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lcredit loan app download

Whether you use an Android or iPhone, this review on Lcredit loan app download shows you how to qualify and borrow money from your smartphone, repay with interest charges and contact the Lcredit customer care via Whatsapp number or direct chat.

Lcredit loan app is one of Nigeria’s digital loan platforms. It is a product of Cashigo international limited and is owned by a Nigerian, Ademosu Akinwande. It is a hundred percent legit loan app and not a scam. It has set a standard and has not fallen short of it in any way since it started out. It has set a record as one of the fastest and safest loan apps in the country as its disbursement of loans to its customers is very fast and takes place within minutes of loan application submission and approval.

The loan app makes use of artificial intelligence to assess customers’ details and profiles to know if they are eligible for the loan or not.

lcredit loan app download

What You Need To Know About LCredit Loan

Lcredit loan is a very convenient and considerate money platform in Nigeria that is completely paperless and customer friendly. To apply for the Lcredit loan, you don’t need any form of collateral or guarantor.

Not only does the Lcredit loan app lend money with little or no paperwork, but it also gives a long payback period to its customers, giving them the privilege to conveniently do their businesses with the rest of their minds to yield better income to repay their loan.

Another good thing to know about the Lcredit loan app is that it operates with zero credit history. You do not have to have used this loan platform before to receive a loan. They serve new as well as old customers. The only difference between their service to a new customer and an old customer is that, as a new customer, you are only granted a certain amount of money to test your loyalty and if you are loyal enough to pay on time, you will be given access to larger amounts.

To apply for the Lcredit loan, you must fall between the ages of 18 to 55 years. Anything below or above disqualifies you for a loan. You must also be a Nigerian to partake of this loan on this platform.

Is Lcredit Loan A Registered Loan App?

Lcredit loan is a product of Cashigo limited international. Based on research, it is currently not registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). However, it is trustworthy and doesn’t carry out any form of illegal operation with regard to its customer’s finances.

How To Use Lcredit Loan App

To partake of the wealth of opportunities the Lcredit loan app makes available, you have to log on to their website to create and apply for a loan with them.

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 After your application has been submitted, it’s subject to a review and careful scrutiny, if it is decided that you are eligible for the loan, your application will be approved and disbursement will be done instantly and in less than 10 minutes, your account should be credited with your loan.

You can also download the app on your mobile phone. Go to your Google play store, search for the Lcredit app, register by putting in your correct information and you are good to go.

How Long Does It Take Lcredit To Approve My Profile?

One good feature of the Lcredit loan App you should have in mind is that, unlike many other loan apps, it operates with great speed. Lcredit loan app is one of the fastest loan platforms in Nigeria.

Once you submit your loan application on the platform, it is carefully reviewed and if it is approved, you are credited your desired loan in minutes.

So don’t worry about having to wait so long to get your loan credited to your account. Lcredit is a loan app you can trust to come to your rescue in emergency situations.

They’ll always be right on time to save you that financial stress. They’ve got the best interests of their customers at heart and treat all that pertains to them with seriousness and alacrity.

In less than 10 minutes of your application submission, your loan is credited into your account.

How Much Can I Borrow From Lcredit Loan App Download?

Lcredit being one of Nigeria’s loan platforms driven by the desire to help people overcome and meet financial challenges and needs has taken it upon itself to make sure that customers can borrow just as much money as they need to settle whatever financial problem they may be going through.

The amount given to customers is dependent on different factors which qualify each customer for different loan amounts individually.

Loans are given out to customers based on their age, monthly income, and financial obligations.

With the Lcredit loan app, you can get an instant loan of up to #50,000. This money is paid into your account within minutes of your submission of the loan application and its approval.

You should also understand that the amount of loan granted to you is dependent on your profile. The amount you earn monthly plays a big part in determining how much loan you will be granted. This is because in as much as the loan platform is there to ease financial stress, they are also very realistic. You can’t be earning a monthly Income of #50,000 and be expected to be granted a loan of #500,000.

Also, as you continue to use the Lcredit loan app and pay back your loan on time, that is, on or before the due date, you stand the chance of having your loan limit increased. That means you’ll be given access to more loans.

How Much Is Lcredit Interest Rate?

Lcredit being one of the best loan apps currently available for businesses and individuals isn’t so for its availability to lend money to customers but also because of its amazing affordable rates. Their rates are very flexible. They give out loans to their customers with considerable interest as the interest is calculated based on how much the customers are borrowing and when they intend to pay back.

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Lcredit’s Annual interest rate ranges between 36.5 percent to 300 percent. The interest rates are calculated daily. Its monthly rate for personal loans falls between 11.9 percent and 36 percent for self-employed customers and salary earners.

How To Repay Your Loan On Lcredit Loan App

Repayment of loans is one of the major bones of contention between money lending systems and their customers.

Most customers tend to cart away loans after they’ve been granted. They do not want to pay back.

Bear in mind that money lending systems are businesses too and need money for sustenance. They need to be paid back to lend helping hands to other people who might be in need as this is the main reason why they were established. Also, paying back loans helps them stay in business. Imagine not having money to lend to your customers as a money lending system, what then is your relevance to your customers? Remember that it is your relevance as a business to your environment and society at large that helps you stay in business.

That being said, to repay your loan, the following are the steps to take

  1. Go on the Lcredit loan website or log in using your app.

2. Select on the home screen, “loan details”.

3. Click on “full amount” to repay your loan fully or you can also click on “enter amount” to enter the amount of loan you desire to pay back in case you are paying in Installments.

4. Select “next”

Note that you can repay your loan using your ATM card or your bank app. Either way is fine, depending on whichever is comfortable for you. As you, know Lcredit isn’t just after loan repayment but the way you do it conveniently. Unlike many other loan platforms, they do not just offer considerable services to you when giving out loans, but offer them till the very end, as they are very consistent with making sure customers enjoy every aspect of borrowing money from them, even down to repayment.

Transfer method: To repay your Lcredit loan using the transfer method from your bank, you are provided with virtual account details to make payments into. Once you select the transfer method of repayment and select the “repay now” option, a sterling or Wema bank account detail is provided for you to make the transfer. Click on “Copy” to copy the account number.

You can then make a transfer into the bank account provided for you via your mobile app, POS, or any other means of transfer you operate. As soon as your loan is replayed, your debt is automatically cleared from your Lcredit loan app dashboard.

ATM Card Method: To repay your Lcredit loan using ATM card, select the “pay with card” option. If you didn’t add your ATM card details prior to the time of repayment, you have to select “pay with card” and then click “add bank card”. To add your card, you are to provide your card number, its expiry date, and the CVV of your card. Select confirm to confirm that you have entered the right card details. After you’ve confirmed this, you will be requested to input your ATM card pin. After you’ve provided the pin, you submit it. After you’ve submitted it, your bank will send you an OTP to be sure you’re authorizing the transaction. Once you input the OTP on the dashboard, your loan is instantly deducted from your bank account.

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If you have already added your card to the App, just click on “pay with card” on the app, click on your added card, and put your pin. Input the OTP sent by your bank on the app and the loan will be deducted from your account and your debt cleared instantly.

Bank Method: To pay directly from your bank, you click on the option, “pay with bank”. You will be requested to choose the bank you use and want to repay from. Then you will be requested to input your account number, after which you have to verify your account. You will receive an OTP from your bank, input it on the app and your loan will instantly be deducted from your account.

It is important to note that failure to pay back a loan on time will cost you double your cost. So ensure to pay back on or before your due date. If you can’t meet up to the due date, you can ask for an extension, although this would cost you additional costs.

Lcredit Loan App Download Guide for Android and iPhone

Downloading the Lcredit loan app on your phone gives you quick and unlimited access to its services. You can always have access to loans anytime any day. All you’ve got to do is launch the loan app on your phone. Do not worry if you’ve not got the loan app on your mobile android phone.

Below are the steps to download the Lcredit loan app on your phone.

1. Open your mobile phone’s Google play store.

2. Search for the “Lcredit app”

3. Download and launch it on your phone.

4. Enter the necessary information and click submit to open an account for yourself.

After you’ve created an account for yourself, you can immediately go ahead to apply for a loan. Your application is scrutinized and if you qualify for the loan, your account is credited in minutes.

The same goes for your iPhone. To download the Lcredit app on your iPhone, simply open your app store and search out the “Lcredit app”. Download it and launch it.

Provide the necessary information requested of you. This information may include your BVN, name, account number, and phone number.

An OTP will be sent to confirm the phone number, enter the OTP on the app and follow the onscreen prompts. Submit. You will be credited once your application has been approved.

Do not waste any more time thinking of how to get money for that project, Lcredit loan app download is one sure personal cash platform you can trust. Apply for that loan now and begin your journey to endless financial possibilities.

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