First Convenience Bank Online Banking Login For Direct Check Deposit

First Convenience Bank online banking Login

This review of First Convenience bank online banking login shows you everything you should know about First National bank and how to access their various credit cards, money market and internet banking platform.

First Convenience Bank, a subsidiary of FNBT, is committed to providing quality financial products and services. The bank was established in 1901 in Killeen, Texas, only 19 years after the city was created. They have developed from humble beginnings to a company with over $3.7 billion in assets with 340 locations in Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

The bank has developed in various ways over the years, but its emphasis and dedication to offering exceptional banking products and world-class service to its customers have not changed. They started the history of being an excellent neighbourhood bank focused on their customers’ financial success more than a century ago. Today, over 3,200 dedicated banking professionals continue and sustain that long-standing tradition.

They provide customers with a choice of checking and savings accounts, business accounts, CDs, IRAs, credit cards, consumer and business loans, and mortgages available seven days a week with extended hours, as well as Online Services and innovative, customer-friendly services. The bank’s dedication to putting its clients first has been unchanged since 1901.

First Convenience Bank online banking Login

Product and Services

When you have a checking account with First Convenience Bank, you’re able to access your money quickly and easily. They offer a variety of convenient features, such as online banking and mobile banking, that make it easy for you to stay on top of your finances.

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Power Checking

Their most popular checking account, Power Checking, is designed to satisfy your everyday banking needs. Power Checking combines convenience and security to give you peace of mind when managing your account. You have the authority to prevent having to pay monthly maintenance fees!

Checking Interest

Customers that desire more from their checking account can open this account. It allows you to keep your cash on hand for day-to-day needs while also earning interest on your Balance.

Checking With High Yield

Customers who want to earn better competitive rates for higher balances will love their President Select High Yield Checking Account offered by this bank.


The eAccount includes a $5.00 monthly maintenance fee and is only for electronic transactions; no checks are written. To access the eAccount, use your Debit Mastercard and Digital Banking. To help you manage your account, sign up for Balance Alerts.

Power Stash

This account is for electronic transactions and is a backup to your primary checking account. You can transfer money to and from your Power Stash using Digital Banking at any time.

Set up an automated monthly payment in the amount your budget allows to plan for emergencies efficiently. To avoid the $5.00 monthly maintenance cost, you’ll need a separate consumer checking account (eAccounts aren’t eligible) and E-Statements.

Money Market

Their Money Market Account gives you the benefits of both a savings and a checking account, and it’s an attractive choice for anyone who wants to save money while still having access to their money.

With limited check-writing privileges, this is a flexible and liquid investing option.

Kids Count

This account is for you and your child to start saving for their future and to show them that every dollar matters. Their Kids Count Savings Account is a special account designed specifically for their customers under the age of 21. It can help your youngster begin saving right away. Higher interest rates are charged on larger sums. Kids Count UTMA (Uniform Transfer to Minors Act) Accounts will be formed in place of Kid Count Savings Accounts.

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Fixed-Rate CD

You may lock in your interest rate and choose your maturity date with a Fixed Rate CD. You can earn at your own pace with terms ranging from three months to five years.

With a Fixed Rate CD, you can watch your money increase. Until the CD matures, your interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) will stay the same.

Variable Rate CD

Their Variable Rate CD gives you a lot of options. After you open the account, the interest rate may vary. You can enhance your investment by adding to this CD.

  • A $500 minimum deposit is required to open a Variable Rate CD and earn APY.
  • The minimum amount for an add-on is $25.
  • Interest is compounded quarterly and paid quarterly or at maturity, whichever comes first.

Debit Cards

Carrying cash or making checks is inconvenient with the Debit Mastercard offered by The First Convenience Bank. Their card is accepted by millions of shops across the world, and you can get cash from over 400 of their ATMs across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Arkansas.

The bank allows you to choose between two excellent debit options:


You may use your debit card anywhere Mastercard is accepted, which includes more than 20 million establishments across the world. Enter your PIN or simply swipe and sign for your purchase with your debit card.


Their Photo Debit Mastercard features your photo in the upper left-hand corner of the card, making it a wonderful alternative for people who prefer a little additional security. This makes it simple for cashiers to identify the card’s owner.

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Mobile Banking Platform

Their innovative online and mobile banking platform was created with their customers in mind, allowing you to bank from anywhere, at any time. Their Digital Banking is designed for today’s on-the-go environment, with features that make it simple to transfer funds, make payments, open an account, and even deposit checks.

The following are some of the benefits of using their digital banking services:

  • Quick Balance allows you to see your account balances using Touch ID and Face ID.
  • Look up your account number and routing number.
  • Checks can be deposited via Mobile Check Deposit.
  • Managing money, including access to external accounts
  • Card Controls allows you to see and manage your debit card.

Online Banking Login Guide

Every customer who signs up for internet banking will be given an account that they may access from any computer. The account comes with login information, which you may use by following the steps below to access your account:

Step 1: Go to and paste the link.

Step 2: Locate the login area, enter your username, and then click the login button.

Step 3: To gain access to your account, enter your password in the box that follows.

How Do I Enroll In First Convenience Bank Online Banking Login?

Those who have a bank account but have not yet signed up for internet banking can do so without difficulty. The following is the procedure:

Step 1: Locate and click the Enroll Now button.

Step 2: Fill in the space with your tax ID or social security number and click continue enrollment.

Step 3: Complete the process to enrol in internet banking by answering the questions that follow to validate your identity as a user.

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