With Suncorp App, You Can Use Secured FaceID for your Internet Banking

Download Suncorp Internet Banking App

Here is everything you should know before you download Suncorp internet banking app for Android & iPhone.

The Suncorp Bank mobile app is so essential because it grants you a secured and quick access to your funds 24/7.

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The following are the key features of the Suncorp internet banking app

  • The customer can log in to the app by using a FaceID, Fingerprint (TouchID), or four-digit passcode.
  • Through the app, recent bank transactions and on the spot account balance can be accessed
  • The Suncorp bank app makes it possible to change or set your card PIN
  • Easy bill payment through the BPAY
  • The app allows for proper monitoring of your credit card and loan repayment, the due dates, and the present interest rates.
  • Your account balance can easily be viewed by just swiping the login screen
  • The app will make it possible to temporarily lock your Visa transactions if stolen and unlock again when it is found.
  • The security features on the Visa Debit Card can be customized by placing the control on the types of transaction wanted
  • Also, you could download, save, or get your bank statement printed on the go.

The following are the security features on the mobile app

  • After 3 incorrect attempts, the log-in is locked
  • The app monitors financial fraud
  • It employs the use of secret code to safeguard your information (safe encryption)
  • You go through two-factor authentication to identify your password and your device
  • Be rest assured that your funds are well protected by the use of the virtual security walls
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To maintain a higher degree of security again, A Security Token Code is required to be approved by the customers before engaging in certain banking transactions (adjusting your daily transfer limits). In generating the Security Token Code, visit the Suncorp Secured app, and in just a few seconds the code is ready

Do not store your bank password on your Smartphone device. In the case of loss of phone, you can call 13 11 75 instantly for assistance. You could visit suncorpbank.com.au/security for more banking tips to safely bank making use of your phone

Also, you don’t need to worry when you lose your card; you can temporarily block it via the mobile banking app, and place controls on locking. You can lock the payWave transactions, oversea purchases in-store, and the internet shopping transactions.

The Suncorp bank mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store by just searching for ‘Suncorp Bank’

Other amazing features of the Suncorp Bank mobile app

  • Your account can be nicknamed for easy identification
  • The BillSplitter feature on the app helps notify others that they owe you and also send you a notification whenever the fund is back. The Suncorp Bank BillSplitter feature won the 2016 Canstar Innovation Excellence Award.
  • Transaction history of up to 6 months and pending account transaction that is done on your credit card or Visa Debit card can easily be viewed
  • The app also has calculators and other tools that track and manages your spending
  • Customers can easily send their account number and BSB to family members and friends via SMS to receive funds
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Contactless payments can be done making use of the Visa Debit card or your Smartphone

  • Visa – This is an easy and fast payment method, online shopping, both home and overseas using the Visa payWave
  • Google Pay – Do not bother whenever your card is left at home as you could make use of your Android mobile Smartphone to make purchases when your Suncorp Visa Debit is linked
  • Apple Pay – This is quite safe and easier to use, the Suncorp Debit Card. The device includes Apple wristwatch or your iPhone

ATM services

  • Cheques, notes, and coins can be easily deposited
  • The app also permits you access to for funds at no cost at Suncorp ATMs, and rediATMs
  • Besides, it allows for easy exchange of money.

Superannuation and Insurance

  • Access to the superannuation portal will enable customers to view their daily super account balances and brighter Super
  • Also, easy access to Suncorp insurance policies and a direct link to My insurance Manager and read through My Policy.

Finally, Customers can contact Suncorp Bank by sending a secure message via the app for any needed assistance.

The app is available for download on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

What do you think about this app?

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