Check Your Balance On FNB South Africa Banking App

How to Check Balance on FNB South Africa App

Want to learn how to check balance on FNB from anywhere in the world? Here is everything you should know in the new FNB South Africa mobile banking app, features for business or enterprise users and how to download to your smartphone.

This is the forerunner of the mobile banking app in South Africa, the FNB mobile banking app has had ample time to evolve and develop over the years. This has made it have the biggest and widest functionality amongst all the retail mobile banking apps in South Africa

FNB share trading platform has been incorporated into the mobile bank app as well as the Nav suite which permits users access to other several services like money management systems, licence, and home evaluations.  Customers can carry out all basic banking business and in addition to GEO payments.

how to check balance on fnb

The FNB banking app is currently one of the two banking apps that allow South Africa bank customers to play lotto using the mobile banking app.

The following are the basic features to expect on the FNB banking app;

  • You can access your accounts balances and recent transactions on the go without stress.
  • View all the screenshots and images of cleared checks on your personal or business account.
  • The FNB ATM or branch locator lets you find the nearest terminals to carry out banking transactions without asking anyone.
  • Transfers and payments are easily carried out. Fund transfer between your accounts can be done in a few steps, and your transfer history for up to 3 months can be easily accessible.
  • The following types of payment can be done using the app; payments can be scheduled to automatically go off your account on a specified date, confirm public recipients (Telkom, Edcon, SARS), payments to other recipients at other participating banks, payments can be made to Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland. Money can also be sent to Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
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FNB app also lets you initiate payment for global Forex transaction across the border while  accessing payment histories and repeating payments

  • You can play LOTTO, buy electricity units, and buy airtime for self and others
  • With the use of eWallet, you can make a cardless withdrawal conveniently. The FNB banking app can be used to withdraw cash without a debit or credit card in the case you misplaced your wallet and you need cash fast. The eWallet is important when you have to pay someone and they do not own a bank account. All you need is their cell phone number to be able to send money to anyone
  • GEO payment can be done seamlessly. This is having to pay someone without having to add their banking details. If the recipient is within a range of 50 metres and has the banking app on their Smartphone, the GEO payment helps you to do transactions conveniently and safely from device-to-device.
  • The banking app provides a secured global payment abroad. Interestingly, you earn back 50% in eBucks on charges of transactions when receiving or sending foreign currency. In other to manage your transactions, there is access to global payment history
  • You could manage your account on the go; card management (cancel cards, view PIN, upgrade cards, increase or update limit, order cards), account settings (change account nickname, email statements), cheques and debit orders (stop cheques, view debit order list, suspend debit orders, reversal of debit orders).

How to Check Balance on FNB

  • You can explore the SMS banking option by dialing *120*32#.
  • You can log into your mobile app using the username and secret password assigned to you, then go to Balance Option.
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How to Download the FNB South Africa mobile banking app?

The First National Banking of South Africa online banking platform is available for download on the Google play store.

For small businesses that would like to explore the FNB platform,  here are key areas the bank helps you transact digitally:

  • Own a business account which could be a specialized industry account or FNB Islamic business account.
  • Make payment easily online with your credit card – Gold, Platinum, Black or Petro Credit Card.
  • Transform your cash handling into smart cash management with an FNB cash solution. Handling large amounts of cash can be expensive and risky, not to mention how time-consuming it can be to make deposits.
  • Accept payment for your services.
  • Pay your business parties like clients or employees online even if they don’t operate a bank account. Funds are accessed via cellphones or an eWallet Pro VISA debit card.

How to contact FNB customer care centre:

You can reach First National Bank customer service line for direct inquiries and support via:

  • Telephone – 087 575 0362
  • International – For app users dialling from outside South Africa, dial the number below first followed by the 087 number above when prompted: +27 11 371 3711

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