Best Instant Loan Apps Without BVN in Nigeria

loan app without bvn in nigeria

Are you looking for legit loan apps without BVN in Nigeria that lets you borrow money in minutes without strict documentation or collateral? In this guide, I shared the top instant loans that pay fast at low-interest charges even when you are yet to get your Bank Verification Number.

With the way cyber frauds are surging every day in the country, the Central Bank of Nigeria has implemented a system to curb illegal activities as it relates to banking or financial transactions. This system involves the allocation of unique numbers to every individual who wants to carry out banking or related transactions on their mobile or web. This number is called BVN (Bank Verification Number). and it serves as a security pass into any of your financial accounts. So as long as it is secure, your account is safe.

Bearing this in mind, a lot of people find it very discomforting to put their BVN out there online. Not on some random quick loan app that they are not familiar with. This most times is a result of the fact that many fake loan apps online tend to use your BVN to carry out illegal and fraudulent transactions which may cost you a lot.

On the other hand, some of the top loan apps in Nigeria cannot grant you loans without your BVN as it is their way of verifying users’ identities before approving your cash request.

This post profers solutions for individuals who find it hard to put up their BVN on online lending platforms but still want to access personal loans or maybe you have not been assigned your BVN or can’t recall it but still need to request urgent cash.

loan apps without bvn in nigeria

We have carefully gathered for you, reliable and highly rated loan apps without BVN in Nigeria.

Best Instant Loan Apps Without BVN in Nigeria

  • Carbon Loan App: Previously known as Pay later,  the Carbon loan app is one of the high-ranking loan apps that grants loans to its customers without collateral or BVN.

The loan app is owned and managed by One Finance and Investment Limited.

With the Carbon loan app, you can be issued an instant loan of 5,000 Naira to 1,000,000 Naira. This transaction takes place within a few minutes of the successful submission of the application on the app.

Operating with a payback tenure ranging between 7 days and 6 months, the top spot loan app offers a reasonable amount of interest on every loan depending on the amount of loan issued to the customer. Interest rates are also dropped and you stand a chance of partaking In their new Cashback system where you are rewarded with about 50 percent of your interest rate if you repay your loan on time, before the set deadline.

As one of its amazing features, the Carbon loan app also grants opportunities for individuals and businesses to Invest on its payment platform known as PayVest, promising an annual return of about 16 percent.

  • Okash: Okash being one of the best loan apps in Nigeria is not just available to grant loans but to request BVN before giving access to access.
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The lending platform lets you get an instant loan ranging from 1,500 Naira to 50,000 Naira to customers without a BVN. It operates with a payback tenure of 15 days to 3 months with interest rates ranging between 0.1 percent to 1 percent on a daily basis, and 10 percent to 24 percent interest rate monthly.

However, the interest rates charged on your outstanding balances are said to be reduced once you become a frequent user of the app.

  • Alat By Wema Loan App: The Alat loan app is a digital loan platform that is managed by Wema bank. The loan app is popularly referred to as Nigeria’s first fully digital bank. On this banking loan app, you can access 200,000 Naira worth of loans without collateral or BVN.
  • JumiaOne Loan App: Rated as one of the top apps without BVN in Nigeria that loans money faster, the JumiaOne loan app provides loans starting from 5,000 Naira to about 100,000 Naira to its customers. It operates with a payback tenure of 15 days to 1 month depending on your credit score with the loan app.

JumiaOne loan app charges interest rates running between 15 percent and 30 percent.

Your account is credited within minutes of getting approved for the loan.

  • Branch: To get a loan on the branch, all you need is your Facebook account, phone number, and a valid Nigerian bank account number.

The Branch loan app offers loans from as little as 2,000 Naira to as much as 500,000 Naira with tenure ranging from 1 month to 13months. It offers an interest rate of 17 percent to 40 percent and a monthly interest rate of 1.5 percent to 20 percent.

  • Palm Credit: Palm credit, one of the popular loan apps in Nigeria that offers a financial solution at ease can grant from 5,000 Naira up to 500,000 Naira in minutes without a BVN. It is one of the fast and reliable loan apps currently in operation.

To qualify for the palm credit loan, you have to be 18 years and above.

Its monthly interest rate ranges from 4 percent to 4.7 percent.

  • Eyowo loan app: With the Eyowo loan app, you can be sure to receive a loan without any form of paperwork, collateral, or BVN. All you need to get a loan on this app is to provide your phone number which is used as a base for your account number on the loan app.

You can borrow and carry out any financial transaction on this loan app by simply dialing USSD code  *4255#. You could also use the mobile app or visit the website. They also offer a safe card for transactions.

  • Renmoney: Renmoney is one of the top loan apps in Nigeria that also offers loans with a BVN in Nigeria. It can grant up to #6,000,000 naira to its customers without any paperwork, collateral, or BVN.
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To qualify for the Renmoney loan, you must fall between the age range of 22 to 59 years. You must have a reasonable and reliable source of income and must be based in the city where they operate.

  • Aella Credit Loan App: Aella credit loan app is a digital money lending platform that offers loans to individuals and businesses.

It is seated as one of the trusted loan apps in Nigeria currently issuing loans without BVN.

The Aella credit loan app offers loans as low as 2,000 Naira up to as much as 1,000,000 Naira. Disbursement takes place within a few minutes of loan application and approval.

Its payback tenure ranges between 1 month to 2 months, with a monthly interest rate of about 30 percent. If you have a good payback reports or credit history, your interest rates on borrowed funds may be reduced by a reasonable percentage.

Another great thing about the Aella credit loan app is that it provides a platform for individuals and businesses to invest via its website, promising an annual return of about 15 percent to 48 percent.

  • CarrotPay: Carrotpay is one of Nigeria’s trusted loan apps that grants loans to its customers without any form or paperwork and most importantly, BVN.

This loan app not only credits its customers swiftly but also grants a long repayment period spanning from 1 month to 6 months.

Its monthly interest rate falls between 3 percent and 10 percent.

The Carrotpay loan app can loan its customers up to 50,000 Naira with a low-interest rate.

All you need to be a partaker of this amazing loan offer is to download the Carrotpay loan app, open an account by filling in the necessary information, and then apply for a loan. You are instantly granted a loan based on your credit score.

  • Fairmoney Loan App: Fair money is one of the reputable loan apps in Nigeria that does not require a BVN to issue a loan to its customers. It offers loans to individuals and businesses to settle whatever emergency needs they may have. To receive a loan from the fairmoney loan app, you do not need any form of paperwork, guarantor, or collateral.

Their payback tenure runs between 2 weeks to 3 months. You can borrow from as little as 1,000 Naira to 150,000 Naira within a few minutes of your loan application and approval.

With these seleted loan apps, you are sure to get loans without any form of paperwork, collateral, guarantor, or BVN.

loan apps without bvn in nigeria

Best Loan App That Pays Fast, Even With No BVN

The above-listed loan apps are not just known to provide loans to their customers without BVN, they also disburse funds into their accounts in a few minutes, after the loan application has been submitted and approved. For specification sake, we will do well to list some of the fastest apps that give out loans without BVN

In the top spot, we got

  • Carbon loan app: Carbon is one of the fastest loan apps that offer loans to its customers without BVN. You can not talk about quick disbursements without talking about carbon. Customers’ accounts are credited in less than 3 minutes after applications have been approved.
  • Branch: The branch loan app, like the Carbon loan app, is very fast at crediting its customers after their applications have gotten approval. It credits its customers within 3 minutes of approval.
  • PalmCredit: Palmcredit follows right after the branch app, as it credits its customers’ accounts within 5 minutes of application approval.
  • Okash: If you need to get that urgent loan without using your BVN, then Okash is also a loan app you should consider. It credits accounts of customers in less than 5 minutes after loan approval.
  • Aella Money Loan App: Aella money loan app is also known for fast approval and crediting of its customers’ accounts with cash. It carries out its disbursements in about 10 minutes.
  • JumiaOne Loan App: The JumiaOne loan app is not just known for its loan provision to customers, it is also known for prompt settlement of customers’ loan requests. Once you have submitted an e-form, and applied for personal cash, the lending app pays you within 10 minutes of successful application and approval of loans.
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Other Loan Apps That Pay Cash in Minutes Without BVN:

On this, we have:

  • Quickcredit Loan App: Quickcredit is a loan app that is owned and managed by GTbank. It offers loans to individuals on the payroll through their employers.

With Quickcredit, you have access to up to #5,000,000 worth of loans with a monthly interest of 1.75 percent, for salary earners.

It operates a payback tenure of 1 month to 12 months. Loans are credited to the customer’s account within a few minutes after submitting the loan application and getting approved.

You can gain access to quick credit loans through their app or you could just dial the USSD code “*731*51*51#.

To be eligible for a loan on the quick credit app, you must earn a minimum of #10,000 monthly.

Xcredit Loan App: The Xcredit loan app was created by a fintech group based in Lagos state. It is one of the loan apps in Nigeria that grants its customers instant loans without BVN. Its operations are very fast as you are credited a few minutes after your loan has been approved.

To gain access to loans on this app, you must be 18 years and above, your need your email address, valid bank account number, full name, and your contact information. No BVN is required. You might also be needing your most recent bank account statement.

Lcredit Loan App: The Lcredit loan app is also a trustworthy instant loan app in Nigeria. It offers loans to individuals and small businesses to attend to their financial needs. And all these are offered without a BVN.

All you need to get a loan from this platform is to provide a valid bank account number. You must also fall in between the age range of 18 years to 55 years. You have to be a working-class citizen of Nigeria. This is because they have to be sure you have a reliable source of income through which you intend to repay the loan.

Note that all apps listed above are very recognized and trustworthy. So feel free to try anyone that suits your preference and acquire the loan you need to finance your dreams.

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