FAB Bank Balance Check Online – ATM, Salary Account & Ratibi Prepaid Card Inquiry

fab bank balance check online

FAB bank balance check online lets you make inquiries on ATM, salary account statements, and First Abu Dhabi Ratibi prepaid debit card balances in UAE.

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) was founded in April 2017 and is owned by the Abu Dhabi investment council company. It is located in United Arab Emirates (UAE) popularly known as Dubai. It is one of the world’s safest and largest financial institutions.

Currently the largest bank in UAE, FAB offers a different range of products, services, and financial solutions to its customers. It offers strategic services to meet the financial needs of its customers around the world.

The First Abu Dhabi bank has its headquarters situated in Khalifa business park, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

Its current group chief executive officer is Hana Al Rostamani.

FAB currently spans five continents of the world, using its financial expertise and strength to support individuals and businesses around the world. In its bid to always put its customers first and bring financial stability to the world and individuals around it, FAB has advanced in its products and means of service to its customers.

It has launched into technology to provide maximum and effective services with the very least stress.

The First Abu Dhabi bank, in its bid to fulfill its promise to support its customers’ ambitions and dreams, goals, and aspirations, has put in place schemes like the Grow Stronger movement which buoyantly conveys its heart for its customers’ satisfaction.

With the Grow stronger movement, It has put in place tools, ideas, and all the expertise any individual or business will need to thrive.

FAB currently has about 120 branches across the Emirates and has made its way into about 19 countries including the USA, Malaysia, Egypt, Brazil, South Korea, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sudan, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, UK, Jordan, and Bahrain.

How to Open and Check Your FAB Bank Account 

To join the fast-moving train of one of the world’s biggest financial institutions and secure your future financially, all you have to do is open a FAB account for FAB bank balance check online.

There are different ways to open a bank account with FAB all to suit customers’ preferences.

Online Banking: This method is very safe and user-friendly, as it gives customers the liberty to open an account from anywhere in the world by simply logging on to the bank’s website and following the instructions on the portal.

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Phone Banking: This method of opening an account with FAB is also very stress-free. All you have to do is put a call through to the customer service of FAB and request to open an account.

Branch Visit: This is the traditional way of opening an account where you can visit any branch of FAB closest to you to request to open an account.

Mobile banking: To open an account through the mobile banking method, you have to download the FAB mobile application on your phone from the App store for iPhones or IOS devices and the Google play store for android phones. After downloading and installing the app on your mobile phone, you can go ahead to create an account by simply following the instructions on the app that suits what you want to do.

With the FAB mobile application on your phone, you can easily monitor and control your account from anywhere in the world at any time.

To check your FAB account, simply visit FAB’s official website www.bankfab.com, log in and click on personal online banking UAE and enter your debit card number, customer ID number, or your credit card number.

You instantly gain access to your account details.

To open an account with FAB, the following will be required:

● A well-completed account opening form

● Proof of income

● Originals and copy of Emirate ID, valid passport, or resident Visa.

However, different requirements are depending on the kind of account you are opening.

To open the Etihad guest account:

1. You must be a resident of the UAE

2. You must receive a minimum of AED 10,000 monthly

To open the Etihad guest elite account,

1. You need to establish about AED 50,000 as a minimum relationship balance

To open the Elite gold savings account,

1. You need AED 500,000 TBR requirement.

Using This account, however, does not require any monthly maintenance fee or hidden charges. It also offers interest rates that are economical.

To open a Personal Call account,

1. You should be a resident of the United Arab Emirates or a non-resident eligible to work in the United Arab Emirates.

2. You don’t have to be a salary to apply for this account. Both salary earners and non-salary earners can apply for this account.

To open a Personal Savings account,

1. You must have reached the age of 18 or above

You do not have to be a resident of the United Arab Emirates to apply for this account as it is open to both residents and non-residents.

It also avails for self-employed, salaried, and non-salaried applicants.

To open an Elite gold current account,

1. You need a relationship balance of about AED 500 or more in total every month.

The Personal current account is an account customized to suit the lifestyle of the applicant.

How to Find Your FAB Bank Account Number

Immediately after you open an account with FAB, you are issued an account number.

You can also get access to your account number anytime.

To get your account number as a personal banking customer, you can contact the First Abu Dhabi Bank contact center at 19977.

If you are a corporate customer, you can call your relationship manager and have your IBAN sent to your registered email address.

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It is used to identify individual bank accounts around the world, while your account balance is used to identify specific bank accounts.

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What is the Minimum Balance in a FAB Bank Account?

There are two types of savings accounts in FAB, and they are:

● Personal savings account

● Elite savings account

The personal savings account in FAB operates with a minimum of AED 3000.

The Elite savings account requires no balance for its operation.

What is The FAB Code?

The FAB SWIFT or BIC code is a code used to carry out a transfer of funds from your account to other accounts. The SWIFT code for FAB is NBADAEAAXXX.

Using this code does not require any charge.

What Is FAB Prepaid Card?

A prepaid card like your regular debit or credit card can be used to make payments and carry out other transactions but unlike these other cards, the prepaid card doesn’t need to be linked to any kind of account with a financial institution.

As long as you are 18 years and above, you can have a prepaid card. Having a prepaid card has nothing to do with how much you earn, as you’ll be given access to the amount you load on the card.

The FAB prepaid card is a card issued by FAB that aids whatever transaction you have to carry out. Unlike the normal debit card, the FAB prepaid card isn’t limited to just making payments with a POS machine or making withdrawals from an automated teller machine(ATM).

There are different types of FAB prepaid cards and they are:

● DWallet card

● Ratibi prepaid card

● Payment prepaid card

● Prepaid gift card

● Multi-Currency prepaid card

The criteria for getting a FAB prepaid card differ concerning the kind of prepaid card you want to get.

The following are the criteria to get a FAB prepaid card

1. FAB prepaid cards are only issued to companies.

2. To get a Ratibi prepaid card, you as an employer must have a corporate account at FAB.

3. The FAB Durham card can be used by both residents and non-residents of the United Arab Emirates.

How to Activate your FAB Ratibi Prepaid Card

Rabi is a system of payment for salary earners who earn up to AED 5,000. In this system of payment, your salary is paid directly into your card without you having to have an account as an employee.

The Ratibi prepaid card requires no monthly charges or minimum balance. You also enjoy free access all day to CDMs and ATMs. It also offers free accident insurance to individuals.

To get and activate your FAB Ratibi prepaid card, all you have to do is

● Fill out a Ratibi application form and enter correctly, the employee details on the employee excel sheet.

● Fill out the iBanking application form online to get online card management access.

● Submit the application forms at any community banking branch nearest to you.

To be eligible for the Ratibi prepaid card,

● You as an employer must have a corporate account with FAB.

● The employee should be a resident of The United Arab Emirates.

● The employee must have complete and up-to-date KYC details. 

Some of the benefits of using the Ratibi prepaid card include

● Free alert on your salary credits

● Selection of card pin is the user’s choice and can be done from any FAB ATM.

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● Card can be used at any store, physical or online.

With the FAB Ratibi prepaid card, you can make and receive payments anywhere in the world at any time without a bank account.

How to Activate your Mobile Banking App for FAB Bank Balance Check Online

The FAB mobile banking app makes it easy to access and monitor your account with ease anywhere and time across the world with the simple use of your mobile device.

FAB mobile banking app gives you room to

● Check your account balance anytime, anywhere.

● Access details to all transactions made

● Obtain your IBAN

● Upgrade your account.

● Also request a checkbook.

● Change your card pin

● Replace or block your card

● Activate your card, credit or debit

● Request loan

● View loan details

There is almost an endless possibility of what you can do with the FAB mobile application.

You might be thinking, “How do I access the FAB Bank App?” Easy.

To get the FAB mobile banking app on your mobile device, simply follow these steps

● Search for FAB mobile on Google play store, Huawei app gallery, or Apple app store, depending on the mobile device you use

Download the banking app on your device

● Launch the app and follow the onscreen instructions, providing your correct details and information to register your account.

With this, you are ready to carry out your financial transactions with ease.

fab bank balance check online for ATM and Prepaid card

FAB Bank Balance Check Online – How to Check ATM and Ratibi Prepaid Card Balance

To access your account balance details online, simply log on to FAB’s official website at www.bankfab.com. if you are a first-time user of online banking, you will have to register your account online by signing up. After you click on the sign-up button, follow the onscreen instructions and provide your account information.

If you aren’t a first-time user, click log in and select personal online banking (UAE) and enter your debit/customer ID/credit card number.

After this, you gain access to your account and can check your account balance or carry out any transaction you wish to.

How to Check your FAB Bank Balance on a Prepaid Debit Card

To check your FAB account balance using your debit card, follow the following process:

● Visit any FAB ATM spot closest to you

● Insert your debit card

● Click on your preferred language

● Choose your account type

● Enter your debit card pin

● Select the option, balance inquiry

Your Account balance will be displayed on the ATM screen.

fab bank balance check online for salary account

How to Check your FAB Account Balance for a Salary Account

Checking your FAB salary account balance is easy and can be done from anywhere at any time as long as you have your prepaid card with you.

To check your FAB salary account balance, follow these simple steps:

● Log on to the FAB prepaid card inquiry system page

● Follow the prompt and enter the last two digits of your prepaid card number in the column on the page

● Enter your prepaid card ID in the next box

● Verify your details

● Click “go”.

With these steps, you can always know and keep track of your FAB salary account balance wherever you are at anytime you want to. There are no charges attached to whatever transaction you make.

FAB Customer Care

Looking for a guide on FAB bank balance check online? the First Ab Dhabi Bank customer care makes it easy to have direct contact with your bank, giving you the liberty to lay your complaints and ask whatever question you want to ask.

You can reach FAB customer service on this line; 600525500. If you are outside UAE, you can reach customer service through the international line at +971(2)6811511.

For Ratibi service, you can call 600522298. You can also reach customer service on their international line at +971(2)4996279.

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