Specta Loan App Download Lets You Apply For Instant Cash in 5 Minutes

specta loan app download

I have come again to give you updates on Specta loan app download, an instant loan mobile app that lets you login, apply, borrow money with your Android or iPhone in 5 minutes and replay your loan (together with interest rates) via Sterlings bank USSD code, transfer or debit card.

I told you before that I am somehow connected to all these instant loan apps for small amounts in Nigeria so I can confidently tell you the best quick cash app and the ones that are not legit. When you talk about Loan apps you shouldn’t only trust but are powered by one of the best Nigerian banks, Specta loan app download is one of the applications should turn to. I feel excited to talk about the story that surround my Journey with Specta, it’s one of the days I won’t forget. I told you that I love any company that devoted its time and services to humanity despite its business-oriented goal.

Let me share the brief Story 😁😁

A friend of mine was about to handle a big project that will give him enough to settle so many things wrong in his life, So he has been trying to get a loan but he couldn’t get one from any loan app so I came across someone who told me to try it but he said I should make my research before I apply so I said its fine., I made my research and what I got back in return shock me and amaze me, so I contacted my friend and gave him the result. Well as usual he doubted me because it sounded almost too good to be true, but I said ‘give it a try and he did.

He applied, followed, and submitted all the necessary requirements, including 5 minutes of documentation, which he is asked to do and he got a personal loan of 2m Naira. Did that shock you? , Yes a 2 million naira loan with enough time to pack back.  He was given a whole year, 365 days to pay back the loan, Isn’t that good to know that there’s a personal or small business loan app that can give you loans in millions as long as you are eligible for it.

My friend was so happy and sorted everything and he is still paying back because it happen this year February.

That is how the beautiful story goes, let’s talk about Specta loan itself.

What is Specta Loan?

 Specta is an online lending platform from Sterlings Bank that gives you loans of up to 5 Million in one transaction all within 5 minutes without any collateral, no paperwork right on your phone without a visit to any Office.

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Do you know that there are a lot of big issues you can sort with Specta, you can definitely take care of any business and personal issues  and needs and everything can be sorted in minutes.

Specta is one of the best loan apps that give that kind of huge personal or small business cash without knowing you or asking for a landed documents. This is humanity at its highest peak. I certainly remember the Joy on my friend’s face that particular day.

But truth be told, First timers should not expect to be attended to within five minutes, it will take about one hour because you will have to fill in every detail and provide relevant proofs of your profile and credit worthiness. So take your time and ensure everything you want to use is available to fast-track your loan application.

Like my advise always , if you want to start making use of any app especially when it involves finances, your pictures and your details, Learn to read their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Make sure you go through every bit of it to know what they intend to do with your details and every of your Information as well as the clause attached to the loan you want to secure.

After reading out everything and you are convinced of the security. You can approve and agree,then proceed to the application.

specta loan app download

Various Sterlings Bank Specta Loan Products

As a new or exisitng user of the app, here are the various products you should know before you apply for Specta loan in 5 minutes:

  • Personal Specta Loan: This package is divided into two parts:
    • Employed individuals: Only salary earners that fall under this category can access loan as long as they have a salary account with any other banks or Sterling Bank and it is open to all account holders in Nigeria.
    • Self employed: This package is targeted at traders, business owners, professionals, and self employed, as long as they have an account in any bank in Nigeria or Sterling Bank.
  • Business Specta Loan: This package helps get you a loan for your business, you can also boost your business sales with this package by giving your customers access to paying you with Specta.
  • Pay With Specta: This package gives its customers access to buy things from SPECTA merchants and in-store with digital credit limits and you also have sccess to extra funds once you reach your limit.
  • Ultra Credit Card: It is a naira denominated card for customers to address immediate and urgent needs, conveniences, and also short term Loans.
  • Specta Prime: This is a loan package lets you enjoed reduced interest rate but you invested in Specta. The idea is to make your interest rate returns net off the interest you are supposed to pay on the personal or business loan secured.
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How Do I Open a Specta Loan Account?

The process of getting quick cash from Specta in 5 minutes isn’t complex. As a first-timer, here are registration information you’d be required to provide.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Confirm Email
  • Enter a Password
  • Confirm Password
  • BVN
  • Date of Birth
  • How did you hear about Specta

And if you want to apply for Specta loan, here are the details to provide:

  • Email Address
  • Phone number
  • Designation
  • Marital Status
  • First name
  • Middle name ( Optional)
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Address
  • Current State
  • Employment Status
  • Accommodation Type
  • Years in current Accommodation
  • Number of Dependants
  • Number of  Job changes in the last five years
  • Referree Bank
  • Referee account number
  • Referee Name
  • Upload Reference Form
  • Agree to the Terms and conditions and Submit
  • Bind your card
  • Means of Identification
  • Passport Photograph
  • Most Recent Utility Bill
  • Signature
  • Two Suitable Reference
  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Tenor
  • Your Account Details

At this juncture,you will be asked to agree to a quick-term and condition for spectra to have access to your Bank Statement so once you accept it an email will be sent containing your Bank Statement ticket ID and password. Immediately you tick the box, a ticket will be opened just for that particular transaction and application alone and continue, it will take you to another page where the app is requesting for the Ticket I’d and password

All you have to do is to open your Gmail and check the mail sent to you.

Immediately you input it in the box on the loan app, it means you have activated it and it will run for a whole month before it expires.

All these are still in the process of applying, So I will indulge you fo be calm while filling each page. Specta steps to take a loan are kind of secured like this, Do you know why ❓😌 . Also your bank will charge you a token for your Bank statement depending on the Money that has come in and out of your account.

How Much is Specta Interest Rate Charge on Loan App?

  • Interest rate on Loan: 25.5% to 28.5%
  • One off payment for Insurance is 2.5%
  • One off payment of Management fees is 1%
  • The interest rate is for a whole year, can you see how low of an interest that is.
  • The insurance fee of 2.5% is to be paid and also the one for management. They are both one-time fees.
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Minimum and Maximum varies however depending on the individual and the details he or she provided. But the maximum offer by the Platform is 5,000,000 Naira.

So if you are looking for a bank to borrow money urgently even though you are yet to operate an account with them, Specta loan by Sterlings Bank stands out as the preferred platform.

Repayment Plan and Schedule: USSD Code, Bank Transfer or Debit Card

Repayment plan and tenure depend on the type of loan you are taking from the company. Some can be done within 1 to 12 months if it is self-employed personal loans or quick loans but if it is for Salary earners, they can be given as much as 4 years to repay their money since what they got is based on the salary they are collecting. And the way to repay back the money is not the same way for everyone. It depends on the Profile you are operating on. But trust me it’s an easy process of either USSD repayment, Bank Transfer and also Bank card. They have an edge because they are operated by a financial institution.

Anyone you decide to use is fine and fast, just follow all prompt instructions and you are good to go.

Late Repayment of Specta Loan:

Specta Loan doesn’t feel cool or safe with someone who has a low credit score or history of bad debt or payment defaults, that is why they do a thorough check in validating borrowers information before giving out loan. So when you get approved or are successful in securing an instant loan, try to repay it back on time depending on the payback period allowed. Besides, such prompt payment will give you access to a higher loan amount and increase your credit score.

Specta Loan App Download Guide for Borrowers

From your smartphone, you can access the instant loan app and apply on your Android or iPhone.

  • Check Sterlings Specta Loan website
  • When you open the loan website, you click on the white three dotted line up by the right.
  • Select the ‘Add to Home Screen‘  to save it as App on your device and it will show you this particular image below

Contact Specta Customer Care:

You can always contact or reach Sterlings Specta loan customer care via number or email address or on their various platform to lay any complaint and for issues to be resolve and they can be reach 24 hours a day,7 days a week.

Email: specta@sterlingbankng.com

Facebook: @MySpecta

Twitter : @MySpecta

Instagram : @MySpecta

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