Wema Bank’s ALAT App Lets You Open a Bank Account from Home/Office

Wema Bank Mobile App

Wema Bank Mobile App – Download ALAT Nigeria Online Banking APK App for Personal & Corporate Internet Transactions – Register, Activate & Transfer Money

Whenever it comes to opening a savings or current account with a local bank, people usually prefer to choose a bank that is near to their house or workplace. This is because they think that in this way, they could easily visit the bank whenever they need to make any transaction or pay bills, etc without having to travel miles away from their place of comfort. However, the time has changed now and our society has moved through the process of digital transformation. It means that this is the time and era where everything is performed digitally in seconds without the need of travelling from one place to another to do a task. In the same way, Wema Bank has joined the league of digital banks to launch its acclaimed 100% fully digital bank mobile app to provide greater ease to new and existing customers. Now, you don’t need to worry about whether the bank is near to your house or not, because you can do everything from your mobile by installing ALAT, the Wema Bank mobile app.

ALAT app isn’t just another banking app you know but a new lifestyle that lets you do everything you could ever imagine you would do in a physical bank branch on your mobile.

Wema Bank Mobile App

Let’s learn about them here.

Features of Wema Bank Mobile App – ALAT Digital Bank

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Here are the following most effective and useful features of the Wema Bank Mobile App.

  • ALAT lets you open an account with Wema bank in less than 5 minutes; an amazing service that requires a physical walk into a nearer Wema bank but is not automated, thanks to processes like the BVN technology and document upload for user/identity verifications.
  • Through this app, now you can easily keep a track of your bank balance and automate a recurring money transfer it to anyone at any time you want. Along with transferring money, it also allows you to receive money from any bank in Nigeria without the need to go anywhere.
  • The ALAT Wema Bank Mobile App also lets you control your account in the bank by sitting in your home. You can also schedule airtimes and data package purchases for your mobile phone.
  • This app also allows you to make your payments on different bills with just a single click. Once you make a payment, the details of the recipients are saved in your mobile app. Next time when you have to make a payment to the same address, you just need to enter the payment and click on that particular recipient, and you are done.
  • You can also use this app for goal saving and in this way, you will be able to save easily through this amazing goal-saving feature.
  • Another interesting feature of the Wema bank ALAT app is that you order your debit card on the internet banking platform and get it delivered to you.
  • Recently, the bank released an updated version of the ALAT app which is built to offer virtual US dollar card services; a seamless service that makes it easy to move money from your local debit card to a US denominated card and shop on local and international merchants’ sites easier.
  • If you need a quick loan to finance emergency needs, ALAT offers short-term loan financing to qualified borrowers on its platform.
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How to install the Wema Bank Mobile App

In order to install this app on your mobile phone, open your play store first.

  • Open the app stores or play store that you use for downloading other apps to your mobile. Search “ALAT App” into the search button.
  • Download and install this ALAT App on your Android or iPhone. This is basically the Wema Bank Mobile App where you will first register yourself when you use it for the first time.
  • Complete the registration and verify yourself as well as your device. Then, simply log in by adding your password and login ID. Your bank account will open in front of you on your mobile screen. From there, you can easily use it to perform any function or to use any feature. In this way, it makes your banking experience more easy, more comfortable, and reliable than ever before.

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