Download ExpressPay Ghana App & Send Money to User’s Wallet Instantly

send money on ExpressGhana App

Learn how to send money on ExpressGhana App in this guide and steps to download the app to your smartphone.

As technology evolves to make life easier in Ghana, the finance industry seems to be taking a lion share of the benefits of mobile technology innovations. The trend isn’t only simplifying the way we save or keep money in the bank but also facilitating money transfer across borders.

One of such mobile money transfer app is ExpressPay Ghana. With over 100,000 thousand users and active community of happy people, the app lets you send money all virtually anyone in Ghana.

The app is designed to ensure you don’t miss our pending bills or cash transfers because you are mobile, so wherever you are, ExpressPay Ghana app ensures your daily activity doesn’t limit your banking transactions.

Features of ExpressPay Ghana App

Among other features, here are key points to note:

  • You can send money on ExpressPay app: This app allows you to make as many transfers of money as you want. It was designed to facilitate instant money transfer from a sender to recipients. The days of going to the bank are actually over, thanks to the user-friendly interface of ExpressPay Ghana app that lets you tap, tap, tap and you are done.
  • The app also allows you to buy instant airtime purchases from Airtel, Glo, MTN, Tigo or Vodafone. Whenever you need to purchase airtime of your network, you can easily do this from your app. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay any additional high charges for purchasing airtime through this app.
  • The app also enables you to buy the data packages for your mobile phone. A mobile without the internet is just useless. Internet is a must to have a thing for mobile in this digital age. Thus, you can easily purchase any data package or internet package for your mobile through this app.
  • Online shopping just got easier with ExpressPay Ghana as it also allows you to make payment at a number of merchants’ store where Visa, MasterCard, MTN mobile money, Airtel Money, Tigo Cash and Vodafone Cash are accepted. Thus, this app gives you complete freedom when it comes to paying for lifestyles. Furthermore, it is highly rated as the cheapest app that doesn’t charge you a high fee for its services. In this way, it provides you with the best ever experience in terms of managing or transferring your money.
  • Furthermore, you will be able to use this app throughout the day and night. It provides you with 24/7 service without any off-time. Whenever you need it for any purpose, you will get instant service by this app.
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send money on ExpressGhana App

How to download the ExpressPay Ghana App so you can send mobile money:

  • To download this app, you need to visit your play store for android phone or app store in your IOS and search “ExpressPay Ghana“. Download from your selected platform and start using it immediately.
  • Create an account with your personal details to continue using its services.
  • Use your verified user-id and password to log-in to this ExpressPay Ghana App.
  • When you log-in to this app, you will see the list of all the options or services that it provides.
  • You can also navigate through this app to go through its different features. If you want to make the payment or transfer money, enter the correct details of the recipients and click done. The money will be transferred to those recipients within seconds through the ExpressPay Ghana App.

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