Fast Loan App Lets You Apply for Emergency Cash from Fidelity Bank

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Find everything you need to know about accessing personal loan from the Fast Loan, an app powered by Fidelity. one of the fastest growing banks in Nigeria.

If you are looking for another mobile app that provides you with instant microloans, the new Fast loan app from Fidelity bank might be another quick cash platform to try out. This app is made for the customers of Fidelity who are resident in Nigeria and need instant short term loans for any purpose.

There are many times when we fail to get instant loans, especially at odd times. Suppose, you are on a vacation trip; shopping in a mall; about to pay for a purchase of your favourite movie ticket, but realize that you are short on money, What will you do then? There will be no one to whom you can ask for a loan, and no one is responding from your family. In those cases, the Fast loan app is all you need to access emergency cash within 2 minutes.

Features of Fidelity Bank’s Fast Loan App for Android

  • While an application to the bank might require a rigorous process, the Fast Loan App makes it easier as it is geared towards individuals or SMEs who need microloans without any extensive documentation. From users’ experience, this app ranks among the easiest quick cash mobile apps you need to download to your mobile phone.
  • It provides you with a loan on easy terms and conditions. On generating the request for a loan, you will be able to select a payback period. Within the payback period, you can repay your loan amount with smaller interest rates. However, if you fail to pay your loan back, within the specified duration, you will have to pay delay charges and one feature you might not like that all delayed or late payments attract higher fees compared to other alternatives.
  • Fast loan app is great in a way that it provides you round the clock loan facility. No matter it is a day or night, noon or midnight, you can generate a request for a loan at any time. If you have submitted your personal information and verified your account, you can proceed to the next stage.
  • One successful application, cash is immediately credited to your personal savings or current account in less than 2 minutes. In this way, you can easily get it and use to settle urgent needs.
  • Fast Loan app lets creditworthy borrowers who continuously pay your loans within due time get a higher loan size.
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How to Download Fast Loan App for Quick Cash

  • In order to download this Fast loan app by Fidelity Bank, go to your play store; search and click on install button.
  • The next step to create an account. Without creating your account, you wouldn’t be able to access the app functions. Account creation is seamless, all you need only your email id and phone number.
  • Verify all the details provided and link it with your bank account so that all approved loan will credit to your account.

How to Contact Fidelity Bank’s Customer Care for Quick Cash

For help on how to get in touch with the Fast Loan App team, you can always explore either or all of the available media platforms:

  • E-mail:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

4 thoughts on “Fast Loan App Lets You Apply for Emergency Cash from Fidelity Bank

  1. Augustine okoro

    I applied for fidelity bank fast. Loan..After filling my number they replied that the number is not in their platform.what do I do

  2. admin

    Are you an existing Fidelity bank customer? I think you need to contact the bank for support.

    1. Oshodi

      What phone no am I suppose to use to register???
      Because am using the phone I use to get an alert with but it saying the number is not profiled to use the app.
      What do I do??

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