Intrust Online Banking Lets You Manage your Card from Anywhere

intrust online banking login

This review on INTRUST online banking login app shows everything you need to know about the bank and how to access the secured banking platform.

Intrust bank has been known as one of the oldest banks in the US with a history dating back to 1876. This means you are not only getting access to traditional bank offerings – deposit and transfer – but tapping from years of experience that professionals who have taken the bank from scratch to where it is today.

Intrust Personal Banking let you manage your personal finance, accumulate savings so you can invest in fixed income opportunities. And if you need an auto or home loan, be rest assured that your needs will be met. Some of the additional benefits of personal banking are: checking, savings, online banking, loan, credit card, foreign currency and wealth management. Other anxiliary services are merchant services, international banking and corporate retirements.

The Business Banking services is designed to support your business growth and expansion – Aside from business savings and checking accounts, you enjoy affordable loan (commercial, real estate or agriculture loan), issue credit card for your employees and treasury management services like remote deposit capture, positive pay and lockbox.

As good as these features are, if you can’t access them conveniently from anywhere, then you really have no need for them in today’s business environment. This is where Intrust online banking gives you an additional edge.

Intrust Online Banking Login App

If you are first time user of Intrust online or mobile banking platform, you’d need to register before you can login to your personal or business account.

Once you fill in the form with your SSN, Account Number, Email and Phone Number, click Next to proceed to the next stage.

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With the latest information security and bank-level protection, Intrust online banking gives you seamless access your account without any fear of compromise. Here’s what you can easily do on your mobile app:

  • View and track INTRUST checking, savings, long-term deposit and loan histories – This helps you spool previous transactions, generate bank statement and create reminders when necessary.
  • Customize your dashboard to align with your preferences
  • Initiate fund transfers to users of INTRUST bank account or your multiple intra-bank account. You can also send money to customers of other USA bank instantly or setup a one-time transfer or even activate recurring transfers in case you want automated your savings.
  • Track your outstanding bills, and settle from your online bank account. You can also schedule payments on bills that are due to your vendor or service providers.
  • With the launch of Zelle® – You can use only just email and mobile phone number to send money to you friends and family in the US.
  • Manage and secure your debit card from authorized access by turning on and off at the push of a button – Intrust Debit Card portal on your account lets you set notification whener your personal or business card is used to make payments online. You can even select the region, amount and merchants to approve on your card. This will ensure that you are completely in charge of how and where your card is used.
  • With your smart phone, you can snap and deposit checks into your account, hence save you from the usual physical visit to the bank.
  • The customer service section isn’t left out; on your Intrust online banking platform, you can help and start a live conversation with customer service agents at 800-895-2265. All you need to do reference your account details for swift resolutions.
  • Wherever you are, the Allpoint® network locates the nearest INTRUST banking centres, ATM and over 5,000+ surcharge-free ATMs
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The INTRUST app is available to Android and IOS store

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