MTN Mobile Money Lets You Send & Receive Cash With Your Phone

MTN Mobile Money App

Have you ever heard about the MTN mobile money app or MTN MoMo wallet? If not, you will learn about this innovative service from MTN, unarguably the biggest telecom service provider in Africa.

So basically, MTN mobile money transfer is a form of mobile banking that allows you to easily send and receive cash from anyone you want with your feature or smartphone. The USSD-powered app offers a secured, simple, and affordable way to make payment for bills, pay insurance fees, buy an airline ticket and carry out your online transactions without the need to go to your nearest bank’s branch. This service is powered by MTN, a leading global telecom brand in Africa and some top banks

In order to enjoy the benefits provided by the MTN mobile money app service, you first need to register on the telecom network. For users in Ghana and Uganda, you can visit the nearest MTN mobile money agent or get started with your mobile phone ID.

You will be registered to this app only if you have a SIM supported by MTN and is compatible with the Mobile Money. If you don’t have one, you can easily get this from the suggested locations e.g. MTN agent location or walk-in MTN branches etc. After that, you will be required to complete the documentation or paperwork before the completion of this process.

The transactions that you will be made from using this MTN money transfer service, will require you to enter a 4-digit secret pin code. You set this pin on registration when you use this for the first time. After that, make sure to keep this pin protected from others so that no one else could illegally transfer your money into his account. If you feel like someone else has got an idea about your 4-digits secret pin number, immediately change the pin so stay safe from any misconduct.

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MTN Mobile Money App

Features of MTN mobile money service

Through using this service, you will be able to avail the following amazing features.

  • You can send money to anyone you want through using your mobile phone MTN money transfer
  • You can also receive money from anyone you want through using your mobile phone MTN money transfer
  • You can also pay your bills, such as at various merchant locations, through using this mobile money transfer service.
  • It also allows you to buy as many recharge scratch cards for you and for your loved ones that you can give them as a gift.
  • MTN money offers high-level security, you don’t need to carry physical cash, hence eliminate the associated risk of carrying cash to/from. Thanks to the encryption technology which enables the use of your private PIN and your identity for transactions are processed.

How MTN Money Money Uganda Works

If you are in Uganda, here is how to use the mobile money service for transfer and cash withdrawal; more details are available on MTN Mobile Money Uganda

Money Transfer

  • Dial *165# on your mobile
  • Tap on ‘Financial Services’
  • Select ‘Bank Deposit’
  • Select your receiving bank.
  • Follow the prompts.
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If you need cash for personal use, you can also follow these steps to withdraw money from the MTN Mobile Money service:

  • Dial *165#
  • Select ‘Financial Services’
  • Select ‘Bank Withdrawal’
  • Select the bank of choice
  • Follow the prompts.

International Money Transfer on MTN Money Money Uganda:

Aside from the local banking transactions, bill payments and money transfer to friends, you can also receive remittances from abroad on the MTN mobile money app service.

For users in Uganda, here are the complete guide to sending and receiving money via various platforms:

Receive money from MTN Rwanda

If you have friends and family in Rwanda, you can leverage the robust infrastructures of MTN Rwanda to receive money into your mobile money account. Follow the steps below to initiate international money transfer.

  • Dial *830#
  • Enter the receiving number (+2567xxxxxxxx)
  • Input an amount
  • A message with the amount and forex exchange details is shared
  • Press ‘1’ to confirm
  • To confirm the authenticity of the transaction, a message will be sent to you requesting for approval. Dial *182# and select “my account”, then pending approvals”.
  • Enter your MTN mobile money passcode or PIN to approve the transaction.

Send Money to MTN Rwanda

You can also send money to international customers in Rwanda by following the steps below:

  • Dial *165*1*3#
  • Enter the MTN Rwanda customer and amount in UGX.
  • A message with summaries of the transaction, including fees, forex rate and the amount in Rwandan Francs, will be sent to you.
  • Enter your PIN to confirm

Receive money from Safaricom M-Pesa to your MTN Mobile Money Uganda

Safaricom M-Pesa, as of this update, bags the largest customers base, so the financial technology partnership with MTN Uganda isn’t a surprise. M-Pesa customers sending money to Uganda can use MTN mobile money platform to process international transfers.

  • Dial *840# on your phone.
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN to access the international transfer service,
  • Enter the receiving number (+2567xxxxxxxx) and the amount in Uganda Shillings.
  • A message showing the amount to send, applicable charges, the total amount is displayed.
  • You will be prompted to accept or decline the pending transaction.
  • Once approved, the recipient will receive a notice.
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Send Money to Safaricom MPesa

You can also perform the reverse of the process above; send money to an M-Pesa number from your MTN Uganda mobile money.
  • Dial *165*1*3#​, enter your Safaricom MPesa number and the amount in UGX
  • Review the summary of the transactions (fee, the fx rate and the amount in Kenya Shillings) and enter your private PIN.

Send and Receive Money from WorldRemit App

While our focus has been Ghana and Uganda, WorldRemit gives you a limitless platform to send and receive money from anyone overseas or from around the world. All you need to get started is a bank account from one of the listed and approved regions on WorldRemit whitelisted countries.

  • Receiving money into your MTN mobile money account is free. To get started, download the WorldRemit app from the app store or play store
  • Register on the app by providing your identity and start sending money immediately.

How MTN Money Money Ghana Works

There is really no significant difference between MTN money mobile offers for customers in different countries expect the platforms available for sending and receiving money into your wallet.

For users in Ghana, MTN has partnered with several remittance partners to make international money transfer easier for its millions of users.

Here is a list of partners you can use:

  • WorldRemit
  • Homesend
  • Horizonexchange
  • Neteller
  • Azimo
  • Skrill
  • Xendpay
  • Transfer Galaxy
  • Wave]
  • Smallworld
  • WesternUnion

For assistance on how to activate your MTN mobile money in Ghana, call 100 (toll-free) or visit MTN Ghana

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