USSD Code to Borrow Money from UBA

ussd loan code to borrow money from uba

Do you operate an account with UBA and are looking for the USSD loan code to borrow money from UBA account in Nigeria? This guide shows you the bank loan USSD pin to dial from your mobile phone so you can apply and get click credit quick cash or No Wahala loan or a payday loan in minutes, credited to your bank account.

The United Bank for Africa(UBA) is one of Africa’s most decorated banks. It is one of the most innovative financial institutions in Africa.

Being a technology-driven institution, it has provided lots of services that make being involved in the financial sector easy to handle.

One of the core banking services provided by the bank is a Payday loan or Quick cash for pre-qualified customers that want to sort urgent expenses but do not have cash. And in its bid to meet these specific needs, UBA has designed several loan packages to serve varying customer categories; individual, corporate, or small businesses while they repay when they can.

Thoughtful right?

The United Bank for Africa is one of the few banks in Africa that has dedicated its resources not just for its benefit but majorly for the benefit of its customers.

It has proved this through its countless innovations in the financial sector. These innovations have without doubt helped improve the financial situation of the country by improving that of individuals.

Because of course, improving a nation starts from improving the living conditions of an individual.

The United Bank for Africa has made available different types of loans to suit every customer uniquely. Its loans come with a monthly interest rate of about 2.5 percent and a yearly interest rate of 30 percent. Acquiring a loan with UBA does not require any form of documentation or collateral.

However, UBA is well aware that some customers might be fraudulent and make away with the loan with no intention of paying.

This is why there are simple requirements that you have to meet before you can qualify for a loan.

One of these requirements is that you must be employed or own a business that is recognized. This is just to ensure that you can pay back your loan within the specified payback period.

Below are some of the loans made available to help solve customers’ financial problems and how they can be accessed.

Does UBA Give Payday Loan?

UBA offers a Payday loan also known as the salary advance loan is a loan granted to salary earners through their employers by a loan granting organization.

With UBA, this kind of loan (payday/salary advance loan) is referred to as “Click Credit”. As part of its multiple life-improving innovations, The United Bank for Africa(UBA) has introduced a system called the “Click Credit”. This loan system is specifically designed to meet the needs of customers who are salary earners and have a salary account with UBA.

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Why wait till the end of the month to finance that project or settle that bill when you could simply apply for UBA’s Click Credit loan.

According to a statement released by the bank, customers are said to be granted loans of up to 5,000,000 Naira with a repayment tenure of 12 months and an interest rate of 1.58 percent every month.

UBA prides itself as one of the best USSD loan code apps that disbursed loans in minutes in Nigeria as customers’ accounts are credited in less than a minute after the loan application has been approved.

ussd loan code to borrow money from uba

How Does UBA Click Credit Work?

To gain access to the UBA click credit loan, you must:

1. Be a salary earner that earns a #25,000

2. Must have received in your UBA salary account, your last 6 months’ salary and must have carried out active transactions.

3. You must fall between the age range of 18 years to 59 years.

You do not need any form of paperwork or collateral to gain access to this loan. They charge no extra fees for their loans.

To apply for a “Click Credit” loan, you need:

1. UBA salary account.

2. Phone number linked to the account.

3. UBA mobile banking app.

To apply for a “click credit” loan from UBA you could either use the mobile banking method or the online banking method.

The mobile banking method involves the use of a USSD code which is “*919*28#”, while the online banking method involves the use of the mobile banking app.

To apply for a “click credit” loan using the mobile banking method, follow this process

1. Dial the UBA loan USSD code *919*28# on your phone, using the phone number linked to your account.

2. Enter the amount of loan you wish to get.

3. Carefully read through the terms and conditions of the loan.

4. Click on “accept” if it suits you.

5. Enter your mobile banking pin.

After completing and submitting the application, if it is approved, your account will be credited instantly with the loan you requested for.

How To Get A UBA No Wahala Loan.

The UBA No Wahala Loan was invented by the United Bank for Africa (UBA) in its bid to help annihilate the effects of covid-19 on the socio-economic growth of the country. It is set to improve the livelihood and wellbeing of the common man in the country.

The No Wahala Loan does not require any form of equity.

Having access to the “No Wahala Loan” only requires customers to have an active salary account with the bank and must have been an active customer with the bank for 1 year.

To apply for the UBA No Wahala loan, you must be employed and must come with a letter proving your employment from your current employer. Just walk into any UBA bank near you and apply for the No Wahala Loan using the necessary information and you will be granted an instant loan.

In case you do not have access to any UBA bank, you can simply use internet banking, mobile banking app, or the USSD code. To use internet banking, go on the UBA website, input your account details and you’re in.

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Click on credit and input your desired amount. If you’re eligible, your application will be reviewed and your UBA account will be credited with the loan.

How To Check UBA Loan Eligibility Status

Being an existing customer of UBA is an added advantage that is sure to give you an edge while applying for the loan. However, to meet the eligibility criteria for the UBA loan, certain other requirements have to be met.

If you have a smartphone with a good internet connection, you only need to log in to your UBA internet banking portal, click on the loans section and see if your account is eligible for the amount that you need to borrow.

If it is, just follow the onscreen prompts and your money is soon to be credited to your account.

For every kind of loan that you need to borrow from UBA, whether mortgage, personal, business, or consumer loan, you need a UBA account that has been in active operation for no less than six months.

This is because UBA borrows money from customers whose loyalty to them is untainted and who have the most tendency of paying back.

If you’re borrowing a business loan, the most determinant of the amount that UBA will be borrowing you is how much your business is worth. If your business is a large-scale business, you would be afforded a large-scale loan but the payment plan must be realistic enough to ensure a refund at the end of the loan.

The same technique applies to anyone borrowing a personal loan. Your payment plan determines how much UBA will be willing to lend you.

However, if you’re a salary earner that’s looking to obtain a loan from the United Bank Of Africa, UBA, you must ensure that your salary is in agreement with the payment plan that you’re choosing and definitely with the amount of money that you are borrowing.

And the most determinant of the amount that UBA can borrow from you at every point in time is how much your own business (if you’re obtaining a business loan) or how much your salary is.

Whether you’re applying offline or online, there is always a way to track your loan process and know when it is approved because, after your application, you would need to wait to be decided by the necessary authorities if you are eligible for the loan or not.

However, the most important thing you should know about your eligibility status no matter the kind of loan is that;

● Your payment plan is realistic enough to ensure a refund.

● Your account must have been active for at least six months before the application for the loan.

With these in check, you are sure to be approved for your desired loan.

How To Borrow Money From Your UBA Banking App

Are you currently in need of money? Or are you looking for the fastest way to access a loan with zero stress?

No worries, the UBA mobile banking app can fix that problem.

With your UBA banking app, you can borrow money anytime with no document or collateral.

With the following steps, you can be sure to get that financial issue sorted out.

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1. Download the UBA mobile banking app on your mobile phone.

2. Launch it and register using your account details.

3. After your account has been activated on the app. Click on credit.

4. Enter the amount of loan you wish to receive as a loan.

5. Specify a payback period.

6. Submit.

After the application has been submitted and your loan approved, your account will be credited in minutes.

USSD Loan Code to Borrow Money From UBA Bank Account

From being able to communicate effectively with someone you’ve never seen before that one day you’d be able to daily a USSD loan code on your mobile and immediately borrow money for yourself without even being physically present at the bank or going through the stress and rigorous atmosphere associated with banks especially when there is a multitude waiting to be attended to like you.

As soon as you’re done with this post, you should be well aware that you could never be stuck at a point in time with the excuse that you are low on money.

Now, don’t think up another excuse. You don’t need a WIFI-enabled smartphone to access money any time any day because even without a connection to the internet, the United Bank for Africa, UBA lets you apply and request quick cash or payday loan to cater for your emergencies.

To apply for a loan using the USSD code, you must first have activated the UBA USSD code on your mobile phone using the number linked to your UBA account. But just in case you have not, here are the steps you need to take to activate your UBA USSD code:

To get your USSD loan code active and running, the only thing you need to do is dial *919# on your phone; smartphone, or your normal basic phone.

An onscreen prompt will pop up. All you need to do is follow and voilà. Your USSD code is ready.

What’s Next After Getting The UBA USSD Loan Code?

The ease and list of opportunities that await you after your USSD code blinks ‘green’ are endless.

One of these opportunities you have, when you activate the USSD loan code to borrow money from UBA, is that you can access fast cash for your personal or business use ahead of your next salary via the USSD code.

Without a need for an internet connection, you could solve your financial emergencies and turn the tides in your favor by just dialing the UBA quick loan code.

However, you should understand that the loan is only available to salary earners because since the loan does not require collateral or any surety, there has to be a kind of security that will serve as a form of assurance that you’d be paying back the loan at the expiration of the period given to you.

To gain access to the UBA Quickloan with  USSD, using the number that is connected to the bank account where your salary is paid simply dial the code *919*28#.

Follow the instructions and enter the amount of loan you want. Read the terms and conditions carefully and if you agree to them, click submit. Within a few minutes of submission, your application will be reviewed and your account will be credited if you’re eligible for the loan.

Are you still worried about getting funds to finance that project? try getting a loan from UBA and be sure to come back smiling.

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