Machias Savings Bank Lets You Save and Secure Cheap Loan

Midfirst Savings Bank Online Banking Login

The review on Machias Savings Bank Online Banking Login will help experience easy personal and business bank on your mobile app or web.

If you are looking for an FDIC insured financial institution that understands your specific need so you can build a lasting and sustainable banking relationship, Machias Savings bank is one of the best savings banks in the US today.

Machias savings bank focus on you by ensuring that none of your needs is attended to; they offer a mix of personal and business banking services.

Some of the services you will get under personal banking are:

  • Checking accounts:
    • My MSB checking: a minimum of $100, cash back rewards, Free in-network ATM access, Out of network ATM, Earn Interest, FDIC insured.
    • My MSB health savings account: a minimum of $1, Free checks, HSA VISA® Debit Card, higher interest on large deposit, tax-free and FDIC insured.
  • Savings accounts:
    • My MSB savings: a minimum of $100, in-network ATM access, earns interest and FDIC insured.
    • My MSB kid club: a minimum of $1, quarterly kids newsletter, annual birthday surprises, teach financial responsibilities.
    • MY MSB certificate of deposit: a minimum of $500, competitive interest rates, option for re-investment, use as collateral for loan.
    • My MSB money market fund: a minimum of $2,500, in-network access, free standard checks, earns interest and FDIC insured.
  • Card:
    • Visa Debit Card:
    • Master Credit Card
    • HSA Card: pay qualified medical expenses from your health savings account powered by Visa card.
    • Maine Cash Access
  • Overdrafts: Machias personal loan (via automatic disbursement) lets you get access to extra cash on your checking accounts when you need it. You can payback by automatic instalment from your account.
  • Lending: Small and unsecured loan to qualified customers at fixed interest rates.
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For corporate customers that want bespoke offerings, here are business banking services from Machias savings bank:

  • Checking accounts:
    • Exceptional: a minimum of $500, no service charge and no monthly fees
    • Experienced with interest: a minimum of $500, and $15 monthly service charge.
    • Total services: a minimum of $500 and access to a cash management specialist.
  • Business Cards:
    • MSB Business Debit Card: a secured chip enabled card with free access to 200+ ATM across maine
    • MasterCard Business Credit Card: Helps separate your personal and business finances with rewards.
  • Lending: Run your small and growing business even when you are out of cash, Machias Savings bank lets access business loans, line of credits, commercial mortgage, construction loans, agricultural loans equipment loans, etc
  • Cash Management Solutions: With a team of combined 20 years experience, you can be rest assured of funds safetly or security, thanks to MSB Business Online.

Machias Savings Bank Online Banking Login with MSB Mobile App

Interestingly, you don’t have to visit a branch of Machias Savings, the MSB Online app for Android or iOS is right on your mobile phone; this means you can check your account balances, view transaction histories, initiate fund transfer, pay bills, and even deposit checks to your account, from anywhere, any time.

This service is only available to existing customers for FREE but if you are yet to enrol in the bank’s platform, follow these steps:

  • Go to Machias Savings bank enrollment platform.
  • Specify whether you have a business account or not.
  • And if you select YES, fill in the details (TIN/EIN Number, Business Name, First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, Address, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, Email, etc) or you won’t be required to enter a TIN/EIN Number but other information is mandatory – this is for personal savings account.
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For assistance or inquiry, you can call the Machias Savings Bank phone number on (207) 255-3347.

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