Instant Transfer With Routing and Account Number Without Verification – Is It Possible?

Instant Transfer With Routing and Account number Without Verification

Want to do an instant transfer with routing and account number without verification? This guide shows you everything you need to know as well as the best apps to send money from your checking immediately with no need to verify your account again.

One of the reliefs of going mobile with your banking transaction is the seamless access to the swift transfer of money from your savings or checking accounts to another user or recipient without having to visit the bank for identity or account number verifications; this means that if you have urgent bills to settle or payment to make on the go, your mobile banking app or software is able to complete this process at the tap of just 1 or 2 buttons.

What this implies is that you can initiate a fast transfer of money using just your routing and account number but you’d to complete the first step to getting your verified during the opening process.

Let’s discuss some key terms for those that are just asking for the first time:

What does it mean to transfer money instantly?

This is one of the major highlights of the emergence of the Internet or mobile banking apps; they are electronic payments or sending of money to another person in which such transactions are immediately settled or reflected in their cash balance or wallet in just a matter of seconds or minutes. It’s a total replacement of our old way of banking where we’d have to drive to the physical banking hall, request for a fund transfer form from our banking or account officer, fill it out, sign and wait in the queue for some time before submitting for onward processing.

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I can imagine how frustrating this had been for some of us that are busy at work or needed to attend to multiple tasks without being tied to a particular location.

But as banking has evolved, your mobile, PC or tablet is all you need to send money immediately.

Is Verification Really Necessary for Money Transfer?

Well, you wouldn’t want to wake up one day and see that all the money in your account has been stolen or wiped out by an authorized third party, I am sure you don’t like that.

So verification is the process of confirming your authentic ownership, control and access to your personal savings or checking account with your bank. During your account opening, the account officer verifies your details using some improved security features or secured screening so that when you send money it’s automatically processed on your behalf without your physical presence in the banking hall.

The good part is that when your bank asks for that important information as known as Know Your Customer, which is regulatory, your are directly verifying your accounts, and claiming ownership of the accounts, hence enjoying full control of what goes out and come in.

Even though you have been verified for the first time, some apps may have ongoing security checks in place to ensure that your funds are safe hence a One-time Password (OTP) or second-level authentication codes that expire immediately after you use them per transaction.

Instant Transfer With Routing and Account number Without Verification

How Can I Transfer Money Immediately From My Checking Account Without Verifications?

You really don’t have to go through another round of personal identity verification before you initiate or send money immediately from your savings or checking account. A lot of digital or mobile banking app, after your initial process or authentications, allows you to send money as long as you have authorized access to your bank accounts.

The only downside now because of increasing scams or malware, is the usual OTP sent to your mobile (text, or email) to confirm that you are still in possession of the device being used to process the fund transfer.

However, some may not ask for such a private PIN or code if your IP address is the same or an unusual location hasn’t been detected on your device.

This happened to me when I needed to make a transfer from a location I haven’t been to, on an internet service provider for the first time, and my banking app flashed a security alert to my email asking for confirmation.

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Can I Load a Prepaid Card With Routing and Account Number

A prepaid card is a debit card you’d have to fund or transfer money to before you spend your cash balance, so whether you are sending the money to a friend, settling a merchant transfer, or paying for online purchases, you’d definitely need the account and routing number of the account linked to the prepaid card.

This is not the prepai card number you see on the card.

Which App Can I Send Money to or Do an Instant Transfer With Routing and Account Number Without Verification

If you are looking for a guide on how you can transfer money with just your routing and account number, here are the top list of apps to use right now:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Cash App
  • Wise

Using PayPal to Send Money Immediately Without Verifications

PayPal is one the most popular money transfer platform on the internet and in the e-payment space. Sending money on Payal is seamless, you can use the preferred information provided by the receiver or recipient which could be their key identifier; email address, or mobile number to locate them.

Before you do an instant transfer without verification on the PayPal app, you need to link the platform or your account with your own bank account or debit card.

This is a one-off process that is not recurring anytime you want to send money immediately.

Funds transferred on PayPal reflects on the receivers’ account immediately.

Once you verify the account on initial opening, just process with Send Money feature, enter the details of who is receiving the money, the amount you want to send, personal message attached to the transfer and press continue to review the transactions and if everything is cool, tap the Send Now button.

This is one of the easiest instant transfers without verifications from a PayPal account.

You can download the PayPal app from the Android or iOS store.

Using Venmo to Process Instant Transfer

Venmo is a fast-rising e-transfer app that became a top competitor of PayPal apps – Just like any money transfer app, Venmo lets you verify your account during registrations after which you can send multiple of transfers without verifications or OTP.

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Sending money on Venmo is as easy as tapping the “Pay” icon on the mobile app, you =’d be required to input the credentials of the person or beneficiary of the funds; name, mobile number or email address in the search bar provided. And if the details are correct or valid, Venmo will ask you to enter the amount and process your request without further verifications.

You must have enough cash balance to cover the amount you want to send before your request or transactions can be completed.

Using Cash App to Transfer Money Immediately

You must create an account on the Cash app and link the mobile payment platform to your bank before you can fund your account or wallet to make it available for immediate transfer without further verification.

Here are steps to transfer money on the Cash app: Press the dollar sign ($) on your home screen, enter the exact amount you want to send to your beneficiary and tap “Pay”. This will redirect you to a new page requesting for the $Cashtag, email or mobile phone number or the receiver.

If you’ve reviewed everything, you can tap Pay to transfer the money immediately. 

Wise Instant Money Transfer  

Wise is considered one of the front-running in the money transfer or e-payment space with its improved features that facilitates local and international money transfer across border.

For users who’d be spending during their personal or business travels, Wise is the best option for transferring money instantly without verification or the need to visit a physical bank location.

The app offers a wide range of foreign currency transfers as well as multiple currency accounts hence making everyday transactions seamless for its users. You can run and manage your Wise account in USD, EUR, GBP or any currency you want.

Transfering money on Wise is simple, select the foreign currency account balance to fund a such transaction, enter the amount and receiver’s banking credentials, and you are good to go.

Just like any other app, you’d be required to pay a small fee as transaction charges.


Looking at the information shared, you’d see that you can actually do instant transfer with routing and account number without verification but it’s important that you know this; it’s not all banks that allow such transactions because of maximum cash policies or regulatory guidelines of the banks in your region or city.

Before you carry out a transfer outside the apps mentioned above, kindly contact your bank for further inquiries.

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