Tala Loan App Download Lets You Apply for Quick Cash in Kenya

Download Tala Loan App for Android & iPhone

Download Tala Loan App Download for Android & iPhone – Apply for Loan in Kenya on Tala App, Repay via MPesa – Contact Tala Customer Care

Are you worried that your child’s school fee will be due very soon but you haven’t received your salary yet? Do you need short term loan to finance your business working capital needs? Are you fed up with the inability to meet and pay unplanned expenses? go download Tala loan app for personal and business loan right now.

Tala, without strict credit terms and conditions, lets you access loans whenever you need it via Mpesa mobile money. This is evident in the millions of people who are using it to solve short term problems. As of this review, the app has received over 5,000,000 downloads in Kenya with a community of happy and satisfied customers.

Features of Tala Loan App Download

  • It provides you with multiple offers for deciding your own loan terms. These different offers contain different payback periods with different interest rates. To encourage users who pay back loan due sooner, Tala offers lower interest rates on subsequent loans.
  • The app gives you a loan for any purpose without interfering on how it’s spent. Whether you need the payment to pay your child’s schools fee or to grow your business, Tala is here to make your finance easier.
  • Another best feature of this Tala app is that it enables you to pay back your loans either in full or in instalments. If you have enough money to return the full loan amount at once, you can go for it. However, if you don’t have enough money and want to make partial payments, there will be no issue. In this way, this app provides you with greater flexibility in taking and returning your loans.
  • It also gives you the personal security pin to enhance your privacy. In this way, your personal information and your funds will be more protected from any unauthorized access.
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Download Tala Loan App for Android & iPhone

What are the loan terms on the Tala loan app?

As oat when this post was published, here are different term-driven interest rates.
• 21-day and 30-day loan options let you choose what’s right for you
• 21-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 5-11%*
• 30-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 7-15%*
• Grow with Tala and build your limit up to KSh 30,000 by making payments on time

How to repay your due loan on Tala

  • You can repay your loan on Tala app with M-Pesa Xpress or use the Paybill 851900 and the phone number you signed up with.
  • Repayment of the loan can be part of full, anytime on or before the due date.

How to Download Tala Loan App

  • The process of downloading the Tala loan app is very simple, easy, and quick. You can easily download the Tala loan app from your app store or play store.
  • Register yourself as a new customer into this app. Use your login id and password to access the features of this app.
  • As part of the verification process, Tala asks for a scanned M-Pesa SMS and other information needed to ascertain your creditworthiness.
  • Once you navigate to its home page, you will find the loan application form that you have to fill. If you want to take the loan, fill out this form and submit it. While doing this, carefully select the loan payback period under which you would be able to return it. Within a minute or so, your account will be credit with your loan amount.
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