Westpac One App Lets You Bank Online Via a Secured Face ID

download Westpac One (NZ) mobile app

Want to enjoy secured Face ID on your internet banking service in New Zealand? find everything you need to know before you can download Westpac One (NZ) mobile app to your device.

Do you desire to achieve more while carrying out your daily banking transactions? Then the Westpac One (NZ) Mobile banking app is what you need to make this come to reality. Westpac One has introduced a number of innovations to make online banking transactions smarter, easier, and faster.

The app makes you do your banking business from wherever you are. Other important things that can be done using the app include;

  • With the app, you need not worry about making payment to someone in Australia
  • Credit cards and loans application
  • The app allows you to block your debit or credit card in the case of loss
  • Westpac One app allows bank customers to open a bank account
  • Also, customers can view and access term deposits
  • There is a Timeline feature that assists customers to search, filter and view banking transactions from all bank accounts.

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With the app, you can be able to check and track your budget quickly while you are shopping. Interestingly, the app assists you locate the nearest ATM point when you are oversea and you could also temporarily block your credit card whenever it is missing.

Among the great banking feature and functionalities of the app is also the fact that account balance can be accessed without having to log on to the Westpac One app. The app makes it possible for users to access account balance and make a transfer between those accounts without necessarily logging on to the app.

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The Spending Meter on the app makes it possible for bank customers to check and monitor monthly spending pattern. The Westpac One app can be easily accessed by logging on with a PIN.

Bank customers can add a touch of fun to the use of the app by personalizing it with a favourite photo, and also you can choose the login type; this could be via the use of Fingerprint or PIN when making use of the Android device or the use of the Face ID, PIN, or Touch ID when making use of the iOS.

The app is available on Play Store for Android devices and Apple iOS;

The app supports the Android version 4.4 and above while it supports the following OS. To know your Android version, go to the settings, choose more, and then About Device. The Devices for Apple include; iPod Touch with iOS 11 and above, iPads – 2 with iOS 11 and above, and iPhones – iPhones 5S with iOS 11 and above. How do you know the version of iOS running on your device? Go to the settings on your device, choose General, and the About icon.

However, the following should be noted while downloading the app;

  • You do not get charged for downloading the app, however, data charges will be incurred from your internet service provider.
  • In the case where your device is stolen or lost, Westpac One can be immediately contacted via 0800400600
  • It is important to create a password or PIN to lock your device and keep them activated anytime the device is idle
  • The app can only be used by customers of Westpac New Zealand Limited who are active on the Westpac One online banking platform and have also downloaded the Westpac One banking app.
  • Westpac New Zealand Limited reserve the right to withdraw, suspend, or modify the online banking platform or the Westpac One app whenever it deemed it fit to do.
  • All your details supplied during the registration or set-up on the Westpac One app will be retained by Westpac and used according to the Westpac New Zealand privacy provisions.
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Another interesting feature of the app is that if used on the Spark mobile phone, it makes you carry out your daily banking transactions without exhausting your mobile data. Note that each time a link takes you directly to the Westpac website or any other site, the data usage goes back to normal. However, a small unit of data is used in the background whenever bank users are on the Westpac One mobile banking app.

All the amazing features and functionalities on the Westpac One app are secured by world-class online security (Online Guardian).

What do you think about this app?

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