FairMoney Loan Lets You Borrow Money & Pay Back in 24 Weeks

Fairmoney Loan App Apk Download

Suppose you have to make an urgent payment or need to settle a personal need but you just realized that your bank account is out of cash. What would you do if there is no one available to whom you can trust and borrow some money? In such situations, FairMoney loan app APK download is the lifesaver because it provides you with instant personal loans in minutes. The best thing about this app is that it provides you with a loan on easy terms compared to what you would have provided to your bank. FairMoney Nigeria takes care of your finances and works to make you feel at ease in a difficult situation through their amazing offers or features.

Here, you will learn more about FairMoney mobile lending platforms, how to borrow and repayment from your smartphone.

How you benefit through FairMoney app download

Let’s have a look at the amazing benefits or features below.

  • The FairMoney Nigeria loan application can get the loan at any time in a day or even at the night. It provides you 24/7 loan facility through a rapid, and instant process.
  • Through using this app, you can get as much as ₦150,000 cash amount as loans from the loan provider without collateral or filling any loan application form.
  • When it is getting difficult for you to make a credit decision or you are to confused about taking a particular step or not, this app will help you. It will enable you in making right and accurate credit decisions at any time through its mobile loan app.
  • FairMoney is a great app among all other financing apps in a way that it makes repayments much easier for you. It allows you to make different instalments and pay them one by one easily. However, if you want to repay in a single transaction, it is absolutely your choice and they will have no issues.
  • When you make timely and fast repayments, you will get exciting rewards as bonuses. It will help in increasing your profits while lessening your existing loan.
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FairMoney Loan Rates and Fees – What You Should Know:

Like you already know, FairMoney lets you access between ₦2,500 to ₦150,000 in loan amounts which you can use the way you want. The provider’s terms of payment range from 4 – 24 weeks, a period that makes repayment flexible. As of this update, monthly interest rates prints at 5% – 28% while the annual percentage rate on loan can vary from 14% to 90%

Let us assume you borrow N100,000 from FairMoney over a 3-month period with annual percentage interest of 90%. Based on this term, you will repay N39,666.67 which equates to a cumulative payable of N145,000

How to Download FairMoney Loan App to your Device

The process of downloading FairMoney app is as simple as the process for your bank’s apps.

  • Just install and launch it in your mobile from the play store and go for sign up.
  • During sign-up, double check your information to make sure that you entered it right, especially your bank account details. This is important so that when you apply for a loan, it will get into the right account, instead of going at the wrong place.
  • Once you sign-up, you can easily sign-in to this app at any time you want. After signing in, you can look for all available loan offers and ask for help in making credit decisions.
  • When you choose to get a specified loan amount, you will have to answer a few important credit check and security questions first. This step is done just for the sake of verification or authentication so that no one else could misuse your account for taking a loan.
  • After this process, the money for which you have applied as a loan will be directly transferred to your bank account for your ease.
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If you need more information on how to quickly apply for a loan with applicable interest, connect with FairMoney on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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