LendMe Instant Loan Lets You Borrow Up to N100,000

If you are in Nigeria and are still searching best instant quick loan app that provides quick and swift approvals for the first time borrowers, LendMe is one you should give a try.

This review is covers everything you should know about the Lendme instant loan app for borrowers. As competition grows in the loan lending me, LendMe seems to be among the pacesetters; thanks to the loan app design which provides real-time quick loans request and approval process that takes not more than 5 minutes. Unlike the procedures of securing a loan or cash advances from a bank which usually takes days and several weeks to go through since your applications will be subject to further terms and condition, LendMe has come to solve this problem and take out the complications.

For employees, Aella Credit might be your choice app for a quick loan, your HR has done all the paperwork for you. Find out how to onboard your company and get started.

If you would like to know more about this loan app in Nigeria, and how to apply, get approval and repay at a low-interest rate, here are features of LendMe to get acquainted with:

Features of Lendme App Nigeria

Here are the following main features of this app:

  • LendMe is a 24-hour app that is readily available to its users so they can access and take control of their finance, An emergency can come up in odd hour friends may be unreachable but with this quick loan platform,  you can access cash of up to N20,000.
  • This app is also best among all because it provides you with the most flexible loans at your demand. No matter how much loan you want to get, the app is on your mobile to give you the liquidity you need, provided your request doesn’t exceed the limit.
  • Another good feature of using this app for loans is that it gives you the opportunity to select the payback period. For example, when you take a loan, you decide how and when to pay back. You can either select a payback period of 10 days, a month, two or so.
  • LendMe encourages creditworthy borrowers by giving bonuses as well as reward points when you pay back the loan within the decided terms. You can either enjoy discounted interest on a subsequent loan or higher loan amount.
  • You will also get the notifications and alerts continuously regarding your pending loans, and new offers etc. In this way, it keeps you alert about your bank and your finances.
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LendMe Instant Loan App

LendMe Loan Interest Rates and Fees

As a first time, user, the loan you request for can range from N2,000 to N100,000 with a flexible repayment period of 60 to 180 days. What you pay as interest depends on the tenor but generally, monthly interest on Lendme app is between 12% to 36%.

As culled from play store, a simple loan of N100,000 approved on the lending platform with a payback period of 6 months attracts final payment of N130,000. This is based on an annual percentage interest of 60% interest. In this case, you will be subject to a 6-month repayment of N21,666.67

To keep your credit score history, it is advisable to pay up outstanding loan on time because failure to pay off will trigger a notice to the relevant authority hence impact your score.

How to Download and Use Lendme App

  • Installing the LendMe loan app to your smartphone is quite straightforward, simply search “LendMe” on your play store and tap on install.
  • When you are done, launch the app and sign-up as a new user. Click on it and fill all the required information.
  • A and background and verification process will be conducted to authenticate your identity.
  • Once concluded, you can log in to this app through entering your user-id and password. The infrastructure of the Lendme loan lending is simple; you will not face any difficulty in applying for loans.
  • For loan approved, your cash will be credited to your bank account in minutes.

How to Contact LendMe Nigeria Customer Support:

For inquiries and questions, connect with the app developer via help@mylendme.co

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