How To Add Money to Cash App Card at 7-Eleven

How to Add Money to Cash App at 7-Eleven

Do you want to know how to add money to Cash App card at 7-Eleven stores? See How to Reload Physical Cash Yourself In-Store Near You Without Bank Account or Debit Card

Card App Card is a free customizable Visa debit card that’s tied to your Cash App account balance. It’s issued by Cash App to help you shop online at various retail stores or withdraw cash from ATMs close to you. This is completely different from the usual way, where you’d have to send money to your bank from your apps and then use the bank’s debit card to get your cash off ATMs.

One good catch about the Cash App card is that you can actually treat it as a core savings account since you can fund or reload the card from other sources. Even if you have a bad credit history that’s prevented you from opening a savings or checking account, the debit card from Cash App is there to provide the same banking services.

Do you have to visit a physical bank, like your traditional bank before you can use access financial services provided by the Cash app? No, with your smartphone you can get the online banking app from your favourite download store, depending on your operating system, Android or IOS.

What You Should Know About Cash App for Android or IOS Phones

Note that Cash App is a bank, rather the developers had partnered with banking partners to help users enjoy seamless banking experiences like sending and receiving money directly, thanks to secured features like Touch ID, Face ID and passcode.

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When you open a Cash app account, a savings account is automatically opened for you with a FREE debit card to easy and fast cash withdrawal from ATM near you. You can also access profitable investment opportunities in the stocks and cryptocurrency market.

How to Add Cash to Your Cash App

There are different methods to add cash to your Cash App account but make sure you have savings, checkings or credit cards already linked to the mobile app after installing it on your smartphone. In some cases, you may experience issues or challenges adding some credit card but you can still initiate a transfer to other users with the card as a source.

  1. To add Cash/Money to your Cash App account, open the mobile app and tap the Banking tab at the bottom left of your screen; the icon that displays the available balance in your Cash App account. If you have zero balance, it will show as a house or bank building (see screenshot below).
  2. In Banking, tap Add Cash.
  3. On the Add Cash screen, enter the exact amount you want to deposit or top up your balance with, then tap Add.
  • If your account has been connected or linked to a bank account, the fund will be automatically credited to your Cash app wallet else, you’d be prompted to link a bank or debit card before you proceed.
  • You have a list of approved banks, or financial institutions to select from after which you’d also be required to input your username and passwords for the savings, checking or debit card account.
  • If you enter the correct details, a message of confirmation will be sent to you showing that you have successfully linked your bank or cash to your Cash App account.

The steps highlighted above should help you process or add cash to your Cash App with your bank account or payment card.

How to Add Money to or Reload Cash App Without a Bank or Debit Card – Add Cash In-Store

Must one always use a bank or debit card to add money to Cash App? No, it’s not a must. There are other alternatives to top your balance, friends or family or in-store.

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Some of the popular stores you can use are CVS, Walmart, Dollar General, Target, Family Dollar, Walgreen, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree or 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven Store

7Eleven is your go-to convenience store for food, snacks, hot and cold beverages, gas and so much more. Generally open 24 hours a day. It’s was opened in 1927 when five icehouse films in Dollars came together to become a Southland Ice Company.

how to add money to cash app at 7-eleven

Aside from being an online store for food and drinks, you can also visit the physical store to add more cash or help you reload your Cash App with the help of a Cashier.

How to Add Money to Cash App Card at 7-Eleven?

Here are the steps to reload your Cash App card at the nearest 7-Eleven stores:

  • Locate a 7-Eleven store near you.
  • Go to the customer service o Cashier and ask if you can top the cash balance of your Cash App account.
  • If they do, you’d need to provide relevant details for a top like your phone number, the account number of your Cash App account and the actual amount you want to reload with.
  • Pay the amount (inclusive of commission or fees charged for the top by the 7-Eleven) to the cashier.
  • It will be processed immediately and a message will be sent confirming that the top-up was successful.

How much does it cost to add cash to Cash App Card at 7-Eleven?

When you add cash or attempt to reload your Cash App in-store, they will most likely charge you for the deposit or top-up services rendered so this shouldn’t be strange when your Cashier tells you what the fees are.

At 7-Eleven, you will charge $4 for reloading your Cash App Cash, you may decide to pay the cash or have them deduct it from the actual cash you want to top.

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Let’s say you want to reload $500 to your Cash App account, it’s either you pay $504 to the 7-Eleven store cashier or give them $500 while they top your balance up with $496.

Some 7-Eleven stores may charge additional fees but make sure you inquire about any hidden charge before proceeding to reload or add money to your Cash App in-store, this is very important to avoid discrepancies.

The direct deposit limit per day, week, or month you should know before you add cash to Cash App at 7-Eleven.

While the Cash app lets you send and receive money, you need to understand that there are limits to how much you can send per day or receive in a 30-day period. These limitations are in line with risk assessment policies and financial regulations.

Starting with a basic Cash app account that’s unverified, you have a transfer limit of up to $250 which can be increased to $750. And if you are receiving money from your friends, such cash inflow is capped at $1000 but can also be increased if you have passed verifications.

After verifications, you have a weekly and monthly limit of $7,500 and a $17,500 transaction value on your account.

Here is a summary of your Cash App limit after verification:

  • You can’t spend more than $7,000 per transaction on your card
  • Your card is also limited to $7,000 per day.
  • A weekly limit of $10,000 is placed on your Cash app with a monthly transaction of $25,000
  • You can only withdraw a maximum of $1,000 at POS or ATM terminals near you.


The first step to reloading or adding cash to your Cash App Card is to make sure you have a mobile app installed on your phone that’s either linked to a credit card, debit card or functioning bank account. This will ensure you don’t leave your physical location or visit the nearest retail store.

But if this option doesn’t work for you or you are having issues linking accounts, there are retail stores you can use to add cash in store without a bank account. One of such stores is 7-Eleven.

Just like I shared, simply walk into a nearby store, tell the shop Cashier what you want to and give them the cash. But don’t forget you have a cash app limit to deal with if your account is unverified.

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