof of income depends on the type of employment you are categorized.
Employment Type Proof of Income Needed
Permanent Latest 3 months’ Payslips or latest 3 months’ Bank Statements
On Contract Latest 3 months’ Payslips or latest 3 months’ Bank Statements
Self Employed Latest 3 months’ Bank Statements
Domestic Latest 3 months’ Payslips, latest 3 months’ Bank Statements or Employment Confirmation Form
Pensioner Latest 3 months’ Bank Statements or other form of proof

How Can I Send Money to My PEPMoney Card?

If you have been looking for a guide to deposit money to your PEPMoney account, save money for special events and even shop without moving with cash to buy goods and services, here is a simple step to transfer money to your PEPmoney card.
  1. Dial *130*737#
  2. Select “PEPmoney Card”
  3. Select “Send Money”
  4. Select “CashSend”
  5. Enter the amount to be sent (minimum R50)

How Do I Collect Money from PEP to Bank account?

  1. Take your SA ID book or ID card and cell phone number to any PEP Stores near you.
  2. The attendants will ask you to present a 4-digit pin number in store.
  3. You will receive a cash slip containing your withdrawal number.
  4. Send the number and digits to who you want to transfer money to so they can monetize it at Shoprite, Checkers, USave or any ABSA ATM.
  5. You have to be aware secret pin attached to the money sent via PEPmoney expires after 1year.
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How to Download PEPMoney Card Account App

As of this time I updated this guide, the app is available for download on Google play store but can’t confirm the developers’ APK on Apple iPhone store.

PEPmoney Customer Care

Kindly reach out to PEPmoney via Customer Support 0860 77 77 65

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