Eazzy Bank from Equity Bank Lets You Manage your Accounts and Access Loan

Eazzy Mobile Banking App Download

Find everything you need to know about Eazzy Mobile Banking App Download – Equity Online Banking for Android & iPhone Activate, Check Credit Card Balances, Access Loan & Transfer Money in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda

Eazzy bank mobile app is a faster way to bank anywhere you are. You can now send, receive and transfer money despite your location or even request for a loan without walking into any physical bank’s branch. Even if you are not in your country, you can view the account details through Equity Online Banking.

Equity Online Banking is the official trading name of VFX Financial PLC which is affiliated with Equity Group of Banking. Interestingly, Eazzy mobile app isn’t designed for Equity bank’s customer, non-customers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan.

Eazzy Bank Mobile App has the latest secure technology in it which allows the users to use it even during the middle of the night. If you are wondering what special benefits are available on the Eazzy mobile app from Equity bank, you can manage your Equity bank account, manage loans and credit cards, transfer fund, pay bills and even track stocks and forex rates on real time.

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Features of Eazzy Mobile Banking App Download for Android & iPhone

Quick Login

You can access the application anytime through the smooth, consistent internet connection. Set up the account details and view them anytime you want.

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Manage your Equity Bank Account on Mobile

If you have more than one accounts, you can view and manage them conveniently on its easy to navigate the user’s interface. With the graphical representation of your financial data, you have a better idea of the histories of your recent transactions.

Eazzy app also lets you check your available balance once you make payment on any merchant’s store. You can see the deduction instantly knowing where it went so that you do not get worried later on that where the money went. You can easily pay bills for services or goods you have used.

Loan and Cards

For users who need a quick personal loan, you can request for a loan on the Eazzy mobile banking app, make repayments from your debit or credit card and track your balances.

Transfer Funds

You can transfer fund to users in Kenya via Airtel money or MPesa, Rwanda via Tigo cash or recipients  Uganda via MTN Money. To avoid repeating the same users’ detail, you can as well add the beneficiary and send money by locating their name on saved beneficiaries.

There is no limit on sending the money to another bank account holder. However, the deductions will vary according to banks. Along with this, you are able to send money to your Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter contact by using your mobile.


Find the shops of Eazzypay nearby and pay instantly in markets, hotels, petrol stations and more. Manage your account with paying the bills, check your savings and do a lot more with the Eazzy Bank Mobile app.

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Stocks & Forex

The app is directly connected to the Nairobi Stock Exchange and international currency market; you can access the latest stock prices and exchange rates without waiting for updates from your stockbroker.

Customer Service

You have the option to call the customer service representative anytime you want if there are any queries about the bank account or application.

Eazzy Bank Mobile app adds up convenience to the life of bank account holders. With the instant download, you will find a new avenue to banking now. It enhances the experience of the users while bringing ease to their life.

Eazzy Mobile Banking App Download

How to download Eazzy Banking App

Eazzy mobile application is easy to download on both iOS and Android users.

  • Visit the play store or apple store and search “Eazzy banking app”.
  • Click on install and wait for the app to complete the installation process.
  • Open the app and enter the username and password for Equity online banking.

The rating of this application is 4.1 on play store with bringing new updates of push notifications for the users. Now whenever someone sends money, or there is a deduction, you will receive the notification on the phone instantly through the application. It is safe and secure banking with smooth internet connection consistently.

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