16 Online Loan Apps in Ghana Without Collateral

online Loan Apps in Ghana without collateral

Do you need quick cash to attend to urgent needs at home? Are you looking for the top 16 online loan apps in Ghana without collateral? Do you wish to pay for rent or sort out your business? Whatever your financial needs might be, having access to fast short term loans and at the right timing is important.

This review  shows you where you can get loan in Ghana without presenting your property as a pledge.

Interestingly, these best lending apps in Ghana can offer personal or business loans in different categories based on what you need per time. So, if you need a loan, do not hesitate to go through these loan apps recommendations in Ghana.

Online Loan Apps in Ghana without Collateral

Here is the list of the top 16 online loan apps in Ghana without collateral.

  1. Carbon (Paylater App)

This loan supports internet banking, with this loan can be accessed via your Smartphone within few minutes. However, users can earn discounts when they make a referral to the apps (can earn up to 15.5% from referrals). It offers interest rates as low as 5% monthly for the first loan. Users are allowed to access up to GHC 5 for starters and this can be increased as your credibility increases.

  1. Quickcheck Loan App

This app is designed like a credit and lending platform for individuals and small business owners. The app provides instant loans for a period of between 15 – 30 days without providing any collateral. Users of Quickcheck loan app pay interest as low as 1% daily and this will be calculated based on the number of days you hold it (Maximum of 30 days)

  1. Aella Credit App

Aella’s credit loan was designed to assist workers to get loans at the most competitive rates in Ghana. The app has over the years grown to rank among the top mobile money loan apps in Ghana. So, employees in Ghana who are in serious need of bucks to attend to emergencies can trust the Aella Credit loan app to do the magic for them.

  1. Palmcredit App
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Also, the Palmcredit app ranks among the top loan apps in Ghana that do not require collateral. However, it makes use of credit limits, thereby making other loan applications easy not needing approval procedure again. However, you must not exceed your credit limit to continue to enjoy the loan. When payment is made, the credit score becomes updated.

  1. FairMoney Loan App

This is one of the biggest loan apps in Ghana where a fast loan can be accessed for the settlement of rent, health bills, personal finances, acquiring other consumer goods. Though you do not need collateral to access the loan, you must be creditworthy. It takes 5 minutes for its approval and untoward transfer into your account. Other loans available via the app include educational loans and business loans.

  1. Branch Loan App

The branch app allows for the application of loans on the go without collateral. It is available 24/7, making it be the best and the fastest loan app in Ghana. Once application and approval are done in a few minutes, the money is credited to your account. It’s reliable, easy and convenient.

  1. Fido Loan App

This is also easy as instant loans for emergencies can be accessed. It is done right from your Smartphone and within minutes, the money gets credited into your account. Note that you do not need guarantors or collateral. Users can access loans from as low as GHC 200 to GHC 600.

However, you will need to be up to 18 years of age, lives in Ghana, and be able to provide a form of identification, such as Voter ID, passport, driver’s license, or NHIA membership

  1. Kia Kia Loan App
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This is relatively new in the market. It offers short-term loans to help attend to unforeseen emergencies. It is available 24/7, application and approval are done in minutes. The KiaKia loan does not require collateral. It is quick, reliable, and online-based. Download the app today and enjoy loans from KiaKia App.

  1. Barclay Loan App

This app offers up to $200 without any form of collateral. The app allows users to pay and manage their bills directly. This app is trusted by thousands of Ghanaians with over 50 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Barclay Loan App from Google Play Store and enjoy loans.

  1. FINT Money Lending App

This is an online-based lending platform that allows Ghanaians and Nigerians to access affordable and fast loan services. Their loans have a fixed term rate of between 3 – 12 months with a monthly interest of as low as 2%. Here also, there is no need for paperwork or collateral.

  1. MTN Xpress Loan

This is one of the apps that can be used to access loan online. It is only accessible to MTN users; it does not require paperwork or form of savings. Once qualified, money gets credited into your account. From your phone, dial *170#, select Financial help/services (5), Loans, Xpress loans (2), Get a loan (1), enter mobile money PIN, choose to view the offer and confirm the repayment plan.

  1. MTN Qwikloan Loan App

Through this app, an instant loan can be accessed. Just like the MTN Xpress loan, the MTN Qwikloan is designed for MTN subscribers. Users can enjoy a maximum of GHC 1000. Dial *170#, Financial services (5), loan (3), Qwikloan (1), and enter mobile money PIN. Wait for the approval alert and then visit any MTN vendors to get the funds from your wallet.

  1. Izwa Loan Apps
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Through this app, loans can be processed and paid into your account within 24 hours. It does not require a registration fee, no guarantors, and no paperwork is required. The loan starts from 250 – 50,000 with a repayment plan of between 60 days to 1 year. The interest rate is 8% and the Maximum APR of 25%.

  1. ASAP Loan App

This app is not only available in Ghana but also in Nigeria, Kenya, Singapore, South Africa, India, Philippines, UK, and in the US. In Ghana, the loan ranges from between GHC 50 – GHC 5,000. Its repayment plan is between 120 days to 5 years with an interest rate between 10% – 25% while its APR is between 12% – 32%

  1. Stand Tall Lending App

The app allows Micro Credit. The StandTall Enterprise is licensed by the Bank of Ghana and registered with the Registrar General’s Department. The app offers microcredit loans to businesses and individuals at a good interest rate.

  1. Open Loans Ghana

This is an app where lenders connect with borrowers from Accra to Kumasi, to Sekondi-Tarodi, to Tamale, to Cape Coast. The app allows for individuals with excess money to offer it to others and earn a profit. The lender can secure himself by requesting for security like title deed, car, etc

Do you have other online loan apps in Ghana that doesn’t require collateral? Feel free to share with us in the comment box.

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