UBA Internet Banking App

Enjoy Enhanced Banking Experience on UBA UMobile App

Find everything you need to know about the UBA Internet Banking App for Android & iPhone – UMobile Online APK App for Direct Registration, Login and Activate Mobile Transfer Code and Customer Care

In this modern era, everyone wants to keep own and carry his bank with him all the time so that he would easily make any transactions whenever the need arises. Suppose you forgot your ATM card at home and the banks are closed as it is night but you urgently need to make payment or send cash to a business partner, what would you do if you are far away from your house and the inability to make the immediate payment would cause high loss to you? There are numerous such situations in which we urgently need our digital cash with us to perform certain tasks. In order to help us in those unexpected or unplanned situations, UBA Internet Banking App from UBA Nigeria is making our life easy by helping millions of customers carry their account in their pocket, hence save us from embarrassment. This app is basically introduced by the United Bank for Africa, Africa’s pan-Africa bank with a diversified presence in major African countries, and is named as U-Mobile or UBA app. This app has brought revolution due to its amazing features that are helping its users in numerous ways.

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UBA Internet Banking App

Let’s look at these amazing features of UBA Internet Banking App for Android & iPhone which are greatly admired by the users.

When you download the UBA app into your smartphones, it will propose you the following rich features.

  • The top most feature of this app is that it supports the biometric and facial recognition log-in which is superb. There are many other banks that offer their mobile apps but they don’t embed this feature into their app. The addition of biometric and facial recognition feature into UBA internet banking app gives you greater security and higher protection against unauthorized sign-ins and threats of third-party access to your savings or current account.
  • When you are done doing the UBA mobile banking app for easy transactions to your smartphone, open it, you will see your savings and current account balances at the front page. It keeps you informed about your current account balance every time you log in to your app.
  • It also allows you to carry out all the bank related transactions, such as transferring payment from your account to another, paying your bills like DSTV, GoTV, PHCN, etc, or topping up your airtime. Not only this, but it also enables you to check your transaction history at any time.
  • You can also use this online banking app for ATM and branch locating functions so that when you need to withdraw money and don’t know where to go, you may explore the app to locate the nearest UBA ATM or branch without making physical inquiries.
  • It also allows you to contact with customer support 24/7, fast navigation, and inbox facility to read notifications or messages.
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How to Download UBA Internet Banking App:

If you are looking for a straight-forward guide on how to download the UBA app into your phone, the process is very simple as just like you download games and other applications into your mobile phones.

  • In order to initiate the process of UBA App Download, open your app store if you are using IOS, or play store if you are using an android phone. Search “UBA app”, and click on download/install the UBA app into your mobile.
  • After its installation, complete the sign-up process for new registration as you are a new user.
  • After that, login to your app through your chosen login criteria, either password, face recognition, or thumb impression.
  • Once you logged-in, you can see and perform every task there without any issue.

How to contact UBA Customer Care for Inquiries:

If you need help on how to activate the UMobile app for internet banking on your phone or have questions and suggestions, you can reach out to UBA customer care via the following channel:

  • Tel: +234 1 6319822
  • Find a nearest UBA branch – https://www.ubagroup.com/nigeria/help/atm-branch-locator/
  • Chat with Leo – https://www.fb.com/ubachatbanking

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