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Get Health Insurance Covers and Claim your Benefits on my Sun Life App

This guide covers everything you need to know about Sun Life Financials, and the new my Sun Life mobile app for all your health insurance and financial planning.

Earning salary as an employee isn’t just about spending and financing immediate needs, it offers a great opportunity to plan your finance and subscribe for insurance covers against future uncertainties. This is the reason we bring you Sun Life Financials, one of the foremost financial planning companies that offer life insurance, investment and group benefits to millions of clients in Canada.

Now available on your mobile play store as my Sun Life, you can easily sign up, log in to your account and manage your benefits, personal health insurance, and retirement savings plan. The health insurance program covers accident, and dental insurance. With my Sun Life, users can submit claims in a case where an accident or unexpected eventualities occur, or search for the nearest health-care providers around them so they receive necessary attention, manage their retirements savings from workplace including seamless access to other personal investment and insurance products anytime, anywhere.

My Sun Life Canada Mobile App

What you get on my Sun Life Canada Mobile App

The app offers amazing benefits which cover health, investment and search providers

Sun Life Health Insurance

This feature lets you find benefits, life insurance and health information that are tailored to your specific needs. Here are some of the things you can do on my Sun Life Canada mobile app:

  • Submit medical and dental claims so that the customer service staff of the company can process your form instantly while you check your status for updates.
  • You can easily find the details of your selected medical insurance plan.
  • While some claims require a physical visit to the insurance company, my Sun Life requires you to send a disability claim forms and other relevant documents by snapping a photo.
  • You can also request or have your coverage cards with you wherever you go as this might also be required during emergencies.
  • Gain access to your health and personal spending including account balances from your mobile.
  • With the app, you can also see all the details of your personal insurance plan and policies.
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Sun Life Investments

Beyond your personal health insurance, my Sun Life Financials also lets you manage your investment properly so you can earn one of the best returns on your investment while growing your wealth.

  • The app lets you manage various products ranging from personal mutual funds and segregated funds. If you are wondering what the Segregated Fund or Seg Fund as it is mostly called is, it is a type of investment fund offered by insurance companies in Canada to their clients. It comes like a  life insurance contracts the guarantees to the policyholder a lump sum payment or reimbursement of capital upon death.
  • You can also check your account balances, follow all histories of your transactions on the investment account and see how your selected financial plans, products and mutual funds are performing based on different timeframes.
  • The app also offers funding options in case you want to contribute to your retirement savings anytime you can excess cash.
  • The app’s photo feature lets you send a copy of forms that might be required from time to time in case you need to verify your name, address, change of banks, void cheque and etc.
  • In case you need to claim some payment on personal health insurance, you may opt for direct credit to your savings product.

Extra Tools on my Sun Life Canada App

In addition to the features mentioned, you can explore the bigger advantage of my Sun Life when you download the app to your smartphone:

  • Search the best providers for your dental, medical, vision and medical equipment providers in your area as zero cost.
  • You can as well find relevant information on medications including cheap alternatives and coverage details.
  • Save money on your claims with the free tips and advise from Sun Life professionals
  • My Sun Life also offers exceptional health care services; from virtual care to better eye care and keep fit advise. You can also enjoy discounts on products and special offers on “My Notifications”
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How to Download my Sun Life Canada Mobile App for your Health Insurance and Investment Needs:

  • You can download my Sun Life app from Google Play Store or iOS, depending on what operating system your phone runs on.
  • Once your download is successful, you need to launch the app to begin registrations or directly at with a valid email, access ID and preferred password.

Sun Life Financials Contact

If you need help on the right plan and policies or need to contact a Sun Life Financial Advisor, get help by calling from the my Sun Life mobile app.

You can also explore the following call centres for quick response:

  • For benefits, savings and retirements: 1-800-361-6212, 1-866-733-8612
  • For insurance and investment through your advisor: 1-877-SUN-LIFE (1-877-786-5433), 1-877-344-1434, 1-800-361-6212, 1-800-669-7921
  • Email:, and
  • Feedbacks on the mobile app user experience:

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