Do Your Online Banking and Manage Insurance Policies on Old Mutual SA App

Old Mutual South Africa app download

This review will help you understand how Old Mutual South Africa app download works for insurance policyholders and investment tracking on your mobile.

Old Mutual Fund is one of the oldest and premium African focused financial services group that offers a large portfolio of financial solutions to retail and corporate customers across key markets in 14 countries including South Africa.

The old Mutual’s SA banking app permits clients access into their investment portfolios and access to other basic internet banking functionalities in South Africa. The account possesses a transactional platform in addition to a savings account which is backed up by a unit trust. The customer has access to the funds in the savings account at all times.

The bank customers who have the old Mutual SA app can access their investment, savings, retirement portfolios and personal cover through the MyPortfolio service on the app. The MyPortfolio service is a free and reliable online service that grants you access to your financial and old Mutual portfolio rapidly.

old mutual south africa app download

Other unique functionality of the app includes the following;

  • If you have an old mutual product such as the funeral cover or life cover, you will have instant updates to your old Mutual policies and investment via the MyPortfolio. MyPortfolio lets you get real-time information on all your new and existing policies, receive portfolio reports, request for copies of all policy contracts and tax certificates from Old Mutual SA, as well as histories of transactions of a specified insurance product.
  • Your beneficiaries can be settled even at the point you lack airtime.
  • Buying of electricity units, data and airtime can be easily done on the app.
  • The banking cards can be switched on and off if there is a case of theft or loss.
  • Money can be transferred between accounts using the app. You could also check your account details, transaction and the details of your account balance.
  • Banking products like the personal cover, retirement, savings and investment, valuable insurance portfolios and income can be accessed on the go via the app.
  • The old Mutual SA app allows cash deposit into your money account at any Checkers, Usave, Pick n Pay, Shoprite or Boxer store.
  • The banking app lets you initiate a rapid transfer to other money account holders using their cell phone numbers.
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Old Mutual South Africa Money Account:

A money market is an investment account that lets you hold your assets in short term instruments that can be liquidated easily.

Surprisingly, you also earn interest from the app via the SAVE account button on the app. The SAVE account feature is a dynamic feature that makes you save according to your ability in a unit trust account which is one of a kind.

However, the funds in your SAVE account are invested on your behalf in a unit trust bringing you a great return on investment. The old Mutual app grants access to your SAVE account anytime.

In terms of security and safety, the mobile app employs the highest encryption specification which is tandem with global best practice. It employs the use of in-App mobile security

Because we live in an evolving world, a feature on the app gives you updates on your insurance policies on the go, but you need to allow the updates turned-on.

You need to register for a Money account online at or any branch of the bank and also sign up for the MyPortfolio account to access the old Mutual Portfolio. Once you are through you can now switch services on your Old Mutual SA app.

The old Mutual Money account is one that gives two accounts in one: the everyday transaction account called SWIPE account and the SAVE account backed by a unit trust. I have discussed the SAVE account. However, the SWIPE account makes you withdraw, make payments, and swipe the same as you would do with a regular bank account.

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Need help on how to get started on the Old Mutual South Africa app download? go to the google play store or Apple store and download the app to your smartphone.

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