KashKash Loan App Download Lets You Apply for Cash On Android & iPhone

KashKash loan app download

I’ve brought to you KashKash loan app download guide for Android or iPhone users in Nigeria. This review shows you how to login to the KashKash apk app so that you can start borrowing emergency cash instantly to your immediate needs ahead of your next payday. I know you want to know how I come across this app loan and trust me, I’m definitely going to share as well as the customer care number for support.

It happens last year in July when a Sister friend needed an urgent fund to sort medical bills, She tried all available outlets to get urgent cash in Ibadan, while the husband ran from pillar to post trying to figure out a way to get help but no help was forthcoming from friends and family. This lady was in labour and needed funds to fund expenses attached to child birth, I wasn’t having much to help with as well so I contacted a friend, a salary earner and he said the money he was having with him was for a particular business to generate more income, He said he got it from KashKash loan app.

Immediately I told the husband to download KashKash loan app, register and find a way to get the money needed and repay with monthly salary, he said he didn’t have data subscription so immediately gave him access to my hotspot, I downloaded it, registered and it was not up to 10 minutes, the money got to his account.

The truth is that most of these top loan apps in Nigeria saves life! You can only understand this if you have been in a dire of cash.

Now let’s talk about the app itself, Who are they? What is their motive behind all these? Their dos and don’t!…. Read with calmness and find a way you also can benefit from this lending platform.

KashKash Loan App Download

What is KashKash Loan All About?

Kashkash is a loan app, operated by SUPER CAR UNIVERSAL LIMITED, that lets you borrow small amounts over short periods of time. They offer two types of loan, Super loan & Best loan, to its growing customers at affordable interest rates. The platform pride itself as one of the cheapest loan apps in Nigeria that is aimed at encouraging prompt repayment of loan.

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How Much Can I Borrow Money from KashKash Loan App

As a KashKash user, you can secure loans between ₦3000 to ₦200,000 and enjoy favourable payback period from 91 days to 365 days which might not be so for first-timers.

If you are a First timers, they’d need to be sure of who you are and how genuine you are by giving a trial. The first trial will determine how much your loan limit will be on the next loan.

How Do I Get a Loan from KashKash?

One of the things I love about KashKash is that it is not limited to lwork, income, or other conditions. As long as you are over 20 years of age and below 60 years and have a working  Android or iPhone device, a data connection, a means of identification, as well as a valid bank account and card, then you are good to go in getting personal loan. It doesn’t need any paperwork or collateral to qualify you. It’s cool, right? Yes very cool. Even some people you are very close with will give you a loan and ask for collateral, Do you know why, that’s because when it comes to money, people have proven to be dishonest. But despite that, this platform still wants to give you the benefit of the doubt without any collateral.

Also if you apply for a loan and you notice that it is not approved then it probably means you don’t have a good credit score, If you have been called out by any loan app before or you are owing bank, don’t even make attempt to take a loan because you might be rejected because your BVN will be tagged ‘DEFAULTER‘. They can easily know that you are a defaulter through your BVN.

Build a good credit score for yourself before you make an attempt to take a Loan. Repay all loans back on time and you won’t be denied another one.

How to Apply for Quick Cash on KashKash

There are a few things that will be needed to be able to apply for this loan, These includes: Full name, Gender, Date of Birth, BVN, Personal Email Address, Residential Address, Street name and Number ( as it will be gotten when you put on your location), Two Referees that know you in and out and can prove your credibility and Integrity (You are to provide their names, phone numbers, and their Relationship status with them), Marital Status, Employment Status, Educational Level, and Monthly Income.

  • If you are a salary earner, they want to know your salary Payday
  • If you are Self Employed, they want to know when you will do your account enough to have the loan paid back.
  • Annual house Rent of both your house and office or shop if you are Self Employed.
  • If you are employed, just your House Rent.
  • Outstanding Loan amount. If you are owing bank or any loan app money, They want to know how much you are owing them and they need you to be truthful and sincere about all your answers.
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To apply for the loan, those are the questions you need to answer, each page leads you to another and they will find out information to know if you are authentic or not so I plead with you to provide accurate information about yourself to avoid being rejected.

What is KashKash Interest Rates on Loan?

One of the things that I find to be a little bit unimpressive is their High Total Interest Rate, despite the claim of being among the lowest. Their rate ranges between 0.1% to 1% daily, depending on how much loan amount you got. Aside from the Interest rate , there are some extra fees, such as the Origination fee which ranges from ₦1,174 to ₦6000 as a one-time charge after the loan has been approved,

Annual interest rates range from 36.5% to 300% because the Interest rate is calculated on a daily basis.


If you apply for a 91-day loan, the payment terms have an  interest rate  of 2.7%   and an origination fee of 39% , so imagine that you want borrow cash of ₦10,000, here are information you should know:

  • The original amount is ₦10,000
  • The origination fee is 39% which is ₦3900
  • The interest rate is 2.7%
  • Everything in total is ₦14,170

Looking at this you will notice that it is the origination fee that made it higher, so it’s been calculated as Total Interest Rate.

While this might be turn off for some borrowers, other KashKash users may not mind the higher interest rate as long as they are able to get what they need at the time they needed it, They will go the extra mile to sort the bills and repay back because they know it will save them again.

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How cool it is to know that whenever you need immediate cash, you get it without stress and within minutes instead of looking for who to get it from and being embarrassed.

Repayment: How to Payback Loan on KashKash

Just like any other Loan app, KashKash appreciate it when a customer pays back on time and it is not only for their advantage but that of the borrower: It increases your credibility, increases your credit score rating on BVN which gives you a higher loan that is not even on the app.

Are you surprised to hear that, yes definitely! They do that too but only if you can keep a good record with them.

There are three methods by which you can repay back your loan on time on KashKash which are:

  • Pay via USSD loan code
  • Pay Via Bank Transfer
  • Pay Via Bank Card

Make sure you read ‘TERMS OF USE’ AND ‘PRIVACY POLICY‘ before use. I see most borrowers accept what they didn’t read. Every App has its TERMS AND CONDITIONS that’s unique to them. As long as you read them, understand, and follow them, you won’t in any way have any issues with them.

How to Download KashKash Loan App for Android or iPhone

Have you reade through the details of this KashKash loan and you are interested in getting the loan app, here are steps to download KashKash loan app to your smartphone:

  • Go to Google Playstore or Apple iOS store
  • Search KashKash loan and initiate the APK installation process to your device.
  • Once it’s completed, you can open and follow the steps on how to register and apply for quick cash.

To fasttrack your loan application, make sure you provide accurate information and details about you.

Contact KashKash Customer Care

If you need help on how to apply or replay your loan, or maybe you have issues with the app, you can contact KashKash customer care, there are frequently asked questions and answers that help you to gain more knowledge.

  • Contact Number : 09087614170, 09087614169
  • Email: help@kashkash.ng
  • Office Address: Room 301, Jopebi road No. 62, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

What do you think about this app?

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