Westpac App Lets you do Cardless Deposits and Withdrawal

Download Westpac Banking App for Android

Do you need a banking app that will help you access your cash even when you forget your wallet? then follow these tips to download Westpac banking app for Android, or iPad to your smartphone and learn how cardless cash deposit and withdrawal from ATMs work.

Have it in mind that you will need to download the latest version of the Westpac mobile banking app by the 1st of April 2020; otherwise, you might be required to reset your sign-in method. The app allows you to sign in with a fingerprint, face ID or 4-digit passcode.

With the quick balance on the app, you could access your balance without having to sign in. Also, fund transfer can be done between eligible accounts in just a few steps.

  • Transfer of fund or payment is made easy on the app
  • Using the Cardless Cash option on the Westpac app enables you to withdraw money on any Westpac ATM.
  • The app also makes it possible for you to share your account number and BSB.

The following are the key features of the Westpac mobile banking app

The mobile security wellbeing alert – This is available on the newest version of the app. This is a new feature that makes customers review their current security settings and also include more layers of protection to the already existing one.

Instant payment with the instant digital card – The instant digital card option on the Westpac app helps you access your credit and debit details, make several payments, and permits digital transactions.

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Donations to charities – The new digital payment feature allows you to donate to the Westpac foundations, the Salvation Army Bushfire Appeal, and many other charities. All these can be carried out using the Westpac mobile banking app.

Easy and rapid payment with the PayID – Payment can be done any day, any time, and anywhere between participating banks using the PayID or BSB with an account number. You can make payment 24/7 and in less than 60 seconds on your online banking. Also, you can receive payment when you create PayID

Amazingly, the app allows you to make payments with your mobile phones. Depending on your wallets, you can now move around with your eligible Westpac cards with your Smartphone. It can be used in stores where countless payments are accepted.

Samsung Pay: For Samsung Smartphones and the Westpac Visa cards or Mastercard

Google Pay: For Android Smartphone and Westpac Visa cards or Mastercard

For the wearable;

PayWear: Easy to operate, no charging needed (battery-free), range of wearable to suit your style, available for clients with a valid everyday bank account.

Fitbit Pay: For Westpac Visa cards or Mastercards, it is compatible with your Android or Apple device, it can be used with your compatible Fitbit wristwatch, and it is a wallet in one and a personal trainer

Garmin Pay: For Westpac Visa cards or Mastercard, it is compatible with your Android or Apple device that can be used at any store where contactless payments are accepted, and it can be used with your compatible Garmin wristwatch.

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Digital card: With this instant digital card, you have access to your money, pay bills, shop online, and make in-app purchases. It can also be added to your wearable wallet or mobile device to shop. The Digital card is compatible with your wearable wallet and mobile device, it is the digital version of your debit or credit card, it is secured with a 3-digit security number that refreshes every 24 hours, and it can be accessed 24/7 via the Westpac mobile banking app.

Banking is made fun by the introduction of voice banking on the Westpac app

Google Assistant: Credit cards and most everyday savings accounts are eligible for this service and can be used on Google Assistant-enabled devices (Google Home, iPhone devices, and Android)

Amazon Alexa: Credit cards and most everyday savings accounts are eligible for this service and on all Amazon Echo products. For example Echo Spot

The Siri for Westpac: It is eligible on iPhone devices with iOS 11 and above, it could be used to check account balance, and voice payments are available for customers that have already set up on their Westpac app.

The online banking features on the Westpac mobile banking app includes;

  • For payments and transfers. It is a fast and easy way to pay using the PayID, money can also be transferred overseas 24/7, recurring payments can be set up when same amount and frequency is involved, and account details sharing and BSB
  • View bank statement and report: Using this makes you access eStatements, balance statement, transaction history of up to 3-years, tax and interest summary can also be accessed via the app
  • Monitor card services: cards can be activated, locked, a lost or stolen card can be replaced once reported, change the PIN, set up card autoplay, and get offers and rewards.
  • Manage profile settings: Contact can be updated, face ID can be used on the app with iPhone X, and also grant access to third-party to work on your accounts.
  • Other services include: Quick account balance, Cardless cash, access to holiday essentials like currency converter and ATM locator, and increase your term deposit via the online banking app
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The Westpac mobile banking app is available for download on Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhone.

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